Top 10 Best Shaving Set Kits in 2019 Reviews

Shaving is a ritual. It should not only be easy but memorable and enjoyable. Therefore, equipping yourself with the best shaving set kits can’t be overemphasized. If you’re shopping for the best shaving kits on the market today, you’ll get them here. Whether you need to gift a wet shaver in your life or you’re just tired of collecting shaving pieces, we have the best packs for you. They come at different prices and have a varying number of items in them. As you’ll note, we derived them from well-known shaving brands, and we’re, therefore, sure that they’ll take your shaving to the other side.

10. Edwin Jagger Shaving Set

  • By: Edwin Jagger

If you’re shopping for a shaving set kit to gift that man in your life, this one from Edwin Jagger fits the bill. It is a 4-piece kit featuring a razor, a stand, a shaving brush, and a soap bowl. Men know that badger shaving brushes are always the best in moisturizing the skin and leaving the pores open. They also love it since it creates excellent lather. All these accessories are well balanced on a unique stand made of durable polyester with nickel plated metal. Moreover, this set comes packed in a superior Edwin Jagger presentation box.

9. The Clean Shave Complete Shaving Set

  • By: The Clean Shave

This is ideally meant for executive men who believe that shaving shouldn’t be a chore. As such, they’ll get the best shaving set that money can buy. That’s what The Clean Shave has to offer; the best way to jumpstart your day. This set comprises of a top-notch safety razor, high-quality badger shaving brush, and an out-of-this-world lather bowl. The bowl is made of stainless steel and is luxuriously shiny. The razor is amongst the few that gives real close shaves without the slightest cuts and nicks. This razor also comes with a set of 5 double edge ultra sharp razors, so you invade your tough beards immediately.

8. Fento Pure Badger Shaving Set

  • By: Fento

Your husband doesn’t love electric shavers? No problem. Fento has just released one of the best modern shaving sets to help him do it better the traditional way. He’ll be enjoying the best from both worlds. Fento Pure Badger Shaving Set is the most recent one on the market. Every wet shaver is dying to have its experience. The badger is amongst the best men could ever get. It’s richly filled head is ideal for a quick, dense lather. The stand features a professional design. It has been made from high-quality stainless steel and has chrome plating.

7. Men’s Grooming Set

  • By: GBS

This is amongst those little gifts that make him feel like throwing a Thanksgiving party for you. This set consists of a 100% pure badger, shaving soap, a soap bowl, and stand. Most reviewers highly praised the bowl. It’s made of high-quality ceramic and feels expensive and decent. It’s ideal for 4 Oz soap and has a comfortable handle knob. The lathering brush on the other side is extra dense and perfect for creating a thick lather. This set also has a stand for him to hang the brush to prevent creases. However, most users complained about the quality of the soap and wished that a slight improvement was made.

6. GBS 5 Piece Shaving Set Men’s

  • By: GBS

This is another grooming set from GBS you would never go wrong with. It’s a set of 5 shaving accessories with a 100% satisfaction or a hassle-free refund guarantee. This gift pack has a pure badger brush with a chrome handle measuring 21mm. That’s enough size to make it feel comfortable on your hands for a quick and refreshing shaving experience. The handle is also textured for sure grips during your wet shaving escapades. Its head is pure badger hair and won’t scratch your skin. This GPS pack again comes with a stainless steel razor with a thoughtful