Top 10 Best Portable Jump Starters in 2019 Reviews

An experienced automotive owner knows that having all the necessary emergency tools in preparation for the worst is not optional. Vehicle and motorcycles are the best treasures we have around. But without the recommended repair and emergency tools, you may end up spending the night in the chilling cold as a result of a dead battery.

Get to think of getting late to important occasions as a result of your vehicle going off unexpectedly and failing to start completely on the road. I bet this is a nightmare you would never want to encounter.

That said, getting a quality portable jump starter from a stable market is your only way to avoid this. It is a must have tool for all vehicles. You will, at one time, need it to start your automotive the hard way. In a situation where your automotive’ battery fails to generate adequate peak amps to ignite the engine, a jump starter acts as a battery and comes with alligator clips that should be attached to your battery to boost it to a level where it can ignite the engine.

With different brands of portable jump starters flooding the market today, identifying the perfect product for your automotive becomes an upward task. Luckily, with us in the research sector, you need not fret. We have got everything that you need to know about a quality portable jump starter covered for you.

So, what are the factors to consider before deciding to purchase a particular brand? Let’s find out.

· Charge capacity

A quality jump starter should have a large current capacity. This ensures that you are always prepared for the worst in the best way possible. Sometimes, your automotive might fail to start for many times in a day. Being ready with sufficient charge ensures that you can always start as many times as possible.

· Weight and size

A good portable jump starter requires you to carry it everywhere you go. It is, therefore, necessary to go for a lightweight product. This ensures that it is easy to carry and store altogether. Vast and small brands are now available on the market. A little quality jump starter is easy to handle. It also requires less storage space as compared to the large brands.

· Does it come with additional utilities?

A quality jump starter should come with some other utilities like a compressor that could be useful in filling a deflated tire.

A quality jump starter combines durability, efficiency, high-charge storage and ease of operation to serve you in the best way possible.

Below is an analysis of the Top Ten Best Portable Jump Starters on the market this year, 2019.

10. Juno Power – Pocket-Size Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

This is just a pocket size device that is designed to be as portable as possible. It is not only good at charging a car battery but is also widely used to charge phones and other electronics. It has a dimension of 3*5.5*0.6 inches. It’s lightweight enough as it’s only twice the weight of a regular phone. It comes with a quality lithium polymer battery with a capacity of about 6000mAh that produces power enough for any automotive battery. It is compatible with a broad range of phone including, Samsun Galaxy S4, S3, S5: Nexus 4, HTC 1 just to mention a few.

9. Powergo “Unbelievably Portable” Car Battery Jump Starter.

Do you often drive along forests, deserts, and dark roads? Then this is the ideal product for you. It features an SOS light and an LED flashlight that ensure smooth handling of a breakdown past sunset. It comes with quality battery jumpers developed with a no recoil design as a safety measure which ensures that once the battery starts, power doesn’t flow to the battery thus avoiding an explosion. It comes with a lot of diversity in its charging as it has ports for charging laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices. It takes only 3 hours to get the battery fully charged. Its battery capacity is about 13800mAh, powerful enough to boost any battery.

8. Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR With Power Source And Air Compressor

This is just another beautiful product designed by Clore Automotive. It features a quality battery that produces high power for exceptional performance. It is rated 12V and provides about 1700 peak amperes plus 425 cold crank amperes. A high-grade air compressor with a 12 ft long air hose and an accurate inbuilt pressure gauge is added to it as an extra utility. It features a heavy duty, impact resistant top to protect it from any harm. It comes with super clamps that boost even a highly corroded battery. An innovative charging system is fitted with this device which immediately calls off charging when its battery is full. It is made to be lightweight having a weight of only 25 pounds despite having an air compressor. It is therefore very portable and easy to use.

7. Duracell 600 Watt Powerpack Pro

This brand is among the bestseller and quality portable jump starters among those integrated with an air compressor. It has the power to jumpstart vehicles with 6,4 and eight cylinder engines. It is ideal for all types of emergency and for pumping up balls and other recreational pieces of equipment. Its pressure gauge comes with an inbuilt, accurate and quality pressure gauge to always acquire the appropriate amount of pressure. It allows you to work on different equipment at the same time, thanks to its multiple outlets. Its 4 level fuel gauge (LED) allows displays the standard of the battery charge to avoid being caught unaware.

6. Schumacher Proseries Portable Power Unit

Shumacher Company gets all the credit for this great product. It comes with an incredible charge capacity 2000 peak amperes, 270 cold crank amperes, and 330 crank amperes. It is a perfect combination of style and utility. Though it comes with a weight of only 22 pounds, it has an extensive battery of 22Ah AGM. It is sufficiently efficient to handle 12V accessory plugs thanks to its 12V power rating. It features a 3 AMP internal charger and copper fitted jaws for a heavy duty and a lifetime performance. For your maximum safety, it comes with a rubber base to prevent shock. It is ideal for all activities as it never disappoints.

5. Brightech – Car Jump Starter

This stunning palm size device ranks among the top ten for some reasons. It is one among the few pocket fitting jump starters. It also comes with a large power capacity of 10000 mAh and integrates a quality LED flashlight. It comes with an inbuilt 44Wh battery that discharges at an extremely low rate. It only requires recharge at the end of 6 months after charging it fully. It comes with a free external battery with a peak of about 400Amp, an extra Led light, a pair of mini clamp jumpers, a USB cable a zipped carrying case and a rechargeable cable. You are free to choose among the available colors.

4. Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter By Clore

With a product from Clore, you are always assured of quality. This is just another device that is built to the customer’s satisfaction. It is designed to hold about 900 amperes. It weighs about 9 pounds making it extremely light thus easy to handle and carry from place to place. It comes with an extra utility of a quality flashlight that allows you to use it at night with ease. Despite its small size, it comes with full heavy duty clamps which boost a corroded or dead battery within a few minutes. Its portability allows helping stranded passenger vehicles.

3. Powerall Pbjs12000r Rosso Portable Power Bank And Car Jump Starter

This is probably the most portable jump starter you will come across in all the markets so far. It features a pocket-size design. It ranks among the best lithium jump starters. Despite its small size, it comes with the ability to power a 12V truck. It comes with a diverse functionality. It comes with a flashlight, a USB battery charger with ports, and finally, it is jump starter. It is ideal for any emergency as it never disappoints.

2. Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter With Built In Compressor

This portable jump starter comes with a high starting power of about 500 amperes and is integrated with a high-quality 120 PSI compressor to enhance its adversity. Its USB charging system ensures easy charging as you only need a port and a power supply. It also features a quality LED light which rotates up to about 270 degrees. It comes with a rubber coated handle for easy handling and a polarity warning alarm system to prevent the battery from blowing up. It weighs 18 pounds making it lightweight and therefore portable. Its additional compressor increases its utility.

1. Ump-N-Carry 12-Volt Jump Starter

Clore Automotive have gathered all their hard gained experience to bring you this quality product. It weighs about 18 pounds making it highly portable and easy to handle. In the case where your battery goes completely dry, it can boost it by up to 12 volts. It’s ideal for both personal use and professional activities like car racing. It bears around 425 cranking amps and 1700 peak amperes. Its heavy duty cables can be utilized in any battery condition and connects exactly for an easier activity. It also features a power efficient charger (AC) which ensures reliable recharging.

All these portable jump starters are made to meet very high standards. Your decision should be based on the amount of power required to jumpstart your vehicle’s engine and how often you need to jump start. The price should be the last factor to consider as rushing for a cheap product may result in a bad performance. Go for a quality product that suits your budget best.

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