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Top 10 Best Paper Shredders in 2019 Reviews

Have you ever dumped your documents carelessly and accidentally the documents were collected by people you would never want them to see such documents? Or have you heard situations where documents with classified information leaked and later they spread all over the web and the repercussions were so terrible? Such situations motivated the development of papers shredders. A paper shredder is a tool made to help you to destroy private and classified documents that are so sensitive. They are perfect for office use, but also at home. Luckily, papers shredders are affordable and are available in different sizes and with different functionalities. When buying a paper shredder, the following are the critical factors to consider, the cut type, safety features, capacity, and versatility. Our analysis experts reviewed most of what we have in the market and came up with these top 10 best paper shredders in 2019 reviews

10. Fellowes 79Ci Paper-16 Sheet & Credit Cards Shredder

Does the paper shredder’s noise irritate you? Relax; Fellowes have got you covered with this paper shredder. There are many reasons why you will love this unit. First, it has a 100 percent jam proof system, a rare feature. Secondly, it is ultra-quiet, making it perfect for shared workplaces. You can shred, papers, CDS/DVD and credit cards, paper clips and staples. It is designed for active offices, where the workload is high, with tough jobs.

9. Bonsaii DocShred C560-D 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

This Bonsai paper shredder is designed to help you keep your privacy both at home and in office by offering you a hassle free way of destroying private and classified documents. It does not fill up quickly as it comes with a 4 gallons wastebasket, and there is a window so you will easily notice when it is filling. It has a well-built handle design, making it easy to dispose of waste. It has a shredding speed of up to 6.2 feet/minute, and its entry allows in papers of up to 8.7 inches. It has a thermal protection system and a jam clearing system.

8. Aurora AS810SD 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Shredder

If you are looking for a way to protect yourself from identity theft, then consider investing in this paper shredder. It can shred up to 8 sheets at ago, with a shredding speed of up to 9.7 feet/minute. You can also shred credit cards and CDs. It has a wastebasket with a capacity of 4.5 gallons; hence, you will take long before emptying the shredded waste. It has an impressive design and measures 13 x 7 x 13 inches, hence space economical.

7. Fellowes 99Ci. 18 -Sheet Capacity, Cross Cut Shredder

Fellowes designed this paper shredder purposely for offices and homes where there are high workload and tough jobs. It has a 100 percent jam proof system that eliminates any paper jam and makes this unit perfect for tough jobs. It is quiet; with superior performance hence you will find it useful even in shared offices. You can shred papers, paper clips, staples, DVDs, and CDs effortlessly.

6. Fellowes 3103201 Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Paper & Credit Card Cross-Cut Shredder

With this paper shredder, you can shred up to 11 papers each pass. You can shred papers, staples, clips and credits cards effortlessly. It is perfect for home and office use when you want a sure way to guarantee you security from identity theft that can ruin your life. The shredded particles are very small, (5/32 inches x 2 inches) such that no one can join the dots. it is also space economical as it doesn’t consume a lot of space.

5. AmazonBasics 8 Sheet Paper, Credit Cards, Cds&Dvds Shredder

Just as the name suggests, this paper shredder from AmazonBasics, can shred up to 8 papers per pass. Apart from papers, you can shred credit cards, CDS, and DVDs, but only when you put one by one. To clear paper jams, you can either auto start or do a manual reverse. It comes with a 3-gallon pullout bin, so you will not have to empty it every day. It has a wide paper feed and a thermal protection system to mitigate chances of the shredder breaking down, due to excess heat.

4. Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12 Sheets, CDs & DVDs, Credit cards Shredder

Enhance your privacy with this Bonsaii DocShred C156-D paper shredder. A cross-cut paper shredder which can shred up to 12 sheets at ago. The shredded papers measure 5 x 45 mm, which no on can read. Not only can you destroy your private and classified papers and files, but also you can use this shredder to destroy credit cards, DVD, CDs, staples, and clips. Unlike other shredders that have no easy way to solve paper jams, this shredder has an auto-start and reverse capability to clear paper jams. It also comes with 5.5-gallon waste bucket, hence no need for frequent emptying.

3. AmazonBasics 6 Sheet Shredder, Paper, Credit Cards.

There are many reasons why the AmazonBasic 6-sheet paper shredder is a bestseller. It is easy to use and offer you the much-needed privacy and documents privacy. It enjoys massive positive reviews and has over 3,700 genuine customers reviews. These are a big boost to the products reputation. This cross-cut shredder has a capacity of 6 sheets at ago, making it one of the best for home use. The papers are cut into very tiny pieces, and it is easy to clear paper jams.

2. Amazon Basics 12 Sheet Shredder, Papers, CD/DVDs & Credit cards Shredder

There is no other paper shredder that has over 6,500 customers’ reviews on Amazon, except this one. Even with all these reviews, it still manages to get a high positive rating. So if you want a paper shredder that has been tried and tested and has stood the test of time, then this is the best deal. It has a 12-sheet capacity and offers you the best way to destroy CDs, DVDs, and credits cards, one by one. It is easy to use and has an auto start and manual reverse functionalities to clear paper jams.

1. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut, Papers, CDS/DVDS & Credit Cards Shredder

Another bestseller and positively reviewed paper shredder is this one by AmazonBasics. It has an 8-sheet capacity and can shred DVDs, CDs and credit cards one at a time. Its shredding rate is very high, and the papers are cut into tiny portions, that one can use to connect the dots. Just like other shredders from this manufacturer, you can auto start or use manual reverse to clear any paper jams that occur during shredding. It has a 3.2-gallon wastebasket that doesn’t fill up quickly.

With these reviews, we hope you will make a wise decision next time you want to acquire a new paper shredder. Before investing your heard earned money, carefully, assess the features and capabilities of each brand.

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