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Top 10 Best Junior Drum Set In 2019 Reviews

Learning to play drums can be attributed to the passion and commitment. However having the right drum set is ideal to motivate you. Just like adults, the young children are aspiring to join the drummers’ world. However, this cannot happen overnight; it requires a lot of training and be in a position to access the right practicing equipment. Due to this reasons various companies have been producing junior drum sets aimed at promoting and nurturing the young dreams. They are easier to use and have the light weight. Finding the right drum can be challenging, that is why in this review, we are assessing the best top 10 junior drum sets in 2019.

10. Spectrum AIL 620B 3-Piece Junior Drum Set consisting of 8” Crash Cymbal and Electric Blue Drum Throne

This drum set comes with fascinating features to ensure that you fulfill your dreams. It features three drums designed to produce various sounds. They are assigned to provide bass, tom-tom and snare drums. Besides this, it has other enhancements to ensure full entertainment as you acquire the experience. Featuring in is 8 inches crash cymbals mounted on a stand. The adjustable drum throne allows adjustment for the best posture. Also, it comes with a pair of drumsticks and bass drum pedal. When working, the components cannot slide since they have non-skid rubbers legs.

9. GP Percussion GP55BK 5-Piece Junior Drum Set, Cymbals, and Metallic Black Throne included

This equipment is suited to juniors and is ideal for practicing, and for the experienced. It features GP logo on the drums and in the cymbals. There are four drum sets with each having a separate sound. The cymbal is raised using a stand, and drums can be adjusted. There are a bass drum and a pedal, drumsticks and drum key. The equipment is fitted with non-slipping feet to enhance stability.

8. Complete Junior Kid’s Drum Set Black with Cymbal Stool Sticks and Other Components

This set is ideal for the kids aged between 3-8years. Upon purchase it comes with all components; thus, the kid can just start playing. The bass drum is large enough, 16” with six lugs. On the sides, there are two mounted toms with a different sound to increase the enhancement. The base pedal is available, 10 inches mounted cymbals and a stool for the drummer. Additionally, two stick comes with the equipment. Assembly instructions are provided when purchasing buying the equipment.

7. Mendini MJDS-1-BL by Cecilio-Metallic Blue 13 Inch 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

The blue metallic drum set for juniors is a perfect companion to your musician aspiring kids. The small-sized drum features 8inches × 13 inches bass drum with four lugs and a pedal. It also has mounted tom with four lugs and snare with four lugs. The cymbal is 8 inches, and it comes with a pair of drumsticks. The drummer seats comfortably on a padded stool, while the provided manual eases the assembly. The set requires a small storage area due to its compact size.

6. Velocity ToysTM 11 Piece-Children’s Kid’s Musical Instrument Drum Set

Let your child gain the required experience in the field of drums. This equipment is recommended for children over three years old. The set is 23 inches, 14 inches drum, and 10 inches throne. The available components in the sets include 6 drums, throne, bass drum pedal, cymbal and playing sticks. The attached Drums features three large tom-toms and other 3 small toms. On purchase, the set requires a light assembly which is guided on the manual given.

5. Mendini MJDS-3-BL 16-inch 3-Piece Blue Junior Drum Set with Cymbals, Drumsticks and Adjustable chair

If your child is aspiring to become a drummer, do not deny him/her the chance. This drum set is solely for kids. It has a large bass drum of 16×11 inches. The hanging tom is 10×6 inches. The snare drum is mounted on a stand and measures 10×5 inches. The cymbal which is 9.5 inches is held by a holder mounted on the base drum. The pedal is strong and durable as it is chain driven. It comes with an adjustable chair and two wooden drumsticks. Non-slip rubber covers feet, and the set comes with 1-year warranty.

4. 11pc Kids Boy Girl Drum Set Musical Instrument Toy Playset-RED

Your 3 years child has something g to smile about as this drum set is designed to keep him/her busy and entertained. Is can last longer due to the sturdy material used in its construction. The paint used for the furnishing is non-toxic, and it is available in red color. The materials used are the combination of plastic and aluminum. The base drum measures 14 inches while throne is 10 inches.

3. 11pc Kids Boy Girl Drum Set Musical Instrument Toy Playset-BLUE

Let your child enjoy and practice during their free times. The navy blue toy drum set is going to build experience gradually. Though it looks like a toy, the equipment is of high educational help. It is made from safe and durable materials such as non-toxic paint, aluminum and ABS plastics. It consists of a bass drum, floor tom, three small toms and a snare drum. Other features that enhance high-quality sounds are crash cymbals, bass paddle and a pair of drumsticks. There is a 10’’ drummer’s chair.

2. Mendini MJDS-5-BK Complete 16-Inch 5-Piece Black Junior Drum Set with Cymbals, Drumsticks and Adjustable Chair

The Mendini MJDS-5BK is a perfect drum set designed for the young people who want to gain experience. The set is well configured while featuring high-quality materials. The drums have 4 lugs each thus it is easy to turn them. It features some components like adjustable hi-hat stand, drummers, chair and snare stand. Other include strap driven pedal, cymbal stand mounted on the bass drum and floor tom legs. The cymbals are made of genuine brass to ensure they live for an extended period without sound variation. It comes with assembly manual, drum key, and two wooden drumsticks.

1. 5-Piece Black Complete Junior Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Sticks Hardware & throne

The junior can’t stop playing this fabulous drum set. It features some of the best quality in the market. It features 5 drums sets, hoisted by cymbal stands. Drum shells are made from genuine wood and have a black gloss and chrome rims. The available components include a 16inches bass drum, 2 tom drums, snare drums and snare stand. Also, the set is available with a drum key, double sticks, and a drummer chair.

There are various brands of drum sets that one can buy for their children. Although they are meant for juniors, they are very useful in developing talents. Turn your child into a rockstar, buy him/her a junior drum set and keep them busy.

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