Top 10 Best Obd2 Scanners in 2019 Reviews

On-board diagnostic tools, commonly referred to as OBD2 Scanners, are devices that use sensors to read and display vital information about your car’s engine. Unlike a few decades ago when these tools were a mechanics thing,’ most drivers today own one or 2 in their tool boxes. This easily affordable device can save you an incredible amount of bucks by diagnosing a problem that you can easily fix in the absence of the mechanic.

Considerations before buying an obd2 scanner

Information and display- this is the primary reason why you need a scanner. It should be able to not only read the generic and manufacturer trouble codes but also give you the meaning.

Portability and storage- an OBD-II scanner needs to be of compact size. You should be able to carry it in your tool box without displacing other tools.

Diagnostic features- while the price isn’t the only determinant of quality, scan tools with numerous diagnostic features always come at a higher price. As such, it’s always advisable to spend a little bit more for a tool that will be of much help.

These are some of best and highly rated OBD2 Scanners on Amazon this year.

10. ELM327 Wi-Fi OBD2 Auto Diagnostic Scanner – Obd2 Scanners

  • By: ELM327
  • Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.2 x 2 inches

ELM327 is a cost-effective tool that will save you a considerable amount of bucks and repair time. It’s compatible with US cars of between 1996 and 2010. Amazingly, it also works perfectly well with some models dating 1994 and 1995. ELM327 is a dependable and reliable tool that will help read fuel consumption, intake manifold pressure, EVAP System Vapor Pressure, Calculated Engine Load, Engine Coolant Temp, RPM, Speed, and Mass Air Flow amongst other parameters. The good news is that ELM327 has Wi-Fi and can, therefore, connect remotely to your iOS, Smartphone, and PC.


  • It comes with a CD full of understandable instructions
  • It has reliable diagnostics


  • It’s difficult getting an App to operate with it without spending some bucks.

9. iKKEGOL Wireless OBD-II Diagnostics Scanner Tool


  • By: iKKEGOL
  • Item Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 6 x 1 inches


This diagnostics scanner tool lets you convert your Apple PC, iOS, and Android device into a maintenance-cost-saving gadget. Uniquely, iKKEGOL does not require any power supply. You just need to connect it to your car and be able to identify what the trouble is within no time. This is an extremely versatile wireless scanner tool that will do well with any automotive that supports OBD2 standards. Moreover, this gadget works quite well with several apps and connects easily.


  • It works well with any vehicle that supports OBD2
  • It supports an array of apps


  • It keeps losing its connection at times which could be a letdown.

8. Ancel AD310 Enhanced Universal OBD II Scan Tool


  • By: ANCEL
  • Item Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 7.1 x 2.3 inches


Behind the classic design featured by Ancel AD310 waits a professional automotive pro to diagnose all error codes in your car’s engine. This scan tool has straightforward functionalities. In fact, a beginner will be able to use it with just a few instructions. It doesn’t require powering so you’ll not be looking for batteries in the middle of nowhere. Ancel AD310 will do with all Asian, 1996 US-based and 2000 EU-based vehicles. Even better, this is a universal scan tool offering its services in several languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, and Portuguese.


  • It’s easy to use
  • It has 3 years warranty


  • Do not clear all the codes

7. Foseal Wi-Fi OBD2 Scanner


  • By: 
  • Item Weight: 
  • Product Dimensions: 


Easily check your Long Term Fuel Trim, Coolant Temperature, Vehicle Speed, Timing Advance, and Intake Air Temperature with this smart scanner. This is a professional grade tool with a less than 20 dollars price tag. It’s perfect for almost any US vehicle for model year 1996 or newer except Hybrid and Electric vehicles. It’s compatible with different smartphone devices and has incredibly easy operations.


