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Top 10 Best Jewelry Boxes in 2019 Reviews

Jewelry boxes date back to hundreds of decades ago. Interestingly, even after tremendous advancement in technology, the modern jewelry box design still revolves around the ancient design of the 1900s. Great American Metal Manufacturers, the likes of Jennings Brothers, Oldenbusch, NB Rogers, Kronheimer, and Brainard and Wilson, are known to have capitalized in this business. Massive production of these cases was experienced between 1904 and 1918 with hundreds of patents being acquired.

The most noticeable difference between the antique jewelry boxes and what we have today lies in the construction materials. Ancient metal workers used heavy and extremely durable metals, silver, and gold. As such, they were hard to break in, and, of course, heavy. Interestingly, most of them still exist today only that they are hard to find and could be insanely expensive.

So, of what importance is a jewelry box?

Now, pieces of jewelry are expensive. As such, you can’t afford to lose one each and every day. Therefore, it’s only reasonable that you find a way of keeping them safe. Secondly, these beauty accessories vary in design and size. As such, they require different levels of care. For instance, necklaces and pearls are known to tangle as easily as they are to break. Consequently, you have no option but to keep them in a way that they won’t tangle with other small items. Again, pieces like rings, earrings, pins, and other tiny beauties can be easily misplaced if thrown in ‘busy’ handbags and purses. Therefore, having a box with different compartments for them is irresistible.

What makes a good jewelry box?

A jewelry storage box is only as good as the number of pieces it can hold safely. While some people own just a few countable items, others can own several hundreds of these beauty accessories. As such, you need a box to hold them in securely without affecting their value.

Besides the storage compartments, it’s also important to consider the material used especially in its interiors. Particularly, most boxes come lined with velvety material to protect the jewelry from obtaining scratches. Again, reliable cases should protect your shiny items from tanning and losing their original color and texture.

Do you travel a lot? If so, you must appreciate compact and easily portable jewelry boxes that slide easily into your suitcase or handbag. Though small in design, these still offer several compartments for different pieces to keep you organized while on the go.

10. Beautify 3-Piece Stackable Jewelry Box Storage and Organizer

  • By: Beautify

Our first contender is this ladies’ beauty from Beautify. This is a 3-piece stackable storage and organizer coming at below 30 bucks. Its exterior features luxurious faux leather in snakeskin style. This stackable box has low to medium profile. It’s, therefore, perfect for women who want just a safe for the treasures they have acquired over the years without looking overly girlish.

Beautify measures 9.9’’ by 6.4’’ by 7.1’’. This size makes it a perfect choice for ladies whose dressing tables are low in space. The best thing about Beautify is that the 3 stackable tiers are also removable. This means that you can use them individually. This feature again makes it easy for you to survey the different types of jewelry you have at a glance. Even better, you can opt to leave it on top of your dressing table or hide it in your drawers.

As I told you before, Beautify is a fantastic organizer. It has several different sized compartments to hold all your pieces ranging from the smallest to the biggest. The top tier, for instance, has 2 large sections ideal for your large statement pearl and locket necklaces. In addition, this top tray also has 6 smaller boxes. Of these, 1 has a pillow cushioning to hold your golden and diamond rings. The second shelf offers you another 25 smaller compartments that will hold almost everything from loops to studs and watches. Lastly, the 3rd tier features 3 large sections for larger jewelry. Above all, it has a lock to keep your treasures secure.

Does it have any downsides? Well, it’s a bit hard to identify any limitation with this unit given the price and how roomy it is. However, several users feel that hinges to hold the tiers together would make a huge difference.


  • It has 3 tiers
  • It’s spacious
  • Has a lock for added security
  • It’s inexpensive


  • It lacks hinges


Sometimes, you need not beat yourself so hard to get those beautiful things in life. That’s exactly what this Jewelry case from Beautify proofs. It’s spacious, easy to use, luxurious, and above all, affordable. I do recommend it wholeheartedly.

9. Umbra Tesora Jewelry Box

  • By: Umbra

Albeit incredibly spacious, you’ll agree with me that Beautify is a bit bulky and wouldn’t be of much help, for instance, while on the go. If you don’t have any other choice, you’ll either be forced to choose what beauties to carry and what to leave behind. Even worse, you would still risk losing them if you have nowhere to place them when not in use. Obviously, that’s the last thing you want to do, right? That’s why I had to find some room for this Umbra Terosa on this list.

