Top 10 Best Jigsaws In 2019 Reviews

To a DIY enthusiast, a professional constructor, or a home based constructor, a jigsaw is a must have tool. A jigsaw is made to slice almost every surface, from wood to ceramic tiles. So when you want to cut specific designs and shapes, or any other task that requires some artistic precision, a jigsaw is the solution. Today, the different models and brands have crowded the jigsaw market. However, the crowding is a double-edged sword. While it is a disadvantage when choosing the best jigsaw, it is an advantage since there is a now a variety and they are fairly priced. When buying a jigsaw, the important considerations are- comfort, variables, accuracy, and power source. After reviewing most of the jigsaws on sale, we compiled, the top 10 best jigsaws reviews in 2019

Do not buy a jigsaw before reading these reviews

10. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B Cordless Jig Saw

DC330B is a heavy-duty cordless jigsaw, made to make cutting and designing shapes from different surfaces pretty simple. It has a keyless blade change system, which works wells with both t-shark and universal blades. You will love this jigsaw for the adjustable speed, which makes it usable for both novices and professional constructors. Through the adjustable speed, you are able to determine the speeding of cutting, and you also get enough control. This jigsaw doesn’t come with a battery.

9. PORTER-CABLE PC600JS Orbital Jig Saw

This 6 Amps powered jigsaw is one of the best for tough jobs. When you are looking for a jigsaw that will guarantee you superior performance, the PC600JS Orbital Jig Saw, fits the bill. It has a variable speed, which ranges from 0 to 3,200 SPM. The variable speed gives you control over the speed and the surface you are cutting. It has a keyless blade changing system, which makes changing of blades very simple. It has 4-position orbit levels, put to offer you the best cutting performance across different surfaces.

8. Makita 4329K Top-Handle Jig Saw

Makita 4329K jigsaw features a rubberized grip and an ergonomically designed handle, which give you unmatched comfort and control when using the machine. Operating a jigsaw requires a firm grip if you want high precision cuts, which is why the grip and the handle in this jigsaw are a big deal. It has 3 orbital setting and a dust cover, which prevents the chips from scattering. This jigsaw is designed to produce little vibration, which adds to the precision when cutting. Another feature that makes this jigsaw a favorite is the adjustable speed.

7. Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw

Makita JV0600K is a 6.5 Amp powered jigsaw, with three orbital settings. It is made to provide accurate and faster cutting in different materials. Since different surfaces differ in hardness, this jigsaw has variable speed, so that you can cut and shape each surface with the appropriate speed. It employs an efficient system to clean any dust, which is plus to the user as you are protected while you are also able to see the cutting line well. To give you high accuracy and precision when cutting the jigsaw has a counterbalance system, which reduces vibration.

6. SKIL 4495-02 Jigsaw

With a 6 Amp motor, the 4495-02 jigsaws by Skil, assures you unmatched performance, ease of use and comfort. Since every cut should be very accurate and with high precision, this jigsaw has a built in laser system, that enables you to produce straight cuts. It has a variable speed just like many of the other jigsaws, giving you the freedom to customize the speed according to the surface you are cutting.

5. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw

Get any of your desired shapes from any surface, using this jigsaw by Power Cable. It is one of the jigsaws that give you the most control. You can adjust the speed in 7 different positions and the orbital settings in 4 different levels. The 6-amp power delivers fast and accurate cutting even on tough surfaces. It also comes with a lock on button, which adds to its durability. Additionally, the handle and the oversized front offers you comfort and great control.


If you are a DIY enthusiast or a constructor looking for a jigsaw that allows you to regulate speed and the saw orbit, this is the best deal. The BDEJS600C jigsaw from BLACK+DECKER employs a curve control technology that gives the freedom to adjust the orbit in 4 adjustable settings. This allows you to get specific cuts and designs on different surfaces. You will love it for the cutting power adjustable feature, which allows you to regulate the cutting power up to 3000 SPM, this is courtesy of the 5 Amp motor.

3. Bosch JS470E Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E is a combination of power, precision, comfort and ease of use. These being the critical features in a jigsaw make this Bosch jigsaw stand out from the crowd. This jigsaw will work well on different surfaces such as wood, aluminum, mild steel and other surfaces. The 7 Amp motor, assures you superior performance on difference surfaces. The tool-less blade ejection level ensures that you remove the blade easily, even when they are very hot. It has a low vibration rate, courtesy of the precision control, adding to the machine accuracy when cutting.

2. Black + Decker Smart Select Jigsaw

With this jigsaw, you will effortlessly and with the needed precision cut wood, plastic, and metal into your desired shapes. The jigsaw is made with the Smart technology, which automatically sets the machine according to the surface you are cutting. Through the variable speed dial, you are able to set the speed into any of the 7 settings. This makes it best for both novices and experts. The 5-amp motor, gives the jigsaw superior capability, a cut above the rest.

1. DEWALT DCS331B Jig Saw

Dewalt made this jigsaw, with the user in made. That is why ease of use and performance stand out. This jigsaw has an all-metal lever-action keyless blade change, which makes the change of blades quick and easy. You can also control speed and quality of cut, using the 4 position orbital action. Because you need to see the line of cut clearly, the jigsaw has a dust blower, which is adjustable, so that you can keep the cutting line free of chips. Adding to the jigsaw control is the variable speed, which you can change depending on the surface you are cutting.

Pick one of the above-reviewed jigsaws and improve your cutting powers. Consider beyond the price factor and assess the different factors that define a jigsaw.

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