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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Shoes For Men in 2019 Reviews

Whether you want to replace your old worn out shoes or just want to venture into other waters of comfort, performance and trail riding experience, here is the best place to be. Come and explore all that you want since we have compiled a great variety of mountain bike shoes for men. Perhaps you are women and worried that you don’t have your choice. Just don’t be selfish to your boyfriend. You can surprise him with a gift. To cut the long story, here comes the list of the top 10 best mountain bike shoes for men in 2019 reviews for you to select your best.

10. Tommaso Montagna Mountain Bike Shoe

 Tommaso Montagna Mountain Bike Shoe

  • By: Tommaso

If you are a cycler, of course, you will need to have the best mountain bike shoes for men if that is your gender. One thing about the shoes is that they are designed to suit what they do and hence are the best for biking. When you get the same product, you get the factory value, and that means a great benefit for you when it comes to the cost of getting the shoes. On the specs, the product comes with a fiberglass reinforced sole that is suitable for providing you with the optimal stiffness that you will need for biking and for striking the pedals while on the ride.

The technology involved in the design of the same product is useful when it comes to riding, and hence you can ride for a long while spending less energy. The shoes are comfortable, and you will feel good to wear it the whole day without feeling any irritation or discomfort. The ventilated mesh helps in cooling your feet and hence making the shoes more valuable.

9. Gavin off Road Mountain Bike Shoes

Gavin off Road Mountain Bike Shoes

  • By: Gavin

These are the best type of mountain bike shoes for men, and if you are looking for one that is compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, and SPD-R cleats, then these are your best choices available. The hooks and loop straps closure is one of the other features that come with the shoes and hence you should get them if you want to have and enjoy the same features. Another benefit that you get is the value that comes with the best price. Therefore, you will find it affordable and hence you will not strain much with your budget.

The other thing that we need to mention the features is the synthetic microfiber leather that comes with the breathable mesh. Therefore, if you want to have the comfort during all your ride, then you can choose to get yourself this awesome shoes. When it comes to riding, you will find the shoes comfortable enough as we mentioned as they also come with the lightweight design hence you will not feel pinched. The stiff nylon fiberglass is another feature to note as it makes the sole to resist flex for power transfer when riding your bike.

8. Shimano Men’s SH-M089L Mountain Bike Shoe

Shimano Men's SH-M089L Mountain Bike Shoe

  • By: Shimano

This mountain bike shoe is one of the best on the market, and you will find them suitable for your riding. The shoe comes with a price that you can afford and is worth the value that comes with the design. Therefore, you need not hesitate if this is the best mountain bike shoes for men that impresses you and you can afford it. The synthetic material is what makes the product and hence is the best for your needs. That means the product does not only offer value but is also durable and can last you for a long time.

As we mentioned, the upper material that forms or makes the product is the synthetic leather and mesh. Therefore, you will not complain at any point while using these shoes since they are comfortable enough with the ventilation that comes with it. The hook-and-loop cross-x ratchet is another feature that comes with the product. The cushion forms the foot-bed making the product more comfortable than you can imagine. The sole is made of rubber, and hence the overall value of the product is something that you cannot imagine.

7. Shimano Men’s Mountain Cycling Shoes

Shimano Men's Mountain Cycling Shoes

  • By: Shimano

Here is another set of the best mountain bike shoes for men and if you need the same, you have got this valuable type that comes with the best and affordable cost. As you can see the design, you will attest to the fact that the shoes of excellent quality and hence can give you the results that you want for your ride. When it comes to the issue of durability, you would not want to imagine getting the best mountain bike shoes that you can use until you are tired of them.

The shoes feature excellent qualities that make it awesome and to function well and hence is the best for your riding. The durable rubber tread is the best feature that comes with this product as it offers excellent traction and comfort while walking. The fiberglass reinforced, polyamide midsole is one of the features that balance the stiffness with the compliance. Therefore, these are the best mountain bike shoes for men that you will find carrying great value and quality. The stretch-resistant, supple, and the mesh upper are also the features to note.

6. Shimano XC31 Mountain Bike Shoes for Men

Shimano XC31 Mountain Bike Shoes for Men

  • By: Shimano

This is another Shimano brand type that comes with valuable features. The product is made from high-quality leather, and if that is what you are looking for on the market, then you just found it. The product comes with high quality, and you can just know of its value and the durability that comes with it. The mud-shedding polyurethane outsole is the best for performance and excellent riding. Therefore, if you have just discovered the need to get yourself one of the same types, then you have not to hesitate since these shoes are of remarkable quality and strength.

With the fiberglass reinforced nylon sole that comes as one of the features of these best mountain bike shoes for men, this type come to enhance your ride and make it enjoyable. The balance of stiffness and the compliance is what you need when riding and that serves to reduce the energy that you apply on the pedals while achieving great results. The synthetic leather and supple feature is another thing that you have to enjoy when you have this great product and is, therefore, the best thing to purchase.

5. Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike Shoes for Men

Zol Predator MTB Mountain Bike Shoes for Men

  • By: Zol

This product is just adorable from the appearance sight of it. Of course, the attractiveness that comes with the product translates to the quality of the shoes come with valuable features making the shoes excellent for great performance. The 2-bolt cleat compatibility is one of the features that we can mention about these shoes and hence you need to enjoy the same for your biking needs. The other thing is the cost and what I can say about it is that the product is just worth the price that comes with it.