Umbra Terosa has a flavorful, modern, stylish, and functional design from the creative minds of a one Sung Wook Park. It’s made of concrete and copper for durability. It also has a pretty rose gold rimmed lid. Amazingly, the top has a tray design which acts as a catch-all for your small pieces, for instance, rings and dots. Umbra Terosa measures 5’’ in diameter and 4.5’’ in height. As such, it slides into your purse or handbag in a breeze.

This adorable box highlights 2 stackable compartments which offer enough space for your small treasures including rings, bracelets, bungles, and a sleek wrist watch. What else? The 2 compartments have soft felt pillows to protect your small treasures from getting scratches. The only flaw with this was that nothing is holding the 2 sections together besides gravity.


  • Very compact for travels
  • Stylish tone
  • It hsas 2 sections for precise placement


  • It holds few items
  • It accommodates small-sized jewelry


Everybody wants to look presentable at any time. Thus, having a compact storage to sneak in your shiny things into your suitcase can never be a bad idea. Umbra Tesora comes to see that you do that in style and with no much hustle.

8. Seya Wooden Jewelry Box and Organizer (Cherry)

  • By: Seya

This Seya Jewelry Box and Organizer with its heavenly tone is amongst the most attractive and roomy cases we have on this list. In fact it’s one of my favorite here and can’t recommend it enough. This one-of-a-kind jewelry box has been innovatively hand-crafted with high-quality wood. It then features an elegant cherry finish that gives it its modern romantic outlook. In addition, Siaya opens quietly to reveal its plush fabric lining interiors. While this cream velvet gives it its stunning look, it also protects your shining trinkets from losing their value.

As I had hinted before, Seya has lots and lots of space for all your jewelry. This case has 4 large slide-out drawers each with several compartments. The top rack offers 5 more compartments for your small dazzlers. This rack also has 7 ring rolls where you can tuck in your pins, rings, and earrings. You’ll also appreciate its twin swing-out sides with up to 8 necklace holders to prevent them from tangling.

Like other users, you’ll also like its stunning lock for the safety of your jewelry. Even more, this box is available in 3 finishes; cherry, espresso, and walnut which is slightly expensive than the other 2.


  • Available in 3 astonishing finishes
  • Very quiet
  • It’s spacious


  • Concerns about chipped corners


This is for that lady who appreciates elegance and class. It is quite roomy and has a sturdy construction. Even better, it’s available in 3 different options.

7. Beautify Leather Jewelry Box and Travel Case

  • By: Beautify

Just in case you need something more inconspicuous, Beautify has yet another offer. This one is a bit larger and more spacious. Simply put, it has enough room for almost anything, of course, except your high heels. Let’s see what this one has.

Firstly, this unit has 5 slide-out drawers offering a total of 20 compartments. The drawers have different numbers of holders and in various sizes for various ornaments. In case you’re wondering, the drawers slide in and out effortlessly, thanks to their pretty and sturdy handles. Again, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th drawers from the top are all of the same sizes. Consequently, you can remove them and switch their order to suit your preferences. At the top, you’ll find holders with velvet cushions for your small rings and earrings.

Moreover, this unit has 2 fold-out compartments. Each of the 2 opens to reveal 5 hanging hooks for your necklaces and bracelets. These side posts feature a magnetic lock that holds them tightly and also releases with much ease. Even better, this Beautify Jewelry Box offers a large mirror on the lid for quick wearing. That’s not all. You’ll still benefit from a removable small jewelry box with a storage pouch, 4 hooks, and 2 storage compartments for travel purposes.


  • Spacious
  • Sturdy lock
  • You get a travel handle too
  • The drawers slide easily


  • Some users report that it feels cheap


With up to 20 compartments, 3 pouches, 10 necklace hooks, and a travel box, this box offers an incredible value for your hard-earned bucks. Again, it comes stylishly packaged in a box just in case you need one for a loved one.

6. SONGMICS Ballerina UJMC002 Music Jewelry Box


While hunting for the best jewelry boxes for you, I aimed at bringing something for everyone across all ages. Resultantly, I came across this adorable Songmics Beauty Box for your young daughter, granddaughter or niece. Besides being beautiful, this box will help her keep her tiny treasures in an organized manner and protected. So, what does it bring?

