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Top 10 Best Infant Car Seats in 2019 Reviews

Having a chance to bring a child into this world brings a lot of joy to you, your family and the society as a whole. I mean, it is important to leave a permanent mark that will continuously represent you for generations.

However, the biggest challenge, and the ultimate determinant of a caring parent, is how you handle and care for your delicate infant, right from day one. A responsible parent will do all it takes to ensure his/her child is comfortable and safe at any given time.

With the continuous use of vehicles for transport, owning a quality infant car seat is inevitable. It is, for sure, among the must-have baby items.

That said, you need to consider several factors before purchasing a given infant car seat:

– The type of child car seat.

There are two major types of infant car seats in the market today, that is, the convertible and the infant style. Both kinds are ideal for babies and come with almost similar functions and features. However, you need to analyze the various pros and cons, of a given model before deciding to go for it.

– Convertible seats.

These chairs can transform to a forward position in addition to the rear position. It is more suitable for older children. The forward position can hold up to about 65 pounds.

– Infant seats.

Suitable for newborns and should be used until your child attains a given weight limit of about 22-35 pounds and the seat’s height. They usually come with a rear-facing position. A convertible seat should be purchased after your child outgrows the infant seat.

· Provision of a canopy.

A good infant car seat should provide a canopy to block the sun away from your child’s sensitive skin. This ensures your baby is protected while inside and outside your vehicle. Convertible seats don’t come with a canopy, so you may have to come up with your own.

· New or used?

Buying used infant car seats could be risky. It may not meet the current safety rules that come with these products. It is, therefore, recommended to get a used car seat from a trusted source and also be keen on the seats expiration date.

Good news is that, with the new safety regulations in place, it is rare to find a brand that doesn’t meet the necessary requirements. However, with many brands of infant car seats flooding the market, it could be difficult to identify the perfect choice for your child. Fortunately, with us in the research sector, you have a reason to smile. We have got it covered for you.

With the top ten brands presented to you as below, selecting the perfect one for your child will always be easy.

10.Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat Plus Base, Black.

What could be more important than an infant seat that guarantees total safety for your little one? This brand delivers exactly as it promises about your child’s safety. It exceeds or rather meets all the legal crash standards. Its unique and carefully developed smart-hub and strong-arm installation systems ensure easy and accurate installation, giving your child the best conditions on the road. To ensure maximum portability, it features soft side carrier handles. It comes with the best side-impact shield system providing maximum protection of your infant.

9.Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air Car Seat, Decatur.

Is this the first time you are taking your child on the road? Then you have got to start with this safety first product. It helps introduce your little one to the roads with high protection as it’s designed with an air side impact technology. It offers additional leg room and ample harness to suit little babies correctly as they grow from four to thirty-five pounds. Its keenly designed carry handles ensure comfortable transition for you and your infant from your vehicle to other places. It also features a soft grip for enhanced comfort while moving. It’s easy and quick to install thanks to its one-click LATCH.

8.Combi Shuttle Car Seat, Black70.

This car seat is designed with a primary focus on safety and ensuring easy travel thanks to its lightweight. It features an anti-rebound bar and a side impact shield to continuously protect your infant from the side and rear impact collisions. Its variable head restraints, that is designed with dense side walls and a deep layer of energy-cushioning foam, quickly distributes the crash forces from your child’s head, spine and neck regions. Its large canopy, harness pads, and a washable cover ensure that your child is always safe and comfortable at all time.

7.Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat, Atmosphere76.

With their hard earned experience, Peg Perego has made this product without taking any chances as far as your child’s safety is concerned. It gradually takes your kid’s safety to better and improved levels. It will accommodate your baby right from 4-30 pounds and up to a height of 32 inches. It comes with a variable side impact shield that adjusts to six positions to protect your child’s shoulders and head all the time. Its energy-cushioning EPS shell improves the protection. It is also perforated to ensure maximum air circulation to prevent your baby from sweating. Its cushion system comes with two cushions; one to be used for the early stage of your infant’s development to support your child’s bottom and the neck, and the second for the late stage to continuously support your growing child.

6.Evenflo Embrace Lx Infant Car Seat, Raleigh.

This brand blends comfort, safety and convenience quality features for the best experience. You no longer need to worry about your arm getting tired thanks to its lightweight design. Its pivoting canopy and a comfortable removable head pillow ensure your child is always comfortable on the road. To ease your travel, it comes with an up-front adjustment for smooth variation throughout its lifetime. This product can be utilized without its base although a base is provided.

5.Evenflo Triumph Lx Convertible Car Seat, Mosaic.

This product blends safety with other crucial and innovative features. It features a secure, and comfortable harness adjusts system and a high weight bearing property for both the forward facing and the rear facing infant sitting positions. This ensures a comfortable and stylish mode of child transport from place to place. It accommodates children with a weight ranging from 5 to 65 pounds erasing the expense and challenges that come with other car seats. It also comes at an affordable price.

4.Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat, Sapphire.

This product is designed to hold your infant in a rear-facing position right from 5 to 40 pounds and in a forward-facing position from 20 to 65 kg. It gradually grows your child with its simple variable harness system that automatically adjusts the headrest height and the harness. It comes with a hustle free installation thanks to its easily readable level indicator and a LATCH. Its seat is machine washable and comes with a body and head support your child’s secure and comfortable time on the road.

3.Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Black.

This product is the best seller for some good reasons. Britax is known to develop high-quality standard products, and this is not to an exception. It is made to be ultra-lightweight and therefore travels friendly. It features a side impact style of protection and an energy-cushioning liner that makes it best for front and rear impact protection. With harness pads, comfort pads, and a full canopy, your child is always safe and comfortable at all time. It is made easy to install thanks to the ergonomically designed and lock-off carry handle. It works with most vehicles. It also accommodates infants in a rear position right from 4-30 pounds and a height of up to 32 inches.

2.Chico Keyfit 30.

This product is ideal for young infants. It’s preferred by most of the neonatal care nurses for its great design. It ensures maximum safety, while keeping your child comfortable at all times. It is created from a high-quality polyester plastic that ensures it lasts long. It is among the easiest infant seats to install. With its removable and adjustable inserts, this product will hold your child right from four to about thirty pounds. With its energy-cushioning and absorbing foam, you no longer need to worry about your child’s safety.

1.Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat, Matrix.

At number one is this stunning product from Chicco manufacturers. It is receiving much love from its users for some reasons. Among all the infant seats we reviewed, this was the easiest to install and works excellently in securing your child. It is flexible and fits in a wide range of cars. It is designed with the rear-facing position for children between 5 to 40 pounds and a forward facing design for children between 22 to 65 pounds. It will work for your child right from early stages of growth all the way to pre-school.

It is clear that the above products are all of an excellent quality and are made to make time on the road and other adventures easy for you and your child. The choice you make will depend on your taste, your baby’s stage of growth and finally, your budget.

The rule of the thumb should always apply when selecting these products. Go for a product that suits your needs best.

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