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Top 10 Best Monoculars in 2019 Reviews

A monocular refers to a miniature or a low tampered telescope. Or, rather a sporting scope that you hold in your hand just like a binocular, but you use with one eye like a typical telescope. When a sporting scope or a binocular is too larger to take along, the best alternative becomes a monocular. When you need to keep things small and still need to take a peek, a monocular is what you need.

Monocular are vital outdoor devices that help you capture and enjoy every occurrence and scenery. It is very useful for outdoor activities such as bird watching, wildlife, bull’s eye targets, and outdoor scenery among other wonders of the planet. But, you have to consider several factors when purchasing the best monocular. These include magnification capabilities, portability, affordability, durability, versatility among other factors. They are vital equipment for die-hard explorers. This article discusses the top 10 best monoculars in 2019 reviews.

10. Orion -10×42 Waterproof Monocular

  • Brand: Orion
  • Item Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 6.1 inches

These are the perfect monocular for bird viewing, wildlife, and scenery. They are compact and portable. Also, they allow a handheld scanning. They are efficient for distant bird study due to their magnification capabilities. They are waterproof and rubber-armored for viewing in any weather. Thus, they are best suited for long distance excursions as they are light in weight and length. They are just 11 ounces and 6.1 inches long. The optics measure 42mm in diameter and have anti-reflection coatings to ensure maximum light and unobstructed views. With his amazing monocular, you can view birds with ten times magnification.

9. Carson Bandit 8×25 Quick-Focus Monocular (BA-825)

  • Brand: Carson
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches

It boasts being the world’s first lever focus monocular for one hand operation. It allows you to focus accurately without losing the subject. It is equipped with BK prisms and crystal clear optics that allow it to provide sharp and images of the highest contrast. It is light in weight and therefore suitable for any outdoor activity. Its specifications are amazing. We are talking about 8X magnification, 2mm objective lenses, 11mm eye relief and 13-foot focusing distance. It has 393 feet of field view at 1000 yards. It is small in size as it measures 1.6 by 2.6inhes and 3.2 ounces. This means it is highly portable for outdoors. The package includes storage pouch carrying strap and a lens cloth. The best part, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

8. Barska Blackhawk- Waterproof Monocular

  • Brand: Barska

The combination of portability and weather- proofing results to this versatile, lightweight optic device. The configuration of this thing gives it all the praise. It features a 60-degree angle apparent field view BK-7 roof prisms which are multicoated to make it the best. Alongside the optical path, is weather sealed housing mainly for fog proof and waterproof properties. It has a long 17mm eye relief for a fast glassing on the go.

7. Carson Close-Up 7x18mm Close-Focus Monocular

  • Brand: Carson
  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.1 x 1.3 inches

It features 7X magnification and a remarkable close focus of 10 inches. It weighs as low as 1.8 ounces. It enables you to view faraway objects as well as close ones. Its compactness and lightweight make it so portable that you can virtually go anywhere with it. It is recommended for butterfly viewing and those with low visions. They are affordable and economical. Also, you will enjoy a faultless and o hassle warranty that includes a return of the shipping and handling fees. It is the best package ever.

6. Vortex Optics Solo -10×25 Waterproof Monocular

  • Brand: Vortex
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 4.4 x 2 x 2.4 inches

This one comes with adjustable eye up that twists up and down. This is to improve intermediate settings to maximize custom fit for comfortable viewing with or without glasses. The glass surfaces are multicoated to deliver high-quality images. It is light in weight and compact for easy portability. It is perfectly adapted for harsh weather excursions by being water and fog proof. Also, it has a rubber armor protection to provide non-slip and secure grip. Additionally, it has a roof prism and greater durability.

5. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital -Night Vision Monocular

  • Brand: Bushnell

This monocular is amazing. You can use in during the day and at features 1to 3X digital zoom, 3X magnification, and 30mmobjective lens. It is perfectly suited for the night viewing as it has an inbuilt infrared illuminator with a 500 ft. viewing distance. Also, the objective glasses are multicoated to produce an exceptional clarity. It has a video out capability. Also, it has a pica -tinny style for various accessories mounting. It is powered by 4AA batteries, and it is tripod mountable for a more comfortable use.

4. Ohuhu 8×40 Dual Focus Monocular Telescope

  • Brand: Ohuhu
  • Item Weight: 0.53 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 2.95 x 2.95 x 6.69 inches

Enjoy the dual focus capability and the 8X magnification. It has a wide objective diameter of 40mm. Also, it offers a super quality light transmission aided by the multicoated optics that is fog proof and water proof. Sports enthusiasts should opt for this monocular as it is single hand operated. Also, it is suitable for bad -watching, concerts, fishing, and traveling. Other specs include weight 8.5ounces, an 800m field of view, 6mm eye lens diameter and the product is six by 2 inches. So, this is an ideal optic device for any outdoor activity.

3. Authentic ROXANA Grip Scope – High Definition WIDE VIEW Monocular

  • Brand: ROXANT
  • Item Weight: 7.8 ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 5.5 x 2 x 2 inches

This is one of the renowned spotting scopes. It features a true 6 X30 viewing. It is compact and durable perfect for harshest outdoor has a sturdy design that features all high-end glass optics to produce superior quality images. It features a molded grip that provides a steady one hand operation. Unlike most of its competitors, it has high definition optical glass and premium multicoated all-glass lens that guarantees superior clarity at any weather condition. Also, it features a retractable eye cup for use with or without glasses. It has a magnification of 6, 10 and 12X. However, the 6X magnification is easier and practical. It is an ideal monocular in target shooting, hunting, hiking, nature watching and all other recreational activities.

2. ROXANT High Definition Mini Monocular Pocket Scope

  • Brand: ROXANT
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Item Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 1.5 inches

Even by the look of it, you would certainly love it. It has a compact design, but it is very powerful. It is small in size enough to fit a pocket or a purse. It features high definition optical glasses with multicoated optics to allow superior light transmission for optimal clarity. Also, it has molded grips that enable a one hand holding and operation. It is water and fog proof, therefore, ideal for all outdoor activities including water sports. You won’t find a superior quality and a better designed monocular than this one.

1. Polaris Explorer 12X50 High Powered Monocular

  • Brand: Polaris Optics
  • Item Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Item Dimensions: 4.1 x 7.9 x 9.4 inches

The slogan here is power, distance, and clarity. Powerful magnification of 12X 50 means that you can see any object 12 times closer. The 50 mm lens guarantees you of crystal clear images. Truly speaking, this is the most powerful handheld monocular in all the world’s markets today. It comes with an external armoring and a tripod stand that provides a secure non-grip and durable external protection. The tripod also enables steady hands-free viewing. It doesn’t give any chance for internal fogging as it is fog and water resistant. It is the ultimate way of bird watching, wildlife, and scenery. Also, you will enjoy a lifetime warranty once you decide to have this outstanding monocular. It is indeed the best.

We cannot enjoy much living on this planet without engaging in outdoor activities. But, without a device that allows you to view distant objects, the whole idea would make no sense. A monocular comes in and brightens your life by enabling you to do bird watching, scenery, wildlife among other outdoor activities. However, not all monocular are worth every penny. It is always a noble idea to purchase something that fulfills all your needs. Fortunately, you can pick the best monocular from our list above. They are the top 10 best monoculars in 2019 reviews.

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