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Top 10 Best Kids Bikes in 2019 Reviews

A bicycle is one of must have for every today’s child. Besides entertaining children, they are important in body development through exercising. Unlike a few years ago where there were only a few brands, these days there are numerous companies. This scenario has led to decrease in price. However, in some instances, some brands offer low-quality bikes posing a risk to your kids. Due to this, we are going to assess some of the top most brands that you can feel assured of services. Below, is a comprehensive review of the top 10 best kids’ bike in 2019.

10.Titan Girl’s Flower Princess BMX Bike-16 inches

This BMX bike is designed to make your little girl happy. It comes with tons of features to entertain and aid the little angel. There is a doll seat with beautiful decorations. The kid does not struggle at the beginning as there are training wheels. In the front, there is an attached basket to help the kid to put personal items such as dolls it. It is available in a white frame, multi-colored seat and padded handle bar for the child’s security. On purchase, you will get it 85% assembled. It recommended for children between 5-7 years.

9.Dynacraft Magna Starburst Girl’s Bike-16 inches with various colors

The bike is designed to offer best services to beginners. It is light weight and is 16 wheel sizes. The frame is made of durable metal to increase its life span and give the required support. The bike is equipped with coaster brakes. Handlebars are padded to offer a good grip, and it features a deluxe paint. The bike is available in a variety of colors such as white purple or pink. Assembly is simple.

8.Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boy’s Bike-16inches, with Variant Colors

The bike is best suited to boys. It is constructed to be used by beginners. The rear wheel is enhanced with adjustable trainer wheels for easing the balancing process. The frame comes with a highly glossing finish, yellow and black color combination. Padded handlebars ensure comfort. Height is ideal as it features 16 inches wheels. It is made to last longer, and once you acquire it, you are guaranteed of lifetime warranty on the fork and frame.

7.20-Inch-Razor Angel Girls’ Bike

The Razor Angel bike is for the use by girls. It is purposely for the beginners with no experience. The bike features a durable steel frame and fork to provide enough support and ensure it last for long. Height is ideal for beginners as it comes with 20 inches wheels with 48 spokes. Both rear and front wheel are equipped with hand brakes for the safety of the rider. Also, it features a transparent chain guard and two pegs. An alloy clamp firmly holds the seat.

6.Children’s Balance Bike for Girls and Boys without pedals- push bicycle

The bike is ideal for training children on how to maintain balance. Lack of pedals equips the kid with experience to ride a pedaled bike without risk of falling. Seat and handlebar can be adjusted to fit the correct riding posture. Assembling this bike is very easy; it does not have the chain and training wheels. The frame has beautiful flowers decorations and on the handlebar, there is a bell. The bike is suitable for boys and girls of 3 years and above. Wheel size is 16 inches.

5.Schwinn Boys’ Bike-12 inches

The parent can push this bike through the handle or, the kid can ride on their own when the push handle is removed. It is safe and clean as the chain is enclosed to avoid grease from dirtying kid’s clothes. Beginners enjoy support of heavy duty training wheels on the rear. It features wheel guards to prevent soil and other particles from getting into the rider. In the push handle, there is a water bottle. Also, at the handlebars, there is a bell. Quick release feature allows the seat to be adjusted as the kid grows.

4.Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster Boy’s Bike-12 Inches

Designed for 5-years and above, this Dynacraft gravel blaster is a perfect gift for your boy kid. The frame features a high-finish gloss of black and green. Enhancing balance, are adjustable training wheels attached to the real wheel. The comfort is possible through padded saddle and handlebars. Coaster brakes ensure kid’s safety while riding. Lifetime warranty is a guarantee on frame and fork.

3.KaZAM Classic-Balance Bike

The KaZAM balance bike is for the kids who are learning how to keep balance. It features a sturdy steel frame to offer enough support. It also comes with a footrest to provide comfort to the rider. Tires are inflatable while the chrome handlebars are adjustable, and they feature padded grips. The quick-release seat allows for adjustment as the child grows. There is a friction free headset due to fitted bearing thus making riding easy. Wheels have steel spokes and smooth treads. The bike is suitable for four years and above.

2.Strider-12 Sport Balance Bike

Let your child learn how to coordinate and maintain balance without straining. Stride-12 sports is here to offer all that. It is designed to be suitable for kids between 18 months and 5 years. The frame is sturdy to ensure the safety and durability. It comes with tough polymer tires that are flat free and light wheels. The 5mm wrench allows fast and easy assembly of the bike. Other features include adjustable handlebars and seat to accommodate the growing kid. The maximum weight it can support is 60 pounds and it’s available in a broad range of colors.

1.RoyalBaby BMX-Freestyle Kids Bikes

The bikes come designed for both boys and girls. Fitted with bell, water bottle, tools and adjustable training wheels, they offer the best riding experience to your child. As the kid develops the seats are adjustable to accommodate the height. The bikes also come with inflatable rubber tire with customized baby trends. The chain is enclosed to ensure cleanliness and safety. Also, it features coaster brakes on the rear and caliper in the front wheels. The frame is made of steel to offer full support and to last longer. Bikes are available in 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches depending on the age.

From the above listing, it is evident that kid’s bikes are becoming more and more comfortable every day. Do not let your child ride a decade old bike; buy him/her the current model to ensure they enjoy the ride. With one of the above bikes, you are assured of top quality services.

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