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Top 10 Best LED lanterns In 2019 Reviews

A lantern is a vital tool for anyone. When at home, a lantern is the first item you would rush to in case of an emergency at night. Secondly, when planning for a camping adventure, a lantern is a must have item. A lantern provides you with a sense of security when working outdoor a night. For long, incandescent lanterns have been the most popular ones. However, their batteries get drained very fast, and they are also inefficient as they burn out quickly, but with the invention of LED lanterns, thing is much better. LED lanterns are energy efficient, will serve you longer, and are a much more convenient source of light. Today, there are a lot of models on sale on the market, with different shapes, colors, and sizes. But whichever the model you pick, ensure its lumen rating is high, it has an adjustable light output and offer you better performance for a longer time. To make your LED lantern shopping easier, we compiled the top 10 best LED lantern in 2019 reviews.

10.Coleman Micro Packer LED Mini-Lantern

A convenient and powerful Coleman Mini-lantern. It is smaller in size than many other available designs, but it never disappoints. It is easy to carry so you can always have in your car. It is battery powered, and when fully charged you will get almost 15 hours of light. Its 2 0.5 mm LED are durable, sufficiently and conveniently bright, offering you enough light in any dark setting. Interestingly, you can use it also as a flashlight, from the other side. Its design is collapsible, and you can seamlessly fold it into a half, hence easy to carry and store. When you buy this product, you get a year full warranty.

9.iStarty Camping LED lantern

This Camping LED Lantern just as named is rated as the best lantern to us during camping, fishing, hurricanes, emergencies and other outdoor activities. Its battery will serve you for a longer time, more than other brands. It has good design making it convenient to store and carry around. It is constructed from military grade materials making a durable product. It is also water resistant, making it a good option to use in wild areas. It has thirty single LED bulbs, for maximum light and made to last long.

8.WeatherRite (5572) LED Lantern

The 5572 by WeatherRite is designed resembling a traditional lamp. Its construction is metallic resembling copper. It uses batteries, although they are not included when buying it. It has a convenient handle for proper handling. It produces sufficient light to illuminate large areas than many other brands courtesy of its design. It is best used at home or during camping trips.

7.Energizer Weatheready LED Area Lantern

The weatheready LED lantern from Energizer is made of a plastic material making best to use at home or in camps. It is waterproof and runs on 3 AA or 3 D batteries. It can operate in 3 modes, a 55 lumen white when high, 28 lumens while at low setting and amber nightlight. It has diffused lens that spreads light in all directions, either amber or white. Its base is made of impact resistant rubber and comes with a handle for proper handling.

6.Rayovac (SE3DLNACOM) Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern- Green

The Ravoyac Sportsman LED Lantern is a high-quality product with a durable construction. Its body construction and it being water resistant makes of the best lanterns for use in wild environments and areas that are rugged. Its LEDs are very tough; hence, they can’t easily break. It has 4W LEDs that can serve you for more than 100,00 hours without thinking of any replacements. It has optimized beams, a rubber grip, and tactical buttons. It has a special feature where when it is in a dark place, the LED blinks after 5 seconds; hence locating it in a dark place is easy.

5.Supernova 300 Lumen Ultra-Bright, LED Lantern

The Supernova 300-Lumen lantern comes with the latest LED lighting technology, with a unique and an unmatched design. It is a good option during hiking expeditions, during camping and when there is an emergency. It is impact and water resistant features that add to its durability and performance. It can provide sufficient light for 6 days continuously. The lantern itself is made to be durable, using sturdy rubber and plastic moldings of high quality. With this lantern, darkness won’t worry you again, while all your camping and hiking expeditions experiences are made better.

4.Coleman Quad LED Lantern

This is another one from Coleman that is a best seller. It has 4 separate panels whose light can be operated individually without affecting the others. When the lantern is completely assembled, it can offer you up to 75 hours of light. It comes with a good handle that you can use to suspend on a surface. Additionally, each panel of the lantern has its handle. Its design is unique and special making it a favorite LED lantern for those going for nature expeditions and camping trips.

3.Coleman CPX 6 LED Lantern

The Coleman CPX 6 is another from the leading and reputable manufacturer Coleman. Its construction is metallic with green elements while other parts are made of aluminum. It comes with a diffuser tube that produces a beam pattern of light, reducing the glare. You can be able to adjust the light intensity. When you are using the LED lantern on low battery, you will get almost 50 hours of light while when on the high battery setting you get half of that. The lantern has a grip handle, adding to its safety handling and convenience.

2.Ultra Bright LED Lantern

Another top spot contender is this product from DIVINE LEDs. On Amazon, it is tagged as the brightest of all LED lanterns on sale. It enjoys more than 6,000 reviews from genuine customers. It is made with military grade material, making it one of the most durable LED lanterns you can buy. It has a unique design that you can be able to collapse it, for easy storage and carriage. Its battery has a super long life, and you can use rechargeable batteries. When you want the best LED lantern to use during camping, storms, during power outages, hurricanes, emergencies and during hiking, consider this lantern. When you buy, you get a 10 YEARS WARRANTY!

1.Coleman Twin LED Lantern

The best seller and most positively reviewed LED lantern is this one from Coleman. It brings outs the manufacturers commitment to provide quality products. Under normal circumstances, when on low setting, this LED lantern can serve you for not less than 299 hours. It’s overall capacity when on low setting is 100 bright lumens. When operating in the highest setting, it has 400 extra-bright lumens. Another best feature with this lantern is that you are able to adjust the intensity of light to suit your preference, through the brightness setting. When you buy this lantern, you are assured of efficiency, value, and convenience, anytime you need lighting.

With these top 10 best LED lantern in 2019 reviews. We hope your LED lantern shopping experience will be easier. When buying an LED lantern always apply the rule of the thumb, “do not have price as the determining factor” go beyond that and consider its qualities and past customers reviews. It is also wise to identify specifically why you are buying the LED lantern if it is for use during camping, go for the high quality, durable and water resistant brands.

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