Firstly, let’s just agree that the manufacturer gave much thoughtfulness regarding this box’s color. You know little kiddos and pink, right? In addition, Songmics highlights a huge heart drawing with an adorable rabbit on either side. It also has other colored hearts on the front side and a white-dotted and a flawlessly sliding drawer on the front side. How will she arrange her treasures? Let’s see.

This box offers 3 spacious posts on the right side. These are perfect for holding her bracelets and bangles. At the center, she’ll be awed by the spacious compartment that’s big enough for larger ornaments. To the left, she’ll find several velvety cushions where she can tuck her pins, earrings and magic rings.

What will steal her heart the most is the enchanted music that this box will play once the lid is opened. Even better, she’ll love to watch cute Ballerina dance to Swan Lake tune. She’ll also benefit from a cute oval mirror attached on the lid. To switch on the music, gently wind a secret key on the backside of the box.

Just like several other parents, I felt that this box was a little over-priced. Again, it feels a bit cheap and may not last all years. However, by the time it’s done, she’ll have come back here for a larger box!


  • It’s ideal for little girls
  • It has secret compartments
  • It plays music while Ballerina dances


  • It’s pricey for its size


As your cutie grows old, she’ll certainly collect several pieces of precious jewelry from you, family members, and friends. One best way to keep the good memories is by having a reliable case to store her gifts. Though this won’t last forever, she’ll certainly remember it even when aged.

5. Glenor Co. Watch Box for Men

  • By: Glenor Co

As I told you before, I was on a mission to get something for everyone in the family. As such, I couldn’t leave out the boys and men. Well, we all know how crazy this group is about watches, don’t we? So, I thought that this Watch Box could be the nicest thing that they could ever have. Notably, this box has it all. It boasts a superior smooth and attractive contemporary design with an elegant combination of both class and style.

Glenor Co. Watch Box measures 14.5’’ (L) by 8.5’’ (W) by 7.25’’ (H). It offers 24 storage compartments each measuring 3.5’’ long by 2’’ wide. The 24 storage spaces are equally distributed between the top rack and the sliding drawer. Now, each of these compartments has a cushion pillow with a unique and attractive design to hold one small or big wrist watch. Again, your watches are then secured by an easy folding hinged lid. Uniquely, this lid has a large glass window that displays your watch collection in the most attractive way possible.

At almost 70 bucks, it’s doubtless that this jewelry box is a bit on the pricey side. However, do know that this is a box that you’ll possibly pass over to your son thanks to its sturdy metallic construction and durable maintenance-free hinges. Even better, it’s a risk-free investment. Glenor assures you that you can ship it back as many times as possible till you get what satisfies you or for a refund. It also comes in a beautiful package making it a perfect gift for that watch-loving man in your life.


  • Classic and official
  • Compact
  • Very roomy
  • Durable


  • It’s pricey
  • It features PU leather
  • It doesn’t lock permanently


Though somehow large, this watch box fits perfectly on your dresser. Besides helping you keep your watches organized, it’ll also complement any room’s aesthetics. It’s pricier but worth every penny.

4. Vlando Small Travel Jewelry Box and Organizer

  • By: Vlando

Could you be looking for something sleek and smaller for travels yet not so small to limit your choice of jewelry? If so, I found this one for you. Vlando measures 4.5 by 4.5 by 2.6 . This size makes it easy to slide it into your suitcase with much ease while not adding any weight. Its sweetest spot is that it comes in numerous colors and packages to suit your preference. They are available in black, blue, Christmas red, gray, khaki, orange, pink, and yellow. While one piece costs a little over 10 bucks, you can also order for a package of 4 or 8 at an incredibly lower price. This makes it cost effective especially if you have several ladies to surprise. Again, these packages come in random eye-catching colors which will certainly amaze everyone.

Each of these boxes features a simple but elegant design. It features a solid construction for durability. Its exterior highlights high-edge synthetic leather which is soft to the touch and appealing to the eyes. Though not genuine leather, you can rest assured that it won’t be scratched or torn easily. Its interior features high-quality flannel with a smooth velvet lining to keep your small treasures protected. In addition, it offers a huge compartment with 2 dividers to customize your desired space for your necklaces, bracelets, pearls, etc. To the right are several ring rolls where you can tuck your earrings and pins. To seal the deal, Vlando comes with a smoothly-running zipper for maximum protection.

