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Top 10 Best Road Bike Tires in 2019 Reviews

Tires are among the most important parts or a road bike. They’re the only part of the cycle that’s exposed to the road. For that reason, it’s highly recommended that users choose the best tires anytime they’re seeking one. You feel the road through the bike’s tires. There are different types, brands, and models of road bike tires present on the market.

Several factors require consideration when purchasing a road bike tire. Such include tire casing, thread, bead, and tire width. Below, we present the top 10 best road bike tires in 2019 reviews. This guide should direct you towards selecting the best tires for your road bike. These reviews are entirely accurate, honest, and unbiased.

10. Michelin Pro4 Service Course Tires

  • Brand: Michelin

This 200g model is worth considering if performance is among your top priorities. In addition to fantastic performance, you’ll observe that the Michelin Pro4 Tires will serve you for a considerably long time. They ensure an optimal grip on the ground as they’re fitted with large lateral bands. Even when bending on the sharpest corners, you won’t have any fear because you’re assured of a firm hold on the ground. Michelin satisfies the needs of users concerning speed, resistance, agility, safety, and so on.

9. Schwinn 700c Comfort/Hybrid Tire, With Kevlar

  • Brand: Schwinn

The Schwinn 700c Tires offer a mixed-terrain traction pattern that keeps your wheels smoothly turning whenever on the road. They’ll also provide extra traction whenever you hit the trail. This model is specially built for durability and reduction of the risk of flat. It offers durable, steel bead construction that features a built-in flat-resistant layer. This layer provides for enhanced protection on and off the road. These tires, measuring 38mm in width, are ideal for comfort and hybrid road bikes. With their 28-inch tire diameter, they’ll fit any 700c wheels.

8. Continental Gator Skin Folding Tire, 700×23

  • Brand: Continental

This model is a market leader as far as racing tires are concerned. It’s not only ideal for training but will also serve exceptionally as a racing tire. When using this road bike tire, you’ll observe that puncture protection is guaranteed. Precision is among the factors that set this revolutionary bike tire apart from the rest. It’s fitted with Continental’s proprietary technology which allows for impeccable accuracy. This tire is uniquely designed for long hauls. The incorporation of the PolyX breaker makes this model a perfect distance runner. Additionally, you’ll love this tire’s fantastic design.

7. Michelin Lithion 2 Road Tire

  • Brand: Michelin

Here’s yet another superior road bike tire that offers lots of value for its price. Many people love the Michelin Lithion 2 Road Tire for its high-end performance. Lots of qualities make this model stand out from the crowd. Such include its powerful and high-density casing. That enhances efficiency and comfort during the ride. Another commendable attribute is its puncture resistance. This model comes fitted with a top-notch rim protection system and lightweight skin walls. You wouldn’t expect such value for such a price point.

6. Kenda K908 Pathfinder (Wire Bead) Tire, Black-wall

  • Brand: Kenda

The Kenda K908 Pathfinders are among the leading road bike tires when it comes down to comfort. True to their name, they’re excellent companions for dirt roads, asphalt roads, and dry surfaces. The wire beads give them a sturdy structure, in addition to top-quality rubber. These tires also boast strong threads on the sides, allowing you to ride with confidence whenever you’re getting off the road and onto rough areas.

You need not worry about how much effort you’ll require to fit them onto the bike. While Pathfinders are made of sturdy material, they’re easy to install. Also, they allow for up to 65psi, guaranteeing you less noise, more speed, and less rolling resistance.

5. Schwalbe Marathon plus HS-348 Tire

  • Brand: Schwalbe

The Schwalbe Marathon HS-348 is essentially a heavy-duty, ultra reliable commute-touring tire that inspires unprecedented confidence without feeling barge-like or sluggish. Much of that’s attributable to the Smart Guard System, which is a clever subsection of supple rubber that forces sharps out. The stout sidewalls feature refinements like reflective detailing, directional arrows, and a dynamo track.

The Marathon Plus marries excellent handling with modest rolling resistance to give you peace of mind. You can shrug and speed even through shards of broken glass without having to worry. This model will become your favorite option among heavy-duty genre, seemingly rolling faster than its girth.

4. Vittoria Rubino Pro-III Fold Tire

  • Brand: Vittoria

The Vittoria Rubino Pro-III would perhaps be the best bargain you’d get for performance and reliability. It’s regarded as an all-around tire which does everything you’d expect a high-end model to do, especially when considering performance. This tire is suitable for riders of all levels. As well, it’s ideal for any season. It’s extremely comfortable to ride on, highly durable, and well-secured. Such are among the most important criteria you’d look out for when buying a road bike tire.

It features superior casing that’s nicely done with nylon material. The technical tread pattern, durable thread compound, and reliable puncture protection are among the bonus features you’ll enjoy upon purchasing this tire. It offers all the essential features you’d want in a road bike tire.

3. Continental Tour-Ride Urban Bicycle Tire

  • Brand: Continental

The Tour-Ride Urban Bicycle Tire is a superior model that you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase at all. It features tread all round, hence ensuring a firm grip onto the ground. That’s a very handy aspect when it comes to matters security. You’ll enjoy the service you get from this tire for features like the essential user protection. A belt ensures that your tires will ride comfortably and securely. The aggressive tread pattern guarantees you high compound mileage and excellent puncture protection. With its high-density casing, you’re assured of lasting service from this tire.

2. Continental C1031428-P Grand-Prix 4 Season Road Clincher

  • Brand: Continental

The Grand-Prix 4 Season is an all-season version of the widely popular Grand-Prix Road Racing Tire. This model offers a superior grip when it comes to riding in adverse wet and cold weather conditions. It achieves that through its hybrid tread pattern which mixes shallow knob patches with longer and deeper grooves, thus pushing water away without decreasing the amount of rubber which remains in contact with the road. This tire can maintain traction, cornering well in all conditions, including when it’s wet. The Continental Grand-Prix 4 Season is incredibly durable, thanks to the double layer of Vectran fibers fitted underneath the tread. A Dura-skin treatment further reinforces the tire’s sidewalls. It’s an excellent model for riding on virtually all road types and in all weather conditions.

1. Continental C1010429-P Gator Skin Dura-Skin Tire

  • Brand: Continental

This model will fit any 700c wheels. Many users have praised the 454g Continental C1010429-P Gator Skin Tire for its durability and reliability. It’s a widely popular model among those who ride in urban environments. The tire will handle all the nastiness that urban settings throw at you, stop on a dime, and roll with little resistance. It offers excellent traction on sandy edges and wet roads.

The Continental P Gator Skin Tire is designed for high mileage with excellent flat protection. If you’re the kind that doesn’t like fixing flats, this model would probably be your most perfect option. You can be sure to acquire more value than your money’s worth.

The aim of the reviews featured above is to inform you about the best road bike tires available on the market today. It’d have been challenging for you to do that yourself as it requires enormous work in comparing the many brands available on the market. That work is already done for you now. Settle on your preferred choice among the ten models reviewed above.

All the tires discussed above have great features, all of which serve in unique ways. Compare each model’s merits and demerits to narrow down further. Select a model that suits your preferences. Choose a road bike tire that guarantees you top notch performance, durability, and reliability.

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