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Top 10 Best Rain Suits in 2019 Reviews

During wet seasons it’s necessary to be well protected. A good rain suit is, therefore, essential in maintaining dryness. However, before buying a rain protective suit, there are different aspects that one needs to check. Of all qualities, waterproofness is a major concern. Also, breathability is a factor to consider. Breathable suits prevent excessive sweating and heat discomforts. These days, we have rain suits that are waterproof, breathable and light hence can be carried with ease. To assist you in choosing the protective clothes, we have reviewed the top 10 best rain suits in 2019.

10. CLC Rain Wear R103L Black Nylon Rain Suit

  • Brand: Custom Leathercraft

The stormy weather causes inconveniences, however, don’t be a victim. You need a heavy duty rain suit to keep you dry. CLC Rain Wear is designed to offer outstanding protection from rain and strong winds. It features a combination of polyester and PVC. It will fit over the clothing due to its cut full size. The front part has a zipper that enhances protection against storm. In the waist line, it has a string to ensure proper fitting and can fit different sized people. The material of construction is lightweight, and the inner lining features a mesh panel to enhance breathability.

9. Women’s Rain Suit by Paradox

  • Brand: Paradox

This rain suit from Paradox is for use by women. It can repel water due to materials used in its construction. When wearing, you can carry your important items using its three zippered pockets. Carrying and storage are efficient through its compact natures. It comes with a carrying bag. The suit has drawstring hood and Velcro cuffs. The carrying shell is 100% nylon to protect it from dirt and water. Additionally, the suit features a polyurethane coating to increase waters resistance ability. It is available in black, pink and gray.

8. Nike Golf Men’s Storm-Fit Rain Suit

  • Brand: Nike

If you want to feel comfort when wearing a rain suit, Nike Golf Men’s Storm-Fit Rain Suit is all you need. It is designed to be fitting and charming when wearing it besides offering protection from the rain. The suit features 100% polyesters and is breathable enabling air circulation on the body. Additionally, its seam sealed and a jacket has a zipper to allow opening when the weather is hot. The trouser has an elastic waistline to facilitate proper fitting to people of different sizes. This suit is 100% polyester made and available in various colors.

7. Result Men’s Heavyweight Waterproof Rain Suit

  • Brand: Result

This heavyweight rain suit will leave you dry and as well as keep you the warm. The jacket comes with a taped seam to ensures its effective in preventing water penetration. Also, it has a hood with a tear release. In the front side, the jacket features a fastening zip to ensure full protection and ease of wearing and removal. The large pocket allows you to carry your item with ease. The back has ventilated mesh that facilitates breathability. The trouser has a snap closing on the ankles. At the back of the jacket is fitted with reflective strips to enhance visibility under low light conditions. The suit is available in various colors.

6. Frogg Toggs All Sports LG Realtree Xtra Rainsuit

  • Brand: Frogg Toggs

Experience comfort, style and waterproof condition with this Frogg Toggs all sport rain suit. It has beautiful decorations that make it look stylish. The suit has three layers of a sturdy polypropylene. The center layer is microporous to strengthen the waterproofing ability further. When traveling, the suit is compact and can fit in a glove box. The hood is adjustable, detachable or rolled under the collar. It features a straight leg design enhanced with adjustable leg openings and elastic waistbands. The suit is machine washable.

5. Coleman PVC/Nylon Rain Suit

  • Brand: Coleman

Stay free from wetness and coldness from strong winds with this Coleman rain coat. It is constructed from a combination of PVC and nylon to give it a strong resistance from water. It features 20mm PVC, and the lining is made of nylon. The jacket possesses an adjustable hood to protect the head. Also, it has a hook and loop adjustable cuffs, and a fitting waist to keep waters out. Storm protection is enhanced through the front zipper while the back vents ensure you remain comfortable. The trouser features an elastic waist and zippered leg opening. Movement is smooth through articulated knees. It has reflective straps that improve your safety when on the road. The suit comes with carrying a carrying bag.

4. Women’s All Purpose Rain Suit from Frogg Toggs

  • Brand: Frogg Toggs

This all propose rain suit from Frogg toggs, is designed for use by women. It is 100% Polypropylene constructed meaning it’s completely waterproof thus allowing you to remain dry. Its construction design is a cut for women. The front is zip enhanced with a cover flap to keep storm out. The suit features original classic50 tri-laminate material that is non-woven. The carrying bag facilitates portability.

3. Frogg Toggs All Sports Rain Suit

  • Brand: Frogg Toggs

The all sports rain suit from Frogg toggs is an ideal rain wears that guarantees comfort and style. Its construction features a combination of non-woven material that facilitates water resistance. Comfort is enhanced by the suit beings breathable thus no internal wetting from the sweat. The suit features classic 50 non-woven jacket and classic 30 non-woven trouser. It is stylish and can be used on various occasions.

2. Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

  • Brand: Nelson-Rigg

There is no need to risk when going outdoors. You need a heavy-duty rain suit that will guards you from the storm. The Stormrider rain suit from Nelson-Rigg is the ultimate rain gear you need. It has a soft PVC outer shell that is soft, zipper enhanced, and Velcro straps. When wearing, one can’t suffer from excessive heats due to cooling vent under the arms. The waist is elastic and has adjustable cuffs with Velcro tabs. Also, the trouser has 17 inches zipper gussets and boot stirrups. The fitted refractive straps are ideal for enhancing safety when walking.

1. Frogg Toggs UL12104-12SM Ultra-Lite Rain Suit

  • Brand: Frogg Toggs

The ultra-lite rain suit from Frogg Toggs gives you a peace of mind when working in wet conditions. It is constructed from non-woven material thus water can’t penetrate. The suit is breathable and will not cause interior wetting or discomforts. The waterproofing is boosted further through welded seams on the suit. The storage and carrying are easy as it folds to compacts size. The suit is available in various colors.

Rain suits are essential in protecting you from the storm. They feature different material and styles. There is no need to keep suffering from unreliable rain protective gears. With the above-reviewed rain suits, you can now shop one without hassle or trial and errors.

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