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Top 10 Best Men’s Shaving Cream in 2019 Reviews

Men’s shaving cream differs from soaps, and gels in that they lather up quickly offering an efficient and timeless morning shave. Again, creams are good in hydrating the skin than regular soaps and gels. Unlike soaps that always require a lathering brush, most creams can be applied with your palm or fingers. On the upside, this helps you in noting your hair’s growth pattern.

Shaving Cream’s Buying Guide

If you’re new to shaving creams, there are a few tips you need to hold dearly before trying them. Firstly, the secret lies in the ingredients used. You need to look out for and avoid cheaply-made creams that contain parabens in their ingredients. Again, avoid creams that have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate. These elements are known to penetrate into your bloodstream and circulate for a few days. This may lead to organ toxicity and mutations of cancer.

Look for products that are rich in natural ingredients. If your skin feels dry, creams with a few drops of glycerin do a better job in hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

For the next 10 minutes, this article will guide you through the best creams we have on our market this year.

10. Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream

  • By: Barbasol
  • Item Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 1 inches

If you’ve used other shaving creams, soaps, or gels from Barbasol, you’ll bear us witness that most of them rocks. Formulated with Papaya Fruit Extracts, Willow Bark Extract and Aloe Barbadensis amongst other ingredients, this is a safe bet for your sensitive skin. Previous shavers confirm that it left their skin smooth and hydrated several days after shaving. It offers thick and creamy lather, so the razor slides perfectly and gently.


  • It comes at a fair price (little over 2 bucks on Amazon)
  • It’s remarkably easier to rinse off
  • It leaves a smooth feeling behind


  • The scent could be overly irritating to some users.

9. Proraso Shaving Cream 5.2 oz


  • By: Proraso
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.9 x 2 inches


Do you have sensitive skin? Are regular gels and foams giving you an unpleasant time when it’s shaving time? Most probably, the problem is the type of lubricators you are using. Luckily, Proraso Sapone Da Barba has been ingeniously prepared for you. Just like most of the products from this manufacturer, we found this item to withstand the test of time. It utilizes Oatmeal and Green Tea to prepare your super sensitive skin for a close shave. Its rich lather lifts all the hairs in readiness for the razor without matting them on the skin.


  • It comes in a tube which makes dispensing much easier
  • It’s easy to create a rich lather out of the dime-sized amount of cream
  • It has a refreshing scent of apple and lime which lingers long after shaving.
  • It forms a rich lather which excellently protects sensitive skins from nicks and cuts


  • The scent feels more of artificial and medicinal

8. Neutrogena Men’s Shave Cream


  • By: 
  • Item Weight: 
  • Product Dimensions: 


For those who like it thinner but still safe, this cream by Neutrogena fits the bill. It has been formulated from professionally-selected ingredients including Aloe Extracts, Sunflower, and Soybean to offer a thin sheen that provides a generous amount of protection to the skin. It also utilizes Pro-soothe technology making it ideal for the ultra-sensitive skin. Rest assured that this cream won’t clog your pores at all.


  • It gives a thin sheen which is much easier to rinse off especially while in a hurry
  • It leaves behind a pleasant manly smell
  • Its pro-smooth technology makes it ideal for sensitive skin


  • You’ll have to use more than the quarter-size amount indicated in the instructions.
  • It’s a bit runny and may lead to wastage.

7. Vikings Blade Luxury Shave Cream


  • By: Vikings Blade
  • Item Weight: NA
  • Product Dimensions: NA


This product is the latest release from Vikings blade. Surprisingly, it’s already making inroads in the world of luxurious shaving. Upon opening the can, what welcomes you is the traditional Swedish Scent but with a modern manly touch. Notably, its levels are not annoying; it’s very likely that you’ll love it too. It’s loaded with Sandalwood and Red Cedar, a combination that leaves your skin hydrated and nourished. Moreover, its soothing effect lingers several days later thanks to the sandalwood oil.


  • It has a handsome scent that’s not overpowering
  • Due to the Sandalwood used, its soothing effects can be felt several days later
  • It lathers up pretty fast


  • The lather is slightly thinner and breaks down quickly.