  • It has versatile compatibility
  • It’s easy to operate


  • It works well with a few 3rd party apps

6. Hikeren Wi-Fi Wireless OBD2 Scanner


  • By: Hikeren
  • Item Weight: 0.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.2 x 1 inches


When the Check Engine Light flickers, all you need is this Hikeren wireless OBD2 scanner and your iOS or Android device ready. It has been designed to detect your car’s engine system and read and clear all the trouble codes. This Hikeren OBD2 scanner is able to read generic and manufacture-specific diagnostic trouble codes. Additionally, it goes ahead to explain the meaning of the codes, clear them and turn off the Check Engine Light. Amongst some of the problems it will be able to trouble shoot include Intake Manifold Pressure, Vehicle Speed, Short Term Fuel Trim, and Absolute Throttle Position amongst others.


  • It has over 3000 generic codes meanings in its database
  • You can return for a full return


  • It doesn’t support many protocols

5. OBDLink LX 427201 Bluetooth for Android and Windows


  • By: ScanTool
  • Item Weight: 1.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 0.9 x 2 inches


OBDLink LX 427201 could be the smallest diagnostic scan tool ever made. Its compact size won’t occupy the driver’s legroom. It works well with all 1996+ US-based vehicles and light trucks. Notably, unlike other scan tools that are known for draining your car’s battery even when switched off, this one goes to sleep once you turn off the engine. Again, this scanner uses Bluetooth to connect to your Android or Windows gadgets. Moreover, its Bluetooth communication link is protected using strong encryption that can’t be easily hacked.


  • It doesn’t drain your battery
  • Its compact sized


  • It doesn’t work on iOS gadgets

4. Innova 3030g Diagnostic Scan Tool


  • By: Innova
  • Item Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 2 inches


The compact size design featured in this scan tool makes it easy for you to have it in your tool box for that time when the Check Engine light illuminates. This excellently designed tool has an easily readable LCD screen with a patented all-in-one display that highlights 25 pieces of important information at once. This is what you need for your car, SUV, light truck, and minivan, domestic or foreign, manufactured after 1996. Inova 3030g will alert you of several engine conditions including engine coolant temperatures and fuel trim.


  • The manufacturer has excellent customer care support in both English and Spanish
  • It’s all-in-one screen display makes it easy to use


  • It has problems reading some 1996 and 1997 vehicles

3. BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool


  • By: Lemur Vehicle Monitors
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches


BlueDriver is a professional-grade scan tool designed to save you expensive trips to the mechanic every time your car runs into a problem. It has been trusted by mechanics for long thanks to its reliability. To your luck, you won’t go hunting for 3rd party Apps to run it. It comes with its own. BlueDriver is a Bluetooth OBDII scanner that has been licensed and certified for use with Android and Apple gadgets. This handheld scan tool draws its reliability from a database with over 4.3 million verified and certified fixes.


  • You get free App updates
  • It’s handheld and easily portable


  • It’s pricey

2. Autel MaxiScan MS300 Diagnostic Scan Tool


  • By: Autel
  • Item Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 2 x 9.1 inches


When your vehicle develops some engine hiccups, the last thing you want to do is to fidget with a million and one buttons. It’s for that reason that Autel has developed a 2-buttons only scanner that offers speedy diagnostics super fast. Their MaxiScan MS300 scan tool works with almost all US, Asian, and European OBD2 compliant cars manufactured after 1996. This device is packed with over 7000 trouble codes and their meanings. Furthermore, it’s more than a scan tool. It can also retrieve Vehicle Identification Number on 2002+ and vehicles.


  • It has multilingual menu
  • It retrieves VIN


  • It may not work well with some vehicles

1. BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth Scan Tool


  • By: BAFX Products
  • Item Weight: 2.9 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: NA


This Bluetooth tool by BAFX Products is currently the best selling on Amazon. It’s also the most highly rated so far. Past users confirm that this tool does what it’s meant to do. Like other OBD2 tools, it’s compatible with 1996+ US vehicles. It beats most of its competitors through its unbelievable 2 years warranty and its super easy setup. This tool connects easily with 3rd party apps. You can get a list of the most reliable apps from the manufacturer.


  • You get top notch customer care support
  • It has 2-years warranty


  • It loses connection with several 3rd party apps

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