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Top 10 Best Pantry Cabinets in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best pantry cabinets? Indeed, you have landed safely on this page that gets you informed on the best pantry cabinets that are available on the market. One thing that you gain from this page is that you get the different product types and brands that top on the market and this makes your selection easy and simple. Therefore, with the top 10 best pantry cabinets available on the list, then you will surely match the right choice for your needs.

Here is the part to concentrate your energy to find the right product that will serve you well. Of course, the top ten list means you have all the best variety of your choice and is up to you to pick the best according to what you want to achieve with your product. Therefore, the following are the top best pantry cabinets available on the market:

10. Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet

 Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet

  • By: Prepac
  • Item Weight: 126 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 32 x 65 inches

Here is a 32-inch cabinet with every best feature that you need to consider when you want to acquire the best pantry cabinet. Just by the look of things, this cabinet seems attractive to the eye and thus suitable for you. The cabinet comes with two doors and other features that you will surely fall in love with. With the same features, the cabinet thus suits different purposes including the kitchen, bedroom, and office among other uses. Therefore, you should not hesitate to acquire this great product that comes with attractive and impressive features.

The construction that comes with the same if from high-quality laminate wood and the white melanin doors. In addition to that, the product comes with one fixed and two adjustable shelves. You will also need to note that the product needs assembly. In that connection, and with all the features that we have mentioned, this cabinet is just right for your needs and choice.

9. Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendal White Cabinet

Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendal White Cabinet

  • By: Ameriwood
  • Item Weight: 95 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 24 x 75 inches

As you can see from the image, this cabinet comes with white color and is thus attractive for the lovers of the same. If you are a white color type, then you can grab this awesome option that will surely be your awesome asset either in your bedroom, living room or even for office use. With many shelves included, this cabinet is the right storage for keeping the kitchen pantry and any other thing that you may like. Therefore, you need to make a point of acquiring this awesome pantry cabinet.

The features of this product include the incorporation of the two fixed shelves and the three adjustable ones. Therefore, you can always find it suitable for storing everything that you want. With the same feature, you can easily customize your storage to fit your needs. The other feature is the armor coat protection on the surface ensures that the cabinet resists damage by water, scratch, and stains among other things.

8. Homecharm White Pantry Storage Cabinet

Homecharm White Pantry Storage Cabinet

  • By: Homecharm
  • Product Dimensions: 23.8 x 11.8 x 72.2 inches

If you are in want for the best cabinet on the market, then with this type, you have the best spacious cabinet that suits your pantry needs. From the features that we can see with the product, you will find the cabinet coming with four doors thus is more than enough for your needs. Therefore, you can acquire the cabinet for your office, bedroom, utility room, or kitchen among other places that you can find the product useful.

The common features that we should mention regarding this excellent cabinet should include the incorporation of the two adjustable and removable cabinets, white body, and wood veneer top among other features. One other thing that should come to your knowledge is that the cabinet requires assembly and that will not cost you much since the same process is just simple. In addition to that, the product comes with high-quality material design and thus can last for long.

7. Home Styles 5022-69 Pantry Cabinet

Home Styles 5022-69 Pantry Cabinet

  • By: Home Styles
  • Item Weight: 146 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 30 x 71.5 inches

Here is one of the best pantry cabinets that you have on the market, and you need to consider the same if you are looking for the best. As you can see from the image, this product is just the best and is spacious enough to suit your needs. Therefore, you need to consider the same so that you can get the best pantry cabinet that will not disappoint. The product comes with the white finish and thus is attractive and elegant for your décor needs if you should achieve the same.

Features that I find impressive with this pantry cabinet is the engineered hard wood of high quality. Thus, durability is a guarantee. Some of the inner features that should also be the top considerations to check include the number of cabinets and shelves. Here, this cabinet comes with storage drawer, with shelves at the top, the drawer at the middle as you can see, and the shelves below the drawer. Therefore, space is not something to bother you much when it comes to this cabinet design.

6. Sauder Soft White Finish Pantry Cabinet

Sauder Soft White Finish Pantry Cabinet

  • By: Sauder
  • Item Weight: 73 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 30 x 71 inches

The product as it sounds come with the soft white finish and this is very attractive. In that connection, you might need to use it in your living room, but I can assure you that the product is fit for any place that you can suit. Therefore, you need to make your choice right. One thing that I like about this product is the space that will not limit your storage. This pantry cabinet is the best option for your needs and thus can be the best option. Also, the product will not affect your budget since it is highly affordable.

The product comes with four adjustable shelves, and thus you can easily use it for your kitchen pantry among other storage needs. The other features to consider or coming with the product should include the full-width upper shelve to give you enough space for the large items that you may want to store. Also, the frame and the panel doors are also available, and thus you will surely adore this great product.

5. South Shore Storage Pantry Cabinet

South Shore Storage Pantry Cabinet

  • By: South Shore
  • Item Weight: 66 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 11 x 61.9 inches

If you are not a white lover, then here comes the best product with exactly opposite the white color. With the dark color as it is, the pantry cabinet is still attractive, and you will just fall in love with it for your storage needs. Of course, the color as it sounds from the image is pure black. The product features four adjustable shelves, and five closed storage spaces thus are the right choice product for your storage needs. Of course, you can choose where to place this awesome cabinet depending on your needs.

Some features that we should highlight so that you can easily make your comparison on the products that we have included the availability in different finishes including the marble cherry, pure white, royal cherry, and chocolate finish among others. Therefore, you need to make the right choice and acquire the right best cabinet pantry that will work for your kitchen, office, bedroom, or utility rooms among other places.