The only downside we found is that in some of the boxes, the dividers won’t stay in place. However, this can be resolved by hot-gluing them. Simple!


  • It’s great for travel
  • It’s available in cheaper packages
  • It comes in different colors
  • Its’ classy


  • The dividers move about.


Vlando is perfect for all ages. It’s unbelievably affordable, stylish, and compact. It also comes in different adorable colors. You can never be wrong with it.

3. Glenor Co Jewelry Organizer

  • By: Glenor Co

Remember the elegant men’s watch box we saw earlier on? The same manufacturer, Glenor Co. is here again with a sleeker and even more affordable jewelry organizer for the ladies. This is a stylish and exceptionally functional unit that has seen 93% of its reviewers giving it a 5 out of 5 star rating and highly recommending it to you. So, are you wondering what does it have for you? Let’s explore.

To begin with, this case is available in 3 colors; blue, black, and pink. From its outlook, you’ll doubtlessly appreciate its contemporary design featuring a unique cross between modernity and class. Again, like most of the items from this company, this one has also been crafted to offer you years and years of graceful services. In other words, you’ll never lose your jewelry again. With excellent care, you’ll be more than pleased to hand them over to your daughter or grandchildren in the same box.

This case’s exterior has an ultra-smooth PU leather with professional stitching for durability. Its closure belt features a sturdy metal with a magnetic snap for breezy opening and closing. On opening the box, you’re welcomed by a lift-out tray with 17 compartments in an attractive design. On lifting this rack up, you’ll be awed by 11 other large compartments for your large jewelry. You’ll also love the large mirror on the lid that’ll help you in dressing and applying makeup.


  • It offers 28 compartments
  • It has a large lid
  • Has a free gift card


  • None has been reported


Glenor. Co seems to have a way of rocking the world of beauties with each of their products. This attractive box is available in black, blue, and pink. It’s both functional and presentable. Should you go for it? YES!

2. Black Leather Jewelry Case

  • By: Kendal

Our second best jewelry box comes all the way from an ancient town in England formerly known as Kirkby Kendal. Concerning beauty and organization, this company has left no stone unturned in a bid to beat the competition. Its exterior features precisely oiled and shiny leather that will automatically add a modern touch to any room. Its interior is covered by high-edge suede with a silky smooth feeling. Besides giving it a modern outlook, this suede also protects your treasures from scratches.

This box features 3 big slide-out drawers and 2 other smaller drawers. Each of these is fitted with a gleaming clasp that has been sturdily installed for one-hand opening and closing. Again, these posts have different sizes and will, therefore, accommodate varying items. Notably, the 3 large compartments are equal in size. As such, the order can be personalized for advanced convenience.

Unfortunately, there have been claims of mold growing on the leather. Again, several customers report that their jewelry is turning after several months of using the box. As such, I have no option but to flag it unworthy of your bucks. Luckily there are other boxes in this list waiting for you.


  • It’s large
  • It’s beautiful


  • It grows mold


Everything about this box is great. However, there seems to be a lot of complaints emanating from its usage. Since there’re other spacious and even more classic boxes on this list, there’s no need of risking your bucks and jewelry with this.

1. Glen Co. 12-Slot Watch Box for Men

  • By: Glenor Co.

This is yet another top-level embellishment for men from Glen Co. It’s a wrist watch box measuring 14.25’’ by 8.5’’ by 3.5’’. It has 12 interior compartments each measuring 2’’ wide and 3.5’’ long. These spaces are then fitted with cushions that have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate different watches with varying sizes.

This box is similar to the previous case we had reviewed earlier. However, this one has only 12 slots while the former had 24. Consequently, this one costs almost half the cost of the previous model. Amazingly, this box also comes with a unique and free gift card and gift box which makes it the best gift you’ll find for your husband, son, father, boyfriend, etc.


  • It’s classic
  • It’s decent
  • It comes with a free gift card and box
  • It has a satisfaction or full refund guarantee


  • It has only 12 watch slots


For those who find the watch box we had reviewed before a bit on the pricier side, here is a cheaper one only that you’ll have to sacrifice on the number of slots. Fortunately, this box’s size requires less space and is more portable.

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