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Top 10 Best Pet Dryers in 2019 reviews

When you have a pet dog or cat, it forms part of the family. Therefore, it is important to take care of it to avoid complications and make it beautiful. Many times people do not understand the importance of grooming their pets. You will find they have rough hair coats, yet there is equipment designed to keep your dog hair dry and smooth. A pet dryer is a device similar to human hair dryers only that they are designed for pet fur. They are larger and produce less noise than hair dryers produce. Now, in this review, we are going to look on the top 10 best pet dryers in 2019. It will assist you to identify the ideal one for your pet.

10. Go Pet Club for Dogs and Cats, Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

Drying your pets should not be a headache anymore, pet club grooming hair dryer is designed for a stylish drying. It has a faster drying ability thus no much time is used when grooming your pet. It comes with two adjustable speeds as well as two adjustable temperature controls. If your pet is noise phobic, the machine is suitable as it has low noise production. The device is durable as its hose is non-puncture. Power usage is 2400W and 110volts air speed. It is available in black color.

9. Metrovac’s Air Force Commander-Professional dog and cat Dryer

The equipment is one of most durable due to steel encasing. The user has the total control over the airflow thus maximum pet drying without a hitch. There is no stress when drying pets as the hosepipe is six feet long. The air filters are easy to change; the machine is portable, and it can be used vertically or horizontally. It has a power output of 4.0 horsepower allowing it to have an air intake volume of 130 CFM. Dual legs enhance the stability.

8. B-Air Dryers Bear Power 1 High-Velocity Pet Dryer

B-Air dryer Bear is a light and portable pet drying machine weighing 7.8lb. Its operation is superb as it has two motors enclosed to offer a quiet operation. The powerful motor is capable of heating the air up to 20F without a heating element. Air filters are easy to clean and maintain; it comes with 5bear filter replacement pack. Due to its power, it can be used to all type of dogs whether thin or thick coated; this is possible due to interchangeable nozzles. For easier carrying, it has an inbuilt handle.

7. Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer

There is need to worry about the space to store this device; it is compact, light and portable. Amazingly, the gadget reduces drying time by almost 70%. The body is made to last by use of rugged steel. It has a motor capable of producing 1.3horsepower and energy use of 120 volts. The air volume capacity is 18000feet per minute. Features include a 6ft hosepipe, nozzle, shoulders strap, hooks and conductor cords.

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6. Go Pet Club Dog Cat Pet Grooming Hair Double

Drying your pets has never been made easier than when using this dryer. It is designed for use under all weather conditions. Your pet is not going to look rough simply because it is winter. The device has 4motors with two adjustable speeds and two adjustable temperatures. The power output is adjustable and ranges between 700-3600W. It uses an AC of 110V while having an adjustable air speed of 20-80M/s. The heating capacity is 25-80f.

5. K-9 III High Velocity Blower and Dryer

If you have a dog with a thick coat, K-9 III High-Velocity Blower and Dryer is the machine to buy. It is manufactured with the capability to penetrate thick furs hence drying them efficiently. The machine has no heating appliances thus the motor generates hot air. It has a two-speed motor, steel body, and great air intake volume. You can choose your favorite color from a variety of 8 colors.

4. XPOWER B-55 pet dryer and vaccum-2HP brush motor

Things here are not complicated at all. With this dryer, your pet will always look stunning. It utilizes a 2 in 1 mechanism. Cleaning of machine made easy by incorporation of a vacuum. You can move with your machine from place to place due to its lightweight. Durability is enhanced by the construction using a heavy-duty ABS plastic. It is equipped with a powerful brush motor capable of generating 2hoursepoer. Also, it is a two speed, 5feet hose, and 3different types nozzles.

3. Metro Air Blaster with variable speed and 4.0HP

This heavy-duty dryer is designed for faster and efficient drying of your pet. No a lot of time is needed. It has water blasting capacity thus enhancing almost instant drying. To faster drying, it is featured with powerful motor producing 4.0hp, commercial class hose pipe, and varying nozzles. The steel body ensures its durability. When you buy, it comes with air flares and 12ft electrical cords.

2. Flying One High-Velocity Dryer with Heater and 4hp motor

On purchasing this dryer, you are guaranteed years of use without encountering a problem. The first aspect of durability is experienced through the casing material, which is made of steel. It is equipped with a long hose of 10ft, two nozzle, and filters that come with a 1-year warranty. It utilizes a powerful heavy-duty motor with 4.0hp generation. Voltage is 110V.

1. XPower 1/4 HP Brushless DC Moto with variable speed

This one is among the best pet dryers in the market. It is very efficient for all types of hair coats. It comes with a DC motor mounted on a hydraulically adjusted stand. The mast is held stable `by legs with wheels to allows easy mobility and maneuverability. To ensure ease of use the stand can rotate in 360 degrees angle. It is equipped with a rotating nozzle, 13ft power cord, and a ¼ hp motor.

If you have been using the sun or other crude methods to dry your pets’ hair coats, it is time to try a new method by acquiring a pet dryer. They are efficient and gentle on the skin and can be used at all times.

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