The other features include the no stitching mesh leather front make the shoes comfortable for great performance and hence you need to get the same for your needs if you are looking for the best mountain bike shoes for men. The shoes are comfortable to wear ventilated to ensure that you do not get irritated by them while you are biking. In addition to that, the product is lightweight, and hence you can easily carry them along with you wherever you go with your bike. In a nutshell, these shoes are the best and of great quality. In addition to that, the shoes come with the best quality that lasts.

4. Shimano SH-ME7 Multi-Condition Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano SH-ME7 Multi-Condition Mountain Bike Shoes

  • By: Shimano

Of course, you already know about this brand and the reputation that comes with its products. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the quality that comes with it, then you must make a choice and get to acquire the same. The incredible blend of durable quality materials and the unsurpassed grip makes the shoes great for biking. The same ensures that you enjoy your biking. If you love mountain biking and you do not have the shoes for the same, then you need to redefine why you love the same, yet you are not in to make it enjoyable.

When we summarize, all that you need is comfort, durability, and performance. Perhaps you also need to get the best shoes that are attractive, but the main ones are the ones that we mentioned. That means you need to get the product with high-quality design materials and ventilation among other features. For this wonderful option, the speed laces, the Velcro, and the neoprene ankle collars are all the features that make this product great for its function. The extra cushioning in on the insole makes the product more comfortable and hence enhancing performance.

3. Five Ten Men’s Kestrel Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Men's Kestrel Mountain Bike Shoes

  • By: Five Ten

Five Ten is a brand that is equipped with fantastic best mountain bikes for men that comes this year. The best thing about the shoes is that they come with high quality best design and you will always admire to wear them when you have. That means you should not stay to covet the experience that you can have the same shoes, yet you can afford. Do not see your friends enjoying themselves while biking and you can get yourself the best mountain bike shoes of the season.

The other feature to mention here is that the shoes come with quality that makes it suit the biking needs as you will find them compatible with any SPD pedal. Therefore, if you need a high fashion and quality craftsmanship shoes that you can afford, then you are obliged to get into this type of which you will like everything and experience that come with it. Apart from the performance features and design, you will always enjoy the comfort that comes with these shoes as they will offer you an ultimate experience for your biking needs.

2. Giro Carbide Men’s R Bike Shoes

Giro Carbide Men's R Bike Shoes

  • By: Giro

As you will note, these shoes come with high-quality design and they are the best for everyone who is looking for the best mountain bike shoes for men on the market. The good thing about the shoes is that you will like the comfort, design, and everything that comes with it even including the color. Of course, you have the option to choose if you are not attracted to the bright colors. That means you can go with same design with a dull color.

On the features of the material that makes the shoes, you will not only find it durable but also the best and comfortable to wear. Here, the product comes with the upper material being the synthetic leather. When it comes to the closure, the shoes come with hook and loop straps, and hence you will find it easy to adjust to fit your leg and without causing any strain while you are on the ride. The sole for these shoes are made of co-molded nylon and rubber and also come with cleat compatibility.

1. Shimano SH-XC51 Men’s Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano SH-XC51 Men's Mountain Bike Shoes

  • By: Shimano

As a trail rider, you need not compromise on the shoes that you wear since you must get the best experience. Since riding or biking is an adventure, you would not want to make it taste like you are punishing yourself. That is to say, you need to have the best mountain bike shoes for men and this choice brings you with an exact match that will give you excellent performance.

On the design, the shoes utilize the best quality materials and hence you will enjoy not only the comfort but also the performance and durability. That means if you are to get the best mountain bike shoes for men that you can afford, the ones that will last, and the ones that will be comfortable for every ride, then this option is just inevitable. The upper material design is made of high-quality synthetic leather, and fiberglass polyamide reinforced sole. The closure system is made of micro-adjust buckle and hook and loop hence is the best for your biking.

Mountain bike shoes for men buying advice

As a man, you need clear guidance on how to go about your shopping for the best mountain bike shoes that will suit your needs. Due to the huge variety and hundreds of brands, thousands of types, there is a need to invest in knowledge so that you will not live to be a testimony of what does not work. With this guide, you are safe and covered. Therefore, these are the factors that you need to look into when selecting your mountain bike shoes:

  • Sole strength and flexibility
  • Ventilation and comfort
  • Durability of the shoes
  • Size and budget

Sole strength and flexibility

Flexibility is what everyone needs but you should not forget about performance. Getting a product that is just flexible but does not yield results is a waste of time and resources. Therefore, you need to have the best shoes that are designed to offer the best quality regarding the sole features and the flexibility that comes with it. The product should not be too flexible but should also provide some toughness for performance.

Ventilation and comfort

It can be irritating to have closed shoes that do not allow air inside yet they are meant for adventure or sports. The shoe should come with the ability to allow the circulation of air, and that is the feature to check when selecting your mountain biking shoes. The shoes should come with proper ventilation to make you feel comfortable throughout your biking.

Durability of the shoes

The other factor to check is the quality of the shoe, the materials that make the design, and the overall strength of the shoes. Is the outer cover strong enough to last? Is the sole durable? The questions that I have just posted should help you meet the right product that is not only durable on the cover but the one that lasts like a whole shoe.

Size and budget

Different people use different sizes, and that calls for the need to consider the size that comes with the shoe. Of course, shoes come with numbers and hence is easy to identify the type that will fit your feet well. This feature is a must since you cannot force yourself into something that is not fit for you.


This is the guide that comes to give you the insights and the information about the different types of biking shoes for men. The guide is not only suitable for men but for anyone since as women, you will get the best gift idea to your lovely friend or husband.

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