6. The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream


  • By: The Body Shop
  • Item Weight: 6.2 oz
  • Product Dimensions: NA


This luxurious cream formulated from Maca Root is amongst the best out there. Maca Root extract is known for its moisturizing capabilities which in result prevent the skin from burns. If its 5-star rating is anything to go by, The Body Shop commands the best rating so far. This cream’s formula also boasts generous amounts of Brazil Nut Oil and Sesame Oil whose primary role is to moisturize and soften the skin. Additionally, it features aloe vera extracts perfect for soothing sensitive skin.


  • Enough moisturizing and cushioning against cuts and burns
  • Sufficient safety for the closest shave
  • It leaves the skin hydrated and conditioned


  • It has loads of artificial ingredients which could cause breakouts to some people.

5. The Art of Shaving Cream, Lavender


  • By: The Art of Shaving
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches


If you believe that shaving is a ritual, then you can’t shy away from a shaving cream that lets you do it without much hassle. The best thing about The Art of Shaving is that it can be lathered up with or without a lathering brush. This is a unique super-lubricator rich in glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils. This combination offers a perfect glide for the razor besides leaving the skin hydrated and feeling healthy.


  • It has a rich and foamy leather
  • Can be lathered up using a brush or fingers
  • Only a small amount is required with each use


  • It’s far much expensive

4. The Art of Shaving Cream, Sandalwood


  • By: The Art of Shaving
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches


One thing that wet shavers love about The Art of Shaving Company is the availability of its products. Currently, this manufacturer boasts over 70 stores around the country. However, if you’re not lucky enough to have one near you, e-tailers like Amazon come to your rescue. The Sandalwood Oil used in this cream does more than just giving you a comfortable shaving experience. It’s a natural antiseptic agent, for instance, which aids in healing scars and cuts. Moreover, it’s a natural anti-aging agent that’ll give you a youthful, good-looking skin. It also lathers up super fast.


  • It’s more than a shaving cream thanks to the sandalwood cream used.
  • It lathers quickly with a brush or fingers
  • It gives a smooth and moisturized feeling


  • It’s expensive

3. Eton College Taylor of Old Bond Street


  • By: Taylor of Old Bond Street
  • Item Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3 inches


Taylor of Old Bond Street is a real beast in the world of shaving. This cream is ideal for use on normal to dry skin. The addition of glycerin in its formula makes it a safe bet for shavers with dry skin. Glycerin is a natural humectant that provides enough moisture. Notably, similar to other creams by Taylor of Bond Street, this one also has a rich lather that’s not excessively airy and holds on for longer.


  • It lathers up super fast
  • Only a small amount is required, so each can takes you a long way
  • It has a rich scent that fades away easily


  • It’s hard to determine the right amount required which may lead to wastage

2. Cremo Original Shave Cream


  • By: Men’s Shaving Creams
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 7.5 inches


Cremo is the best selling shave cream on Amazon so far. This item is incredibly affordable. Astonishingly, it’s able to stand toe-to-toe with highly priced beasts in this industry like Proraso and Taylor of Bond Street that cost almost five times its price. Cremo is non-foamy, yet it dramatically protects you from nicks and cuts. This cream has been thoughtfully formulated to allow you the closest shave ever without causing even the slightest irritation or burn.


  • It’s rich in natural ingredients
  • It leaves you feeling super clean, hydrated, and moisturized


  • Virtually none

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood


  • By: Taylor of Old Bond Street
  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 6 inches


If you’re new in shaving and need a nice treat without parting with over 20 bucks, this cream by Taylor of Bond Street is leading in this niche. What you’ll really love about it is the thick lather and soothing scent caused by sandalwood, cedar, lavender, and rosemary extracts in its formula. Like the previous model from this manufacturer we had reviewed before, this one also sports glycerin in its formula. It aids in preventing irritation on dry skins.


  • It has a pretty old-school scent
  • It leaves your skin with a smooth, silky feeling


  • The lather dries quickly on your face

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