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Top 10 Best Men’s Camping Jackets in 2019 Reviews

When camping in the outdoor, one should find the best way to keep warm during the entire expedition. Considerations shouldn’t only focus on keeping warm at night, but also during the day, especially when camping in cold areas. Sometimes, during the day it can rain, snow can fall, making it extra cold. Luckily, there are reliable means of keep warm. This includes getting the best camping jacket. As a camper, the type of jacket will be influenced by the expected climate. There are five types of coats that a camper should consider, wool jackets, down jackets, waterproof shells and fleece jackets. The wrong choice of a jacket can turn ugly, for example when you are rained on and you don’t have a waterproof jacket. Each of the five different of camping jackets has unique properties. Whichever the brand, the critical consideration before buying a camping should include.

· if the jacket is insulated

· is the jacket is waterproof

· if the jacket is bulky and

· if the jacket breathes well

To help you make an informed choice when buying a camping jacket, we assessed the different brands and models in the market and prepared the top 10 best men’s camping jackets in 2019

10. Paradox Men’s Elite Waterproof Rain Jacket

There are a number of reasons why this jacket is a best seller. One of them is the impressive design, that not only will you be protecting yourself but also you will be looking good. This jacket is made of 80 percent nylon and 20% polyester. The jacket is machine washable, hence easy cleaning and also dries fast. It is lightweight, windproof and breathable. This jacket, which is waterproof, comes in 2 colors and in 4 sizes.

9. WantDo Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket

Keep yourself warm when camping in the mountains by buying this camping jacket from Wantdo. This jacket is suitable for camping, traveling, climbing, hiking, and skiing. The jacket is beautifully designed and comes in 6 colors for you to choose your best color. On the outer part, the jacket has a windproof soft shell, while on the inner side the jacket has a micro fleece liner. The design keeps you warm and makes the jacket comfortable when you are wearing it. The jacket has a catchy and rough, making it easy to zip up.

8. Hawke & Co Men’s Packable Down Puffer Jacket with Shoulder Stitching

Another bestseller and a positively reviewed jacket is this one by Hawke. The jacket is found in 5 different colors so that you will choose your best colors. It is available in 5 different sizes so you will choose your best fitting size. For easy cleaning, the jacket is machine washable. The jacket is made of 100 percent nylon. It has zippered hand pockets so you can safely carry other important stuff like car keys, without worrying about them getting lost.

7. Reebow Gear® Men’s Military Special Ops Softshell Tactical Jacket Waterproof

Just as the name suggests, the jacket has a design that allows it to be used by the military. This means, expect it to be a tactical jacket that is waterproof and lightweight. The jacket is suitable if you are a fan of camping, hiking, airsoft, paintball, tactical combat, army work, shooting and hunting. So with this jacket, it will be a year-round use jacket. It has 4” x 4” loop side of the hook and on both shoulders. The jacket has eight pockets on both front and behind side, enough space to put your pen, wallet, tactical knife, cell phone, flashlight, clip and other EDC gear equipment.

6. WantDo Sportswear Men’s Spring Front-Zip Hooded Raincoat Outdoor Waterproof Jacket

Wantdo has continued to produce high-quality products, which outdoor activities enthusiasts are falling in love with. This jacket is available in 4 different sizes and 2 unique colors. This jacket is designed to keep you warm and protect you from unexpected rain The outer part of the jacket is waterproof, so you cannot get wet, it is breathable, windproof and seam sealed. It has a front zip and has a concealed placket and detachable storm hood. It is comfortable and designed to allow your full body movement. This jacket is suitable for camping, traveling, climbing and hiking.

5. Somewhere Men’s Ultra Lightweight Jacket UPF 50+ Cycling Hiking Windbreaker

If you are looking for a lightweight windbreaker that is suitable for hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, fishing, cycling, and running, then this can be the best option for you. It is made of 100 percent polyamide; it is super lightweight, wrinkle free, stain resistance, wear resistant, portable and breathable. All these features all in one jacket make it a favorite to many men. The jacket is hooded and has long sleeves. The jacket is also sand proof, windproof and offers you rain protection; it is easy to clean and dries very fast. The jacket is available in 5 different colors and has a beautiful design.

4. 3 in1 Men’s Winter Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Ski Snow Jacket Coat

Keep warm when camping by buying this DVDZ jacket. This jacket is available in 7 colors and 10 sizes. Therefore, you will select your favorite colors and your fitting size. The jacket is fully seam sealed and is breathable. It is also waterproof; therefore, you are protected even when it rains. What makes this jacket unique is that you can separate the jacket inner and outer part, in spring and autumn. During winter, you can wear both the inner and the outer part together. Also, you can vent this jacket when you unzip the under the jackets armpit.

3. Columbia Men’s Watertight II Front-Zip Hooded Rain Jacket

When you are going to camp, not only will you want to keep warm but also be protected from rain. There is no better way of achieving this than investing in the best rain jacket. This rain jacket by Columbia is lightweight hence easy to carry in your backpack. The jacket shell is made of 100 percent nylon while the lining is made of 100 percent polyester. It has a front zip and zippered pockets. The jacket is machine washable for easy cleaning. It is available in 6 colors, so you will choose your favorite color.

2. Camo Coll Men’s Waterproof Outdoor Camouflage Hooded Jacket

If you are the type of men who like camping in the woods, then your security should also be enhanced. With this camouflaged jacket, you will not be detected easily. This jacket is suitable when hiking, camping, riding, traveling, mountain climbing or when cycling. The jacket is made of polyester and is a hooded type to protect your head. The polyester is a high-quality fabric, has an impressive design; it is also windproof and waterproof. The jacket is available in 4 different sizes and in 11 different colors, so you will choose what compliments your wardrobe.

1. Columbia Men Gold 650 Turbodown Down Jacket

When looking for the warmest, lightest and softest jacket to carry when going to a camp, this jacket by Columbia can fit the bill. It is available in eleven different colors for you to choose what will compliment your wardrobe. It is found in 8 different sizes so that you get a jacket that comfortably fits on you. It is made of 100 percent nylon and fabric that is water resistant. It has zippered hand pockets and a drawcord adjustable hem, adding to its comfort. To ensure you are warm, the jacket is Omni heat and trade thermal reflective.

Before going out, camping ensures you have the right clothing items to keep you warm, safe and protect you from getting sick. The areas you will be camping at largely determine the choice of the jacket you are going to buy. It is also important to carry more than one jacket, for example, a rainproof jacket and one to keep you warm. With the above top 10 best men’s camping jackets review, we hope you will make an informed choice when buying a camping jacket.

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