Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2019 Reviews

You know how it feels when your laptop crashes, especially when you can’t retrieve certain vital information stored therein. Though laptops feature their fans, they’re not always effective in cooling the operating temperatures. As such, there’s always the need to have some backup.

Laptop coolers come in different sizes for different laptops. Most of them use powered fans though there’re others that don’t. They are powered from the laptop through a USB cable. Besides increasing your laptops airflow, they can also be used to raise the laptop to a customized angle for convenient viewing or usage.

10. Three Leaf 3-in-1 Cooling Pad

  • By: ThreeLeaf
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.6 x 11.4 x 1.1 inches

Three Leaf could be one of the strongest cooling pads we have today. It utilizes 5 super powerful fans making 2000 rotations per minute. This is an excellent speed to rapidly dissipate large volumes of air thereby keeping the operating temperatures of your laptop as cool as possible. If you wish to, you can turn off the lights at the touch of a button. The speed of the fans can also be reduced in a bid to save your battery power. Three Leaf cooling pad also offers you 5 adjustable levels with which you can position your computer for increased convenience.

9. TECKNET LED Laptop Cooler Fits 12″-17″

  • Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 1.2 x 15.5 inches

Bringing with it 6 70mm fans each making unbelievable 1000 RPM, Tecknet cooling pad will make sure your laptop never overheats. This cooler’s top cover is a metal mesh that increases its rate of air circulation. It’s designed to support a range of laptops measuring 12’’ to 17’’. In addition, this laptop cooler has adjustable heights for convenient usage. The cooling pads are powered through a USB cable. Again, this is a lightweight and durable cooler having been made from light plastic and rubber materials. The fans are ultra quiet you’ll need to confirm whether they are running.

8. Aicheson Ultra Slim Cooling Pad

  • Item Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.4 x 11 x 1.1 inches

If you’re in need of a decent cooler for your Dell, Lenovo, Asus, or any other laptop measuring 10-17 inches, Aicheson is a good bet. It features a top metallic mesh for easy and rapid movement of air. It utilizes 6 USB-powered fans thereby nullifying the need for main power connections. All the fans have cool-looking LED lights. Uniquely, the fans and the LED lights are low-power consumers and won’t have any noticeable effect on your battery life. Moreover, it allows you to use your laptop on different heights thanks to its 5 multi-angle stand.

7. Mobility Cooling Pad for Laptops

  • By: Mobility
  • Item Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16.7 x 11.9 x 1.7 inches

It’s one the most thoughtfully designed laptop coolers we have on the market today. It features a non-skid construction design to prevent your laptop from falling. Again, it’s powered through one USB port and has 4 fans only all working collaboratively to save energy. This means that you can use the laptop and cool its temperatures even when you can’t access main power connection. Additionally, Mobility Cooling Pad is ultra lightweight and slim, so it can slide in your laptop bag without adding any weight. It also comes with a 30-day satisfaction or money back guarantee.

6. Kootek Laptop Cooler with 5 fans, and LED Lights

  • By: Kootek
  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 1.4 x 11.8 inches

This fan is designed for bigger laptops between 12’’ and 17’’. It’s unique and different from others since you can select the number of fans you want to run depending on how you’re using your laptop. This cooler also has a combination of both small and big fans measuring 2.76’’ and 5.9’’ respectively. They can be switched on/off independently using 2 strategically positioned switches. Again, Kootek Laptop Cooler has 6 adjustable levels to give you a customized viewing angle. Moreover, it has 2 extra USB ports where you can charge other USB powered gadgets.

5. ThermaPAK Laptop Cooler Pad

  • By: ThermaPAK
  • Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.6 x 11 x 5 inches

Are you tired of spending on powered coolers which are overly noisy? Are you in need of the quietest cooling pad ever? ThermaPak has it. This one doesn’t use any fan and as such requires no power. Unlike the fan-operated coolers which cool particular parts of the laptop, this one cools the entire machine. It’s self-cooling and doesn’t require any refrigeration. It’s again ultra lightweight and portable. In fact, some studies show that this non-fun cooler is more efficient in cooling your machine’s temperature than the powered gadgets.

4. Thermaltake Massive23LX Cooler for laptops

  • By: Thermaltake
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 2 x 14.8 inches

This is one of the most advanced laptop coolers this year. It doesn’t require a hundred fans like other fans. Thermaltake utilizes one serious fan measuring 230mm with decent heat dissipation to protect your investment from succumbing to overheating. The cooler is lightweight and slim construction and comes with handles that make it easily portable. For those who forget USB cables regularly, this one has its storage space. Thermaltake also comes with a built-in switch to switch the fan and LED lights on or off.

3. Tree New Bee Laptop Cooler

  • By: Tree New Bee
  • Item Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 1.5 inches

For 15.6’’-17’’ laptops, Tree New is the best selling device that’s protecting most laptops from crashing around the globe. It’s a four-fan operated cooler. However, there’s a one-fan cooler as well. This cooler also uses a mesh design top with numerous multidirectional holes. It’s through these holes that the 4 fans each rotating at 1,200 RPM replace the heated air from your laptop. You can control the wind speed with an easy to use switch located at one side of the cooler. Again, you can hide smaller accessories including the USB in its hidden storage spaces.

2. HAVIT HV-F2056 Laptop Cooling Pad

  • By: HAVIT
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 11 x 1.2 inches

You risk crashing your laptop if you’re fond of using it on your mattress. However, there’s still a way out for the in-bed-laptop users; purchasing a laptop cooler that can be used anywhere and at any time. Havit utilizes 3 ultra-powerful fans to take away a large amount of air. It features a solid, stylish construction with the LED blue light adding to its overall look. Moreover, either you want to watch a movie, play games or type, this cooler’s stand offers you the liberty to tilt your laptop to any angle that gives you maximum comfort.

1. Cooler Master Laptop Cooling Pad

  • By: Cooler Master
  • Item Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 10.6 x 1.1 inches

Cooler Master does not come with the latest bells and whistles like other fans do. Instead, it has used that opportunity to strengthen its core features, no wonder it was able to rake in more than7,000 positive reviews. It uses just one 160mm fan which makes 1500 rotations per minute. It’s a heavy duty cooling pad which has been designed to last long while offering massive protection to your laptop. It also has 2-stage pegs which allow better inclination of your laptop to suit you better. Cooler Master also comes with a one year warranty.

A laptop cooling pad is an indispensable device we can’t stay without. They are way cheaper and do a great work of protecting our gadgets from giving in to heat. Depending on how you use your laptop, we hope that you’ve been able to identify one that suits you better.

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