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Top 10 Best Pull-Up Bars in 2019 Reviews

Pull-up bars are unique pieces of gym equipment that’ll help you chisel your chest and tone your upper body’s muscles. If you’re buying this tool for the first time, here’s what you need to know about it.

There are 4 different types of pull-up bars; doorway and the leverage mounted pull up bars are useful while mounted on the door. Wall pull-up bars are fixed on the wall. Unlike the 2 former models, these have high weight capacities. Lastly, we have the standalone power towers. These are known to be more versatile workstations. Likewise, they are also quite expensive.

When purchasing a pull-up tool, you’ll need to consider the ease of use and your comfort and safety. Secondly, put in mind the maximum weight that the bar can support. Again, check the size and length of the tool. Will it fit in your gym room? For smaller gyms or spaces, go for a device that can be moved easily to another and later taken back. As such, it needs to be lightweight and easy to assemble and to disassemble.

Below is a list of the most sought-after pull-up bars on the market this year.

10. Crystal SJ600Body Building Pull Up Tower

  • By: Crystal

Crystal SJ600 pull-up tower is a professional grade unit meant for the enthusiasts who’ll do anything to get those bulging biceps and ripped up bars. This tower has all your comfort and safety needs put in consideration. Firstly, it comprises of high-quality materials and features a sturdy construction that will support any weight without giving in. Its arm and back feature a padded cushion to minimize fatigue and bruises. The base has a step-up design and offers maximum support when set on any flat surface.


  • High-grade materials
  • It’s a multi-station


  • It has a high-end price

9. PRO Mountings Yellow Long Straight Pull up Bar

  • By: PROmountings

This is for those on a mission to get the best pull up bar the market can offer. Costing a little below 200 bucks, we admit that it’s pricey. However, you’ll highly appreciate the benefits once the workout station is set up. Pro Mountings come with easy assembly instructions. The package also includes the mounting kit with all the accessories. You’ll be done having it up in a few minutes. The base plate features 3/16″ thick steel plate. The beams are also made of steel and offer 5 grip positions. Notably, thanks to its sturdy construction, Prom Mountings supports up to 500lbs.


  • It’s sturdy and safe
  • It’s easy to setup


  • It offers just the basic pull-ups

8. Wacces All-in-one Doorway Pull-up Bar

  • By: Wacces

Do you need a pull-up bar that won’t wreck you wallet? You can’t go wrong with this one from Wacces. Its price ranges between 21-25 bucks. However, though cheap, do know that it’s amongst the best you’ll find within its range. It’s well thought out design makes it compatible with most standard doorways measuring 24’’-32’’. Wacces all-in-one bar offers 3 grip positions which will allow you to work out your entire upper body muscles. This bar has been constructed with high-quality steel and will, therefore, last you for long.


  • You get 2 free Ab straps
  • It comes with an exercise guide


  • It supports 300lbs only

7. Promountings I-Beam Long Pull-up Bar with Bent Ends

  • By: Promountings

This is another heavy-duty training tool from Promountings. Exercises on this bar will incredibly lower your risk of lower and upper back injury. It’ll also increase your basal metabolic rate as well as improve your posture. Promountings I-Beam features an impressive comfort-driven design and offers 3 grip positions. The high-grade construction materials used in its construction will support up to 500lbs. To your luck, this pull bar system comes with all you need to mount it. Even better, it’s backed by a 30-day satisfaction or money back guarantee.


  • Has an impressive guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • Offers versatile workout exercises


  • It’s way pricier than other beams within its range

6. Elite pull up bar

  • By: Trapezerigging

Are you in need of a pull-up bar you can carry around with much ease? This is yours. Elite has been designed and made in the USA. It features an-all high-grade aluminum construction and weighs 36lbs only. With this weight, you can easily take it with you wherever you want. It stands 96’’. However, you can adjust it to 77’’. Elite offers 6 different pull-up heights to allow you undertake a series of bodybuilding exercises.


  • It assembles in utmost 2 minutes with no tools required
  • It’s lightweight and, therefore, easily portable


  • Its height won’t work well in low-ceiling rooms

5. Trapeze All-in-one Stand Alone Pull-up Bar

  • By: Trapeze

This is another all-aluminum pull-up bar you should consider if you need an easily portable “tower”. Made of pure, high-quality aluminum means that this bar is weatherproof and won’t rust or succumb to corrosion. Again, you don’t require any tool to assemble this tool. According to the manufacturer, you can have it ready in 1 minute. All these factors make this pull-up bar ideal for people living in urban areas where space comes first. You can easily take it at your small backyard and later disassemble for compact storage.


  • It weighs 23lbs only
  • You don’t require any tool to assemble or take apart


  • It’s extremely expensive for its range

4. Titan Pro HD Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

  • By: Titan Fitness

Are you hunting for the best pull-up and a chin-up fitness combo you can install either at home or commercial gym without breaking the bank? Add this Titan to the cart immediately. This bar features a rock solid construction having been made from heavy-weight stainless steel. This material has then been coated with black powder so that it won’t be slippery. Titan Pro HD has a weight capacity of 500lbs. You can set it up either horizontally or vertically according to your height or the ceiling’s.


  • It’s durable
  • It has versatile setup options


  • Several customers report poor shipping with some packages arriving already damaged

3. Cap Barbell FM-CS7000F Exercise Stand

  • By: CAP Barbell

Cap Barbell is by far amongst the leading exercise stands you’ll find useful to step up your game with. You’ll find this tool beneficial for front and back squats, bench press, leg lifts, and pull ups amongst others. In addition, this model is fitted with bar catches and will, therefore, be of much use in your weightlifting sessions. This stand’s main frame is 12 and 14 gauge steel. The tubes have been sturdily welded for safety, strength, and stability. Again, the open ends have been capped for safety and to prevent corrosion.


  • It’s a versatile workstation
  • It has numerous safety and comfort features


  • Some users wished that the pegs were numbered

2. Weider Power Tower

  • By: Weider

Take your workout exercises to the next level with this Olympic grade Weider Power Tower. At a cost less than 100 bucks, you’re surely getting more than you paid for in this workout station. This is an extremely versatile tool that will not only tone your upper part but your entire body muscles too. This multi-grip pull-up station has been named after Joe Weider who trains Arnold Schwarzenegger.


  • It’s a multipurpose workstation
  • It’s inexpensive


  • It’s large and requires much room

1. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

  • By: Stamina

It’s quite unbelievable that a tool with this versatility can come at a price mark below 90 bucks leave alone 100 dollars. This home workout device is what some professional athletes would swear by. It allows you to chisel your chest and shoulders from its push-up station. Its pull-up and chin-up stations target your upper back, arms, and shoulders while its padded sit-up station makes your sit-ups and ab workouts easier and comfortable.


  • It’s a versatile power tower
  • It’s incredibly affordable


  • It’s large

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