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Top 10 Best Road Bike Shoes in 2019 Reviews

A road bike is a bicycle designed for traveling at high speeds on paved roads. The bicycles access mainly flat terrain and very minimal hilly areas. The bicycles have three key features. The tires are smooth and narrow; they have a fixed gear system and are made of lightweight materials. These features ensure the bicycles achieve high speeds. The pedals on the bikes have a wider base as well allowing the rider to use more power with ease. The riders who participate in this sport travel long distances and this can be tiresome and uncomfortable to them especially on their feet. Road bike shoes are stiff, light and aerodynamic shoes that enable the cyclist to remain comfortable while ensuring they achieve the desired speeds. The sunny days are here with us and if you plan on going out for a bike ride, consider grabbing a pair of road bike shoes to ease your travels. The following list should help you make a well-informed decision on which pair to buy.


10. Pearl Izumi Men’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe 


Brand: Pearl iZUMi

At number 10, we have the All-Road pair of cycling shoes that attempts to bridge the gap between price and performance. The shoes provide a 1:1 anatomic closure that follows the shape of the foot to eliminate hot spots and remove pressure from the instep for a more comfortable bike ride. A select grade power plate consisting of composite fiber plate and nylon, make the shoes stiff, lightweight and durable. The low profile bottoms of the shoes add a versatile indoor and outdoor look and feel. The select insole provides an incredible transverse and longitudinal arch support. 


9.Shimano SH-WR35 Women’s Shoes


Brand: Shimano

This next pair of shoes is designed to keep female cyclists comfortable and enable them to achieve maximum performance. The shoe’s sole is of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide that is less stiff than racing shoes made with carbon. The sole still provides efficient power transfer thanks to the fiberglass reinforcement. In this shoe, temperature is regulated by mesh inserts that disperse the heat away from the foot ensuring a comfortable cycle. The shoes are suitable for any beginner cyclist looking to enhance performance, overriding flats instead of regular sneakers.


8. Giro Treble II Road Shoes – Closeout

Brand: Giro

When it comes to road cycling, a simple, efficient system works well for every rider. The Treble II is a pair of shoes that offers the rider a very simple system to work with. The shoes go a long way in ensuring the cyclist get the best value for their money. The nylon soles are injected providing a stable platform on which to apply pedaling power on. A molded EVA footbed with anti-microbial treatment ensures plenty of comfort on long rides by eradicating any foot odors. The classic 3-strap closure system is used to ensure the shoes are firmly strapped on during rides. This well-rounded shoe is also stylish adding a fashion statement to the cyclist.


7. Pearl Izumi Men’s Tri Fly V Cycling Shoe

Brand: Pearl iZUMi

 The first thing that stands out with this pair of shoes is the intimidating nature of the design. The shoes seem to be designed for professionals in this game, but this is hardly the case. The shoes made from a textile and synthetic combination that blend is comfortable and cozy for barefoot wear. A synthetic sole offers a firm, stable platform to apply cycling power on. A power plate made from composite fiber and special nylon makes this shoe lightweight, stiff and durable. Direct-vent technology is used to keep the feet cool during long rides. For top-shelf performance and superior value, these are the pair to have.


6.Venzo Cycling/Biking Shoe

Brand: Venzo

With this particular item, we have a combination of products. This pair of bicycle shoes comes with sealed pedals. The buckle on the shoes has been redesigned to allow maximum power transfer while cycling. The material used to make the shoes is a dries quickly, a synthetic upper and highly breathable upper that ensures the feet stay dry. The low cut construction of the shoes is gentle to offer comfort to the wearer. The shoes can also be used for running thanks to the flexible forefoot and beveled heel. This combination of shoes and pedals ensures better performance, more comfort, and incredible memories.


5. Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe

Brand: Gavin

Nothing beats affordable prices paired with amazing quality. The Gavin Elite provides just that. The shoes feature a micro-adjustable buckle for fine-tuned fit and comfort. This level of support is taken even further with the microfiber synthetic leather that comes with a breathable mesh that keeps the wearer dry. The sole is made of nylon fiberglass that is fitted with air-flow vent holes. This pair of cycling shoes is designed for comfort and is a great pair to own for all your adventures to come.


4. 1. Venzo Road Bike Shoe For Shimano SPD SL Look

Brand: Venzo

 This pair of Venzo road bike shoes is sold with pedals as well. The cycling shoes feature a quick-drying, highly breathable mesh and a synthetic upper that come in handy to curb moisture and sweat. The low cut construction of the shoes offer a light and fits well, which adds to the shoe comfort. The shoes have a flexible forefoot and a beveled heel making them okay for running as well. The shoes come at a good price with features that will make your riding experience something.


3. Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe

Brand: Pearl Izumi

This pair of cycling shoes is designed with women in mind. The shoes are very stylish making it pair up nicely with any chosen outfit. The shoes come in one color i.e., black that adds to the beauty of the shoes. The shoe’s sole is rubber made providing stability and a firm platform to exert pressure on while cycling. This low profile cycling shoe features three adjustable hook-and-loop straps that ensure a strong fit to the wearer. The shoes range at an affordable price making them perfect for any potential buyer.


2. Shimano SH-R088 Road Shoes


Brand:  Shimano

This pair of shoes deserves this spot on the list. It pushes the limits on what cycling shoes are meant to be. These high-performance shoes provide stiffness and flexibility at perfect ratio thanks to the Shimano Dynalast technology that ensures circulation of blood in the feet while curbing any numbness. The sole is made of a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide that maximizes power delivery while allowing a level of flexibility when required increasing performance during the ride. The synthetic leather ensures the durability of the shoes as two hook-and-loop straps ensure the shoes are firmly secured to the feet of the cyclist. The shoes combine expert craftsmanship with attention to detail making them worthy choice to buy.


1. Venzo Road Bike Shoe For Shimano SPD SL Look and Pedals

Brand:  Venzo

Taking the top position is the undisputable king of the game. This pair of Venzo road bike shoes has set a standard in the cycling game. Made in Taiwan, they are the best value cycling shoes in the market. The shoes feature award-winning technology for optimal performance while on the road. This technology is seen in the quick drying, synthetic and highly breathable upper that remove moisture and enable ventilation of the feet. The low-cut construction of the shoes ensures a fast; light and fitting feel to the wearer. The shoes are compatible with a broad range of pedal systems. This is a superb buy for all beginners and professionals and will ensure an amazing experience when out on the road. 


The best road bike shoes are designed for an incredible cycling experience that regular sneakers can’t afford. They are made to take care of all your needs when out on the road making them a worthwhile investment. The roads are calling. Make a wise choice and grab yourself a pair. Hopefully, this list will make choosing the shoes much easier. The roads are waiting for you.

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