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Top 10 Best Kick Scooters For Adult Reviews

In the current world, new and impressive ways of going about things are being developed. Taking a few steps down memory lane, you will notice significant changes in sports and transport, to mention but a few evolving sectors.

People are getting more innovative and are coming up with efficient tools that can be utilized in different ways. Focusing on adult kick scooters, these are gaming devices and at the same time a creative means of transport that can be achieved with ease.

People love to ride adult kick scooters not forgetting that kids kick scooters are also available. It is a fun thing to do as well as a means of transport from place to place.

That said, manufacturers are not taking any chances as this is a lifetime opportunity to satisfy the different people’s tastes and preferences and at the same time pocket a huge sum of money.

With many brands of adult kick scooters, flooding the market today, identifying the perfect product that will suit your needs best is often an upward task to many. Fortunately, by following the guide below, you are sure to get the most appropriate product.

So, what are the primary considerations to settling for a given brand of adult kick scooter? Let’s find out.

· The wheel diameter and sturdiness.

A person with an extra weight will require analyzing the wheel of the particular brand he/she wants to buy. The higher the sturdiness, the better the scooter. Analysis can be done by comparing the A value included as a specification. A good scooter has about an 85A wheel. The recommended diameter is of 200mm. This makes this tool stable, comfortable and safe.

· The height of the scooter’s handlebar.

The height of the handlebar is the determinant of the extent of bending. Too much bending is uncomfortable. The recommended handlebar height ranges from 42 to 43 inches. However, this may vary with different heights.

· Suspension.

A kick scooter which comes with both the back and front wheels works best in absorbing road shock. The suspension you fall for will affect the movement of the scooter. Soft suspension requires a lot of effort while kicking.

· Wheel base-stability.

A stable scooter is an apparent guarantee of safe and comfortable rides. The stability is directly proportional to the wheelbase, the distance between the rear and the front wheels, which supports your whole weight on the kick scooter. A large wheelbase is known to be more stable. The recommended wheelbase size ranges between 25.5-28.5 inches for the adult kick scooters.

· Provision of unique features.

A good adult kick scooter comes with some additional features like a handbrake and a good rear break for your safety. A kickstand is also essential in parking your scooter.

After a comprehensive research, we gathered the top ten best adult kick scooters together with their detailed reviews as presented below.

10.KickPed Kick Scooter.

This adult kick scooter is developed to suit everyday commuters. Its custom style is ideal for people looking for a sturdy welded and reliable scooter. It’s designed to last long as it features a high-grade steel frame to accommodate and withstand vibrations. It can also hold a weight of up to 136 kgs. It comes with a narrow, sleek deck built from marine plywood. Its design is perfect, and no bar height adjustments or use of a lock pin is required. It requires no cable, comes with a quality rear brake and large rubber wheels which are replaceable.

9.Xootr Mg Kick Scooter.

Are you looking for a lightweight and easy to carry kick scooter? Then this is the appropriate product for you. Riding in addition to its lightweight design is awesome. It has been developed by the award-winning Lunar Design. The manufacturer utilizes magnesium a material praised for its strength and light weight. It comes with a modern new look featuring a chrome-like structure, style and design. It is ideal for cruises through the streets and other urban destinations.

8.Razor Carbon Lux Scooter.

This product is popular among a wide range of users due to its ability to hold a weight of up to 220 lbs comfortably. This makes it ideal for most of the adult riders. It comes with a sleek black design that makes it attractive. Depending on your preference this scooter can be great because it’s more rigid and sturdy as compared to its competitors. It’s fitted with a rear-fender brake system for sudden but safe stops. It’s also equipped with a kickstand for easy parking. However, it’s not foldable. Its large wheels ensure smooth rides all day long.

7.Xootr Ultra Cruz With Fender.

This is just another stunning kick scooter that is made easy to carry and guarantees a blast ride. It is the latest product from Lunar designs. It’s developed from magnesium, a material known for its lightweight and sturdiness. This kick scooter comes with an incredibly modern look from its chrome-like structure design and style. It is easy to fold and has a light-= weight of only 9.9 lbs. It is also fitted with rear and front breaks. IT comes with a flat deck for comfortable and safe kicking. Its handle bar is also easily adjustable to the comfortable height that suits you best.

6.Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter.

This is an ideal kick scooter for beginners who are yet to splurge entirely. With its chick-city style and colorful colors that include red, green and yellow, and a small price, you are sure to have a good-looking and a quality scooter. Its frame is made from aluminum making it durable and easy to carry. It comes with a relatively high-speed wheel and rears brakes for safe stopping. It is a sturdy kick scooter that is foldable making it easy to store and transport.

5.Exooter M1050bk Foldable Cruiser Kick Scooter-Teen and Adult.

This is another product that comes with similar specifications as the Urban 7X. It’s a design that resembles the xootr in some way. It’s a new brand that comes with an incredible sports design and a sleekness that is highly attractive. It comes in gray, white and black versions. White is the most preferred among customers. It is can accommodate a weight of up to about 220 lbs. It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame to absorb and distribute vibrations efficiently. Its 200 mm wheels are suitable for long rides. It is also fitted with rear and front suspensions. It is compact and foldable.

4.Vokul VK-205 Adult Premium Pro Scooter.

This is a new adult kick scooter model that is receiving great love from its enthusiasts. It boasts to be among the lightest kick scooters for adults so far. It is made of high-grade aluminum alloy. Thus, it lasts long and is resistant to adverse weather conditions. It provides ample grip as you ride thanks to its non-slip tape. It comes with the ability hold a weight of up to 100 kgs. It also features a variable handlebar and quality shock absorbing rubber wheels of about 8.07 inches in diameter. Its kickstand and carrying strap are additional features which make this product stand out.

3.Go-Ped Know-Ped Kick Scooter.

This kick scooter features a self-powered design and is made majorly for adults. It is excellently manufactured from a high-grade aircraft material just like all the other GO-ped products. It aims to be sturdy, portable and durable. It ranks highly among the new kick scooter construction. Its nice big wheels ensure total balance and a comfortable ride. It comes with a back and front braking system. It can hold a maximum weight of 181 kg. It also comes with sturdy handlebars made from Aircraft Aluminum.

2.Urban 7XL Deluxe Kick Scooter-Kid And Adult Size.

Are you looking for a universal kick scooter ideal for you and your child? Then look no further than this product. It comes with a variable handlebar that makes it great for both kids and adults. It’s a tool that boasts high confidence on its durability and performance after receiving positive reviews from pro-riders. It comes with a dual-chocking suspension for maximum stability. Its carbon bearings and large PU wheels bring about a smooth and a fast ride. It is foldable and making it portable.

1.Razor A5 LUX Scooter.

This adult kick scooter has received positive reviews and love from customers for some reasons. It comes with large wheels for the best smooth riding. It requires less pushing but gives more rides. It performs excellently on rough roads and bumpy pavements compared to its competitors. It is also easy to fold and supports up to 220 lbs riders comfortably. It comes in a variety of colors that include blue, red and black. It also has two types of handlebar height making it ideal for both the tall and the short. The blue design comes with a kickstand for easy parking while the red doesn’t. The blue design also has a larger handle grip as compared to the red design.

All these adult kick scooters that make it in the top ten are made to meet high-quality standards. The choice you make depends on you. Go for a product that suits your needs excellently. A good kick scooter should be safe, comfortable, durable and easy to use. Avoid buying a cheap brand that will end up ruining your plans and love for scooters.

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