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Top 10 Best Makeup Brush Holders in 2019 Reviews

Brush holders are very useful for storing makeup things and accessories. The market is filled to the brim with all sorts of brands and products that serves the same purpose. It is, therefore, important to understand the market so as to choose the best product that fits all your needs and budget. In this guide, you will find a few selected products that perform best on the market in the form of the top 10 best makeup brush holders in 2019 reviews.

Buyers Guide

As have been mentioned earlier, the market is filled to the brim with all sorts of brands and products that may be confusing to the consumer. That is why knowledge is worth to invest. Before you can go to any market, first, know what you are going to buy. Doing that will prevent you from falling into the trap of being confused in the market and from buying substandard products that you may not come to like.

What to consider when purchasing a makeup brush holder?

Purchase a brush holder requires that you understand the features well and the difference that lies among the different products from different brands. It is, therefore, wise to invest in knowledge first so as to make the right choice. Therefore, some of the factors that you need to put into account should include the following:


The capacity refers to the size of the holder. If you are going to store up more brushes, then you should look for a product that comes with the right size to accommodate all your cosmetic accessories and brushes.


You will also want a product that will last you for years. Not all the goods that you see on the market have that quality. In this case, you should look for a product that is made from high-quality materials and the one that can last for long.


The issue of transportation in particular among the storage bags is always an issue, and you should look for a holder or a brush bag that is well designed to enhance the same feature. It should be compact and light.


This is the style or how the cup holder or brush holder is made. Therefore, it is your choice to select the best product with the same feature. For this case, there are a great variety of designs and styles available on the market for customer choice.

10. N2 Makeup Co Brush Organizer

  • By: N2 Makeup Co
  • Item Weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.5 x 2.8 inches

Keep your makeup brushes safe, neat and organized in one place. If you are looking for the best brush holder, you should not be hesitant to test this type. Just by the exterior looks, this holder is the best and can serve multiple purposes while at the same time enhancing the décor of your drawer. The brush holder is affordable and valuable.

9. Alegory Acrylic Makeup Organizer

  • Item Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.3 x 5.3 x 13.4 inches

This is an important organizer stand that is suitable for every brush from the small one to the big one. Coming on to the features, the brush holder comes with a silicone plug on each hole that helps in enhancing the grip and flex on each hole. With the twelve holes, you can organize all your brushes that fit into this organizer and is just an elegant holder that is so beautiful and attractive for decorative purposes.

8. U Brands Pencil Cup Holder

  • By: U Brands
  • Item Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.1 x 4.1 inches

This excellent design is made from copper metal wire and looks attractive and smart. When you have it, you can use it to add to the décor of your office desk or just anywhere, where you feel the beauty should belong. The cup is meant for storing all makeup items since it is highly versatile. Therefore, a beautiful holder can help you to look neat and to avoid any clutter on your desk or drawer. Another benefit is that, once you are organized, you can take less time retrieving all that you want since your makeup tools are all held in one place.

7. MetroDecor mDesign Traditional Makeup Brush Holder

  • By: MetroDécor
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 8 x 6.4 inches

If you are looking for brush holder that looks elegant and traditional, perhaps this is an ideal choice. This brush holder comes with iconic and superior features that make it a top talk of the market. While you may want a holder that can hold both your brushes and other cosmetic products, this is a suitable choice. With the three compartments design, you can store up all your things in an organized manner. The other feature that makes it attractive is the easy to clean insert that is removable.

6. InterDesign Clarity Cosmetic Cup Holder

  • By: InterDesign
  • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 3.8 x 3 inches

If you are looking for a straightforward and durable design, this is a perfect choice that is designed simply but serves a lot of purposes. When you look at it, you may think that they are three classes arranged together, but those are the three compartments that you can user to store all your tall makeup brushes and small brushes among other makeup accessories. The other feature is the durable design that makes this product to last for a long time.

5. LOUISE MAELYS Zipper Brush Bag

  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: NA

This is one of the makeup cups with brush holders. The bag is made from non-woven fabrics and therefore is durable to last you for a reasonable span of time. With the double zipper for closure, you are always secured of the safety of your makeup brushes. From the inside, you will see a removable net pocket that makes this bag highly versatile. Meaning, if you want to change the purposes at any given time, you are free to do so. Another important feature that we should not forget is the large capacity that can allow you to store up to 30pcs of makeup brushes and other few cosmetic accessories.

4. PuTwo Makeup Brush Holder

  • By: PuTwo
  • Item Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 6.8 x 11.2 inches

This holder is dustproof, and therefore, all your brushes are always neat and clean. The features that make it up to include the premium quality thick acrylic lipstick holder, the exceptional quality clarity that is scratch resistant and durable, pearl color, and the large capacity that can allow you to store all that you need including both the big and the small makeup brushes. When you have this holder, you are well set for storing everything cosmetic safely and neatly.

3. PartyWoo Top Quality Makeup Brush Holder

  • By: PartyWoo
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.1 x 5.1 inches

If you want a large capacity holder for storing all your brushes big and small, then this is also a perfect choice since it has all those features that you are looking for. The holder is not only large but also neat and stylish for decorative purposes. In addition to the top quality design, the makeup brush cup holder is made from durable and super quality acrylic and therefore can last you for a long time thus is a suitable choice for your choice.

2. Docolor 10 Hole Oval Transparent Holder

  • By: Docolor
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: NA

This holder is a superior choice that comes with attractive features. It is an adorable brush holder that is uniquely designed to hold up to 10 brushes of different sizes. The other features just to mention include the sturdy clear material construction, fashion design, two acrylic jack plates, easy to assemble nature, and the protective sticker among other features. All these features among others make this product the best-selling product on the market.

1. STORi Premium Quality Plastic Vanity Organizer

  • By: STORi
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 7 x 4.1 inches

Want to get organized with the best and affordable makeup holder? If so, think of owning the top product that has been rated highly on the market. When you look at the design, it is simple but attractive since it has the right features implemented in its design and style. Yes, with this holder, you can store up everything and not only the brushes. That means it is versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. Also, the design and style allow it for easy cleaning.

With all the above makeup brushes, you have no option than to choose one that suits all your storage needs. Also, having looked at the features of each, you can only switch to the one that fits your budget and carries the features that you are after.

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