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Top 10 Best Round-Back Swivel Chairs In 2019 Reviews

Are you planning to buy a round-back swivel chair but don’t know which model to go for? Well, we are here to provide you with an expert opinion regarding the best models in round-back swivel chairs. This will enable you get better value for your money and make a purchase that you won’t come to regret later. Since the market has many different models that might actually match your needs, we have narrowed down the selection list to only 10 of the best round-back swivel chairs that the market has to offer. Read more and decide which one will serve your needs best.

10. Roundhill Contemporary Adjustable Swivel Chair

This chair is a nice addition to any modern home. It comes in a sleek, fashionable design that provides a more classic sitting platform. The chair has a metallic base and cylinder made of heavy duty chrome material to provide maximum durability and support. The pneumatic lift mechanism makes it possible to adjust the height of the seat from 17 to 22 inches. The seat is cushioned and upholstered in leather for long-term use and easy cleaning. The chair measures 26 x 29.5 x 34 inches.

9. Apontus Round Back Swivel Accent Chair

Apontus Round Back Chair provides unrestricted movement in all directions. The chair can swivel through 360 degrees for added convenience. It is stabilized by a wide, heavy metallic base for maximum support. The chair is cushioned and covered in a durable leather material. The seat and backrest have tufted buttons that create a stylish, decorative pattern. The seat adjusts from 15 to 18.5 inches to accommodate different types of users. It has a high backrest measuring 15 inches. This chair can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

8. Joveco Leatherette Button Tufted 360 Degree Swivel Adjustable Chair

This chair provides ultimate sitting comfort. It is supported by a wide base made of shiny chrome material. It has a simple height adjustment mechanism that elevates the chair from 16 to 18 inches. It has a wide seat and curved back that molds into your body contour. The seat and backrest are padded and covered in a durable leatherette material. They are button tufted to create a stylish diamond pattern. This chair can rotate in all directions. It is a nice addition to any kitchen, dining or living room.

7. Coaster 102580 Round-Back Swivel Chair

Coaster 102580 Swivel Chair will actually make a statement in any living space. The chair provides a perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability. The sturdy chrome base allows it to accommodate large users with ease. It has an extra-large footing to provide maximum stability and protect your floor finish. The chair provides a 360-degree rotation and can be adjusted in height to match the comfort of different users. It is cushioned, covered in vinyl and button tufted to create a stylish pattern. The chair is designed to wipe clean for hassle-free maintenance.

6. Coaster 7060 Round Back Swivel Chair

This chair is equipped with a simple-to-operate hydraulic lift mechanism. It has an adjustable height of 18.5 to 25 inches to provide different users with enough leg room and minimize strain. The chair has a large support base that measures 19.5 inches in diameter. It provides great stability and minimize pressure exerted on the floor. The seat can be tilted forward and backward or swiveled in all directions. It is padded with foam and covered in vinyl material for added comfort.

5. Roundhill Furniture Noas Round Tufted Chair

This chair comes in a contemporary design that provides that modern appeal. It has a wide seat and backrest covered in quality faux leather material. This makes it durable and much easier to maintain. The seat can tilt and rotate through 360 degrees to provide free movement and ideal posture. It is adjustable in height from 32 to 36 inches. The chair has a wide, weighted base to provide great stability. It has an overall dimension of 27 x 25 x 36 inches.

4. Best Selling Modern Leather Round Back Chair

Add that modern flare into your office or living room with this stylish chair from Best-Selling. The chair has soft, plush cushioning that provides extreme comfort. It comes in a neutral white color that blends well with any room setting. The frame is made of stainless steel for added strength and durability. There is extra cushioning in the seat to provide hours of comfort. The frame is widened at the base for uniform weight distribution and added stability. This chair is covered in a high-strength leather material. It measures 30.1 x 27.8 x 31.7 inches.

3. Apontus PU Leather Round Back Swivel Chair

This is yet another round back chair designed by Apontus. The chair is upholstered in a white tufted PU leather. The neutral white color allows it to complement any decor and makes it stand out in your living space. The durable leather material provides the convenience of easy cleaning. The seat is padded and can be elevated from a height of 15 to 18.5 inches. It swivels through a 360-degree angle to enable you to maneuver around with ease. The chair has a sturdy, wide base that can support users weighing up to 250 pounds.

2. Coaster 102581 Round-Back Swivel Chair

If you love a combination of a beautiful purple color and an attractive chrome finish then this chair is the ideal match for you. This chair comes in a modern style designed to adorn your living room. The leather seat and heavy duty chrome base provide unmatched durability. The chair provides unrestricted swivel motion. You can tilt the seat back and forth to achieve a desired sitting posture. The chair has a hydraulic lift system that makes it possible to be adjusted in height. It is covered in a leather-like vinyl material that makes it much easier to clean.

1. Coaster 102583 Round-Back Swivel Chair

This chair rates high both in design and comfort. The stylish chrome finish and neutral white color make it a centerpiece in any living room. The wide base works well in safeguarding your floor finish and provides a high level of stability even when sitting in a tilted position. You can move around with ease, thanks to the 360-degree swivel design. The chair can be adjusted in height to provide a customized fit. It is covered in tear resistant and easy-to-clean leather material.

These are the top choices in the world of round-back swivel chairs. They receive many positive reviews from customers and are widely recommended by interior designers. These chairs come with affordable price tags so you won’t have to dig deeper into your pockets to get one for your home.

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