4. Sauder Double Door Pantry Cabinet

Sauder Double Door Pantry Cabinet

  • By: Sauder
  • Item Weight: 137 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35.4 x 17 x 71.2 inches

Here is still one of the best pantry cabinets that come with an economy and valuable features. The fact that I mention economy means that you can easily acquire the product since the budget or the cost that comes with it is manageable. As you can see, the cabinet is large enough to accommodate all your needs. In this case, whether you want to use it for kitchen pantry or any other thing that you can see fit, the product is just enough for everything that you can think of. Therefore, you need to make the right choice.

The features to mention include the availability of the double and deep storage area, the swing-out doors that come on the left and the right, multiple and adjustable shelves among other features. Therefore, this product is just the right choice that you need to make and acquire for you to enjoy the great and excellent quality product. With all the attractiveness, this product suits every need whether kitchen, living room or utility room among others.

3. System Build Flynn Wooden Pantry Cabinet

System Build Flynn Wooden Pantry Cabinet

  • By: SystemBuild
  • Item Weight: 70 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 12.5 x 59.7 inches

What sounds from this product is the excellent wood design that you will always admire. With only two doors, this product is the best for your needs if you just need the simple, elegant design that comes with the right price. Therefore, this product gives you the right way to stay organized with your things. Whether it is for the kitchen, utility room, or bedroom among other places, I can assure you that this product is the right storage cabinet that will suit all your storage needs.

The Ameriwood design and quality guarantee us of the durability that we get with this best pantry cabinet. With the classic lines and the white finish, this cabinet is elegant and attractive thus suitable for your needs. One other thing about this product that will be of great benefit when it comes to storage is the average space that gives you room enough to store up your things.

2. STERILITE 01423V01 Pantry Cabinet

STERILITE 01423V01 Pantry Cabinet

  • Item Weight: 41 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.9 x 25.6 x 69.4 inches

This cabinet comes with four shelves and thus is the best suitable option for your needs. The heavy-duty construction and the attractive design make this product one of the top designs that you can find valuable on the market. Therefore, if you want to have the best with this great product, then you should make your mind up and acquire the same. Of course, the price that comes with this product is just manageable, and you can easily acquire it.

The other features that we should mention and are the ones making this pantry cabinet one of the best on the market include the adjustable shelves among other features. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the best quality product, then you need to have this great product. With an attractive black finish, you will find it suitable for your choice if you are the lover kind of the dark colors.

1. Altra Furniture Carver Pantry Cabinet

Altra Furniture Carver Pantry Cabinet

  • By: Altra Furniture
  • Item Weight: 110 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 15.4 x 31.5 x 64.2 inches

Best pantry cabinets come with the best features, and this type is not an exception. One thing that strikes among the features is the size that will be spacious enough for your needs. Whether you want to use it for your office, home, or any other place that you find fit, I can tell you for sure that the product is the right option for that purpose. With the dark black finish, you will find it attractive if you are the dark lover just as I am.

With all the elegant features that this product boasts about, of course, you will not have any reason to hesitate to have this brand type. If want to declutter your room and make it look cozy, then you need to have the perfect product that will make you achieve the same with ease. The product is both large, beautiful, affordable, and practical. Therefore, you need the same for your office or home. One other thing that I should remind you is that, despite all the quality, space, and value that you get with this product, you will still find it affordable thus suitable for your budget.

In summary, you need to acquire one of the best pantry cabinets that come here on this list if you are to enjoy value and quality. Of course, all of them fits to be the right choice for your needs but since we have different desires, I am sure you cannot miss finding the most suitable option.

Pantry cabinets buying advice
When you are going to buy the best pantry cabinet on the market, the first thing is that you need to stay informed on the market trends regarding the product. Of course, you should consider every factor and feature so that you get the best product that will work with no stress. In that connection, by considering every fact right, you gain the understanding of the product features and with that; I can assure you that you can spend the least time getting the right product that matches with your needs. Therefore, some few things that you should ensure that you check out include the following:

  • Space
  • Durability
  • The finish type
  • Design and style


Just like any other consideration that you can make, for this product, you need to check on the space, and that refers to the capacity of the cabinet to accommodate all that you want to store in it. Therefore, space is of an essence to consider as one of the factors. Here, and depending on the purpose or what you will want to store with this product, you will have to make a choice based on the same. If you want the large and spacious cabinet for that matter, then you can easily locate the one on the list. If you need the economy type, of course, all are available.


You also need to pick the right cabinet that will last. The product that you will need to pick here should have or come with the right materials and quality. Of course, the quality is what enhances the longevity of the product and is a critical thing to consider. In this case, you need to know also that the product that you are going to acquire should give you the right value for your money. Therefore, with the durable product that can last, you get back that value that you need.

The finish type

Some other things that you might need to consider are the finish type that comes with the product. If you need the most attractive finishes for beauty, then you will find the same just in from the list. Of course, the list is full of all sorts and types of cabinets to give you room to make the right choice. Therefore, you should pick the type that comes with the attractiveness that you want to achieve. I know that you have noticed the fact that the different products available on this guide come with different designs and finishes. Therefore, you cannot fail to match with the right choice suitable for your needs.

Design and style

The pantry cabinets’ design on this guide varies from one product to another. Of course, the same is to fit the different needs of the different people. Therefore, depending on what you want to achieve with your cabinet, you are free to choose the type suitable for the same. Here, you will find that some of the products or pantry cabinets for that matter come with designs that make them play other different roles apart from storage. For instance, some cabinet designs are useful when it comes to storage and at the same time can be used as benches. Therefore, depending on your style, you can find a suitable product matching those needs and purposes.

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