Top 10 Best Massage Tables in 2019 Reviews

Massage or Therapeutic massage has a lot of benefits to our bodies. Massage is performed on a massage table. No one can overlook the importance of massage. Regardless of the objective, you have while undertaking massage, one fact stands that massage is inevitable in our healthy lifestyles. It offers a moment of relaxation. It works by reducing muscle tension. The process gives you a relief of chronic pain among other complications. However, without a proper massage table, you might not attain the intended results. It is, therefore, a noble idea to know the features of the best massage tables. You have to consider the aspects of comfort, durability, portability among other factors. For you to achieve emotional and physical wellness out of a massage, you have to be on a top notch massage table. The following are the top 10 best massage tables in 2019 reviews.

10. Earthlite Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table


  • Brand: Earthlite

For one to gain maximally from a massage, a super comfortable massage table is the key. Earthlite massage table is a renowned brand known to fulfill the users’ expectations. It is an electric lift massage table designed for comfort, durability, reliability and excellent performance. It is a superb massage table that is ADA compliant. It boasts three layers of a deluxe cushioning system. It has a sturdy design made of a heavy duty steel frame for portability. Moreover, it has a lift capacity of 600lbs.

9. BestMassage Portable Massage Table Bed

  • Brand: BestMassage

This table displays a portable and economical massage table. The table is made of ergonomic design. It boasts a 2-inch thick padding with Birch construction. It is ideal for professional therapists and even the home users.It guarantees you of ultimate comfort. Thanks to the high-density luxury padding. Besides, the package comes with a kit with a forward armrest, removable face cradle pad and side arm extenders. Also, the kit includes round bolsters and towel hangers to ensure that the table maintains sanitary.

8. Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

  • Brand: Earthlite

You can now enjoy your massage in style with this Earthlite Harmony massage table.It features a deluxe adjustable face cradle with a matching crescent cushions. The legs are made from Managed forest hard Maple timber. It also boasts a lightweight aircraft grade birch decking. It has passé a 2400lb static load test, 450lbs dynamic drop load test and working weight capacity of 600lbs. It boasts a limited construction warranty and three years warranty of foam or upholstery. This gives you the assurance of years of worry free excellent use.

7. BestMassage Black Pad Professional Series Portable Massage Table

  • Brand: BestMassage

This table offers a wider footprint for a more stable on and off access. It has a removable face cradle to enhance portability and flexibility. It gives an ultimate massage experience due to the 3-inch luxury high-density foam for comfort. It has a PU leather cover that is water and oil resistant. This enables you to take a massage for an extended time without the worry of messing up with the upholstery. Also, it has a free adjustable headrest and armrest to enable you to adjust to different positions for the ultimate massage experience.

6. BestMassage Black 77″ Long 30″ Wide 4″ Pad Reiki Portable Massage table

  • Brand: BestMassage

Adjustability is a key aspect of any massage. You have to turn into different positions for you to get the most out of a massage session. This massage table features a free adjustable headrest and free face pillow and half round bolster. All these features work hand in hand giving you the best relaxation ever. The table has PU leather covering for sanitary and durability reasons. The upholstery boasts four-inch thick high-density cell foam and padding for exceptional comfort. The table is versatile and can be used for professional business, newbies, practitioners and anyone who intends to have outstanding massage experience.

5. Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table

  • Brand: SierraComfort

The combination of study construction and super quality upholstery ensure that you get the ultimate massage experience. The table boasts a robust marble hardwood enriched with 2. Inches of high-density foam. The design is complemented by half round bolsters that conform to the body shape and natural curves. This conformity ensures that the relaxation feeling penetrates deeply into your muscles. The design also includes adjustable face cradle that can easily be adjusted and positioned. The package comes inside a zippered carry case for convenience and portability. Besides, the frame is sold with 5-year limited warranty.

4. Best massage- Black Portable Massage Table

  • Brand: BestMassage

The table comes with a package that includes standard accessory items such as armrest shelf, removable face cradle, face- cradle pad, side arm extenders, face portal and a free carrying bag. Being one of the most featured and economical massage tables, you are guaranteed of the best results in any session of your massage. This massage table boasts a super construction arising from the craftsmanship of the highest precision. So, this is a perfect table for professional therapists, students, and home users.

3. BestMassage Premium All Inclusive-Complete Portable Massage Table

  • Brand: 

This massage table is among the top notch massage tables we have on the market currently. It comes as an all-inclusive massage bundle with a portable sheet, and other standard accessories. It boasts a sturdy construction made of high-quality beach timber reinforced with 2.5 inches high-density deck. Additional features include a facial cradle, armrests, and supports. It guarantees you f ultimate comfort. Thanks to the incredibly soft cotton fitted sheets and semicircular bolsters. The package also includes an oil pouch and towel hanger to give the most exquisite massage experience.

2. Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

  • Brand: SierraComfort

This table puts together all the positive aspects of a massage table and shuns out any inappropriate features in its competitors. The sole purpose of this incredible invention is to take your massage experience to the next level. It offers a complete massage solution to get you satisfied and end up with outstanding results. It boasts a sturdy design made from beach timber and a padding of 2.5 inches high-density foam deck to keep the customer comfortable. Apart from the armrests and supports, the table features tension wires along the leg support for strength and durability. Additionally, it features PA covering to protect the interior upholstery. Besides, you can adjust the height to fit you and your clients well.

1. BestMassage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

  • Brand: BestMassage

As the name of this table suggests, it is indeed the best massage is much affordable compared to its competitors yet it boasts functional components. The frame is made of birch to ensure its rigidity with a weight limit of 450lb. It features premium upholstery that includes two-inch thick density small foam padding for ultimate comfort. The table unfolds and folds with ease and comes with a free carry case. Most importantly, the table comes with several free accessories such as warm rests, headrest, and hanging shelves. It is suitable for virtually anyone who wants a great massage.

Massage offers a suitable moment of relaxation. No one would want this relaxation to be jeopardized. It is easy to ensure that you enjoy every minute in the massage room. Just get the best massage table that won’t result to any hassles. Pick one from the list above and enjoy physical and emotional relaxation.

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