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Top 10 Best Men’s Golf Club Sets in 2019 Reviews

The numerous men’s golf club sets on the market today make it hard for a beginner to select the best. If you’re new to golf, you may find all of them perfect. However, there are a few things that you need to learn before ordering. For instance, you need to know that just like clothes, golf club sets also need to fit the user. Overly long or short clubs will interfere with the way you deliver a shot.

The shafts form one of the most noticeable differences in men’s golf club sets. Some feature graphite which is light and, therefore, contribute to the flight distance. Nonetheless, these models are quite expensive. Steel shafts are known to be heavy but affordable and durable. Again, know that golf clubs are designed for use with the right or left hand.

10. Majek Senior Men’s Golf Full Set

  • By: Majek

Majek Golf Club set is a professional set, specially engineered by a team of experienced members from the UCLA engineering department. It is a full set of 8 utility A flex clubs, and they feature some added weight at the back of the Sweet Spot that gives the ball greater flight. Adding on top these, this Majec set has comes along with a unique deep cavity back which offers a perfect shot dispersion thereby increasing the accuracy of the hits. Moreover, the shaft comprises of quality lightweight graphite which is essential for a faster swing speed.

9. Palm Springs Golf GRAPHITE & STEEL Club Set

  • By: Palm Springs Golf

From Palm Springs Golf, this is one of the men’s golf club sets which is an excellent choice for the beginners and those who seek to improve their golf prowess. It is also an ideal match for taller men who find it rather painstaking to use smaller clubs. As such, the clubs are an inch taller. This golf set features the biggest driver legally allowed measuring 460cc. This oversized driver is of great help to novice players who may not be able to strike with the middle but still need longer and straighter shots.

8. Winfield VERTEX Golf Package Set

  • By: Winfield

This set has been designed to offer more forgiveness and consistent. It’s designed for the experienced golfers who want to improve on their shots with smoother hits. Amongst its outstanding features is its deep-faced and oversized driver with thrusting power. Past users are also appreciating iron #4 which is offering easy hits and replaces the old-school long iron. Winfield Vertex also comes with a comfortable EZ carry bag with a dual strap system for increased portability convenience.

7. Prosimmon Golf X9 Graphite and Steel Club Set

  • By: Prosimmon

Standing at the top seventh on the list, here comes the set from Prosimmon. Mostly known for its quality, this set of clubs has larger sweet spots. This helps you kick the ball longer distances even on imperfect swings. Besides, the weight of the head is also preconfigured with an aim to give you higher ball flight by lowering the gravity. Its shafts, on the one hand, utilize of sturdy steel for increased performance. On the other hand, the putter in this set features the latest mallet style design with an incredible balance that brings greater control and feels. Finally, this package also comes with a carry bag with 6-way padded top and 4 dividers.

6. Paragon Kids Golf Clubs Set (Ages 3-5 Red)

  • By: Paragon Golf

This golf set for kids by Paragon has been a top pick for most parents who want to nurture their kid’s golf prowess. First and foremost, the clubs are lightweight, and their shaft lengths have been designed for kids between 3-5 ages. Second, the set has an oversized driver that offers greater forgiveness. Third, the irons come in form of stainless steel and are wide to increase the ball flights as well as the swing speeds. Last, the shafts comprises of durable graphite with a lifetime warranty in case of breakage.

5. Confidence Mens Hybrid GOLF Club Set

  • By: Confidence

Confidence Golf has been on the market with their innovatively designed sets for close to 40 years now. On the pricing corner, this particular set is easily affordable and comes with everything you need to step up your game. Primarily, it has long clubs that are compatible with tall golfers while these clubs have professionally designed driver and steel shaft. Confidence Men’s Golf Club Set hybrid is an alternative to the longer irons without compromising on performance. The increased forgiveness with the cavity-backed irons is very supportive to help you take mid-short range shots. This package also comes with a top-notch bag with multiple pockets plus a rain cover.

4. Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Club Set (16-Piece)

  • By: Callaway

Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Club Set has right-hand orientation. However, this manufacturer also has another set for the left handed golfers. It is amongst the most respected golf sets on the market. Likewise, it stands amongst the priciest. Callaway Men’s Strata is a set of 16 clubs. Its 4H and 5H have unique functions to offer increased versatility and forgiveness on instances where the long iron would have been difficult to use.

3. Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Set

  • By: Wilson

Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Set is a 14-piece package consisting of a driver, hybrid, putter, fairway wood, 5-PW, head covers, and a bag. This set maximizes on distance and the raw power of the player. As such, the clubs have been designed to offer greater shot distances with increased accuracy to encourage the golfer. The putter has a high MOI which results in easy alignment.

2. Pinemeadow PRE 16-Piece Complete Set

  • By: Pinemeadow Golf

This is a complete 16-piece set engineered to offer greater distance while maximizing on power and accuracy. It consists of a 10.50 driver, 150 3 wood, 210 3 hybrid with head covers, a pre putter, 4-PW irons and a carry bag. The heads are conveniently weighted and have a cavity design with an oversized sweet spot. The bag has 2 straps and a kickstand. It also comes with a rain cover.

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set (12-Piece)

  • By: Callaway

This golf set consisting of 12 pieces is available in the right and left-hand orientation models. It comes with a driver and 3 wood, 1 club hybrid, 5 clubs irons, a putter, and a stand bag. The forgiving sweet spot and unique graphite shaft have unrivaled distance. On the other hand, the putter gives you incredible confidence when aligning the ball each time. The bag is lightweight and is made of durable material. It has several pockets and a rain hood too.

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