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Top 10 Best Makeup Bags in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best makeup bags? Do not go lost yet we have a simplified version of doing things. We have made it possible for you by gathering the best products on the market for you to locate quickly the product that will serve your needs better. In the article, you will find the list of the top 10 best makeup bags in 2019 reviews that have been researched to make your work easier.

Buying Guide

You do not just buy because people are buying. Instead, you are buying it because you need it and because it suits your purpose. You need to declutter your drawers and make things look more organized than before. Whether it is a makeup brush, eye lip shadows, or lipstick, all you need is a bag or a case that can accommodate all your tools and makeup accessories safely and comfortably.

Things to look for when buying a makeup bag


Are you looking for a bag that you can easily carry? Are you looking for a bag just for your house? Answering this question will inform the choice that you will make concerning the makeup bag that you will choose. If you are for the one to carry, you will look at the strap handles and the compact design.


Everyone will want to buy something that is worth their money or something valuable and can last for long. You do not want to go back to the market few weeks after you have just purchased a makeup bag just to look for the same. Here, you should look at the quality of the material used and the pattern of construction.

Design and style

The styling of the makeup bag is of great essence. You do not just want something to dump your accessories but also a product that will look attractive and presentable. You will want a makeup bag that sounds like a makeup itself. Here, focus on the style and the creativity in its design.


The size is a valuable factor to consider when choosing a makeup bag. Do not be moved by the elegance or the attractiveness of the case until you forget that you need a case that can store up all your makeup tools and accessories. There is no need of having to come back to the market just to look for the same thing on the occasion that the one that you bought ran short of space.

10. BeneU Cosmetic Hanging Organizer Makeup Bag

 BeneU Cosmetic Hanging Organizer Makeup Bag

  • By: BeneU

BeneU is one of the best bags in the 2019 reviews and comes with simple, attractive features that makes it a good product on the market. The magnetic snap closure makes it easy to close and to open whenever the need arises. The interior color is pink, and the outer one is a black satin finish and with scattered letters. If you need a makeup bag that you can easily travel with, then this is an ideal choice. With it, you can put all your jewelry and toiletries together with your makeup items.

9. SHANY Mini Makeup Case

SHANY Mini Makeup Case

  • By: SHANY Cosmetics

SHANY Mini Makeup Case is an attractive bag just from the looks. It is a sizeable bag that measures 9.6 by 6.8 by 7.3 inches, and its weight is less than five pounds thus making it easy for travel. Store up your cosmetic tools using this compact and beautiful bag that come in a variety of colors. The versatile design of this case makes it unique and functional for different storage needs. Another impressive feature is that it has a mirrored compartment hence applying makeup is not a problem.

8. Mr. Pro Waterproof Travel Kit

Mr. Pro Waterproof Travel Kit

  • By: Mr.Pro

If you are looking for a large size case for all your makeup tools, you better grab this beautiful bag that is well designed and comes with other exclusive features that include the premium quality polyester fiber, strong hanging hook, PVC backing, high-standard craftsmanship, and two side compartments with zippers. The other moving features are the lightweight design making it portable and easy to store.

7. HHE Makeup Cosmetic Bag

HHE Makeup Cosmetic Bag

  • By: HHE

This HHE product is a highly portable bag that comes with stylish features that make it a versatile bag for all makeup and cosmetic tools. It is easy to access the makeup items due to the presence of a big dual zipper. In addition to that, the bag also comes with a multi-compartment toiletry organizer and is easy to clean due to its superior material construction in both inner and on the outer part.

6. Lmeison Premium Portable Makeup Bag

Lmeison Premium Portable Makeup Bag

  • By: Lmeison

This excellent bag is the best idea if you are looking for a suitable travel case. It has many compartments that allow you to organize all your products well without having to worry about space. The organization of this bag makes you also enjoy the ease at which you will retrieve your makeup items. The features include a durable fabric, water resistant, smooth zippers, spill-proof and anti-wear interiors, shake proof, and is lightweight and easy to store.

5. Lavievert Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Bag

Lavievert Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Bag

  • By: Lavievert

If you are looking for a bag that is water resistant and portable, then, this is the best idea. Being water resistant is of a significant advantage since the water will not get inside the bag to damage your makeup products. Coupled with the best padding for protection ensures that your tools are always safe. The other features just to mention include the huge compartment and multi pockets hence space is not an issue. Also, the hook and the handle are present for easy hanging.

4. FLYMEI Portable Cosmetic Organizer

FLYMEI Portable Cosmetic Organizer

  • By: FLYMEI

Looking at the features of this incredible product, you will surely adorn it. The premium quality design ranks it higher above other products on the market and is thus the best choice for everyone looking for an elegant and stylish makeup bag. It comes with an easy to clean fabric material, padded inner layer for protection, waterproof, shake-proof, and anti-wear interiors. Also, this multipurpose bag is easy to carry.

3. ROWNYEON Portable Velcro Makeup Bag

ROWNYEON Portable Velcro Makeup Bag


Perhaps you are a man and looking for a bag that also fits the needs of men. This bag has been designed to suit both men and women and is thus a unique bag that you should acquire for your makeup tools. The durable design makes it last for a reasonable span of time. The other features worth mentioning include the hard plastic cover, the Velcro and sponge, the Oxford fabric, lightweight design, and a hand strap for easy travel.

2. MLMSY Large Capacity Case

MLMSY Large Capacity Case

  • By: MLMSY

Store all your cosmetic brushes and other makeup tools without any worry of space with this super excellent product. The bag is large enough and is a versatile case that you can also use it for other purposes. The quality features of this product include a lightweight design, easy to clean nature, durable material, padded inner layer, and shoulder strap among other stylish features.

1. ROWNYEON EVA Professional Makeup Case

ROWNYEON EVA Professional Makeup Case


The sleek design of this bag makes it versatile and unique among other products, and that is why it is rated highly. Why? The inner padding is excellent, and the compartments are made for you to adjust to any size that you see fit. The bag is waterproof, shake-proof, and is perfect for storing all sorts of makeup products and tools such as the lipstick, makeup brushes, and the eyeshadow singles among other accessories.

From the above list, everything or product that has been listed is a qualified product that has been tested, reviewed, and ranked by consumers. Therefore, you can use this information to inform your buying decision. This is because it gathers everything that you need and simplifies the process that otherwise could have taken you forever to decide on the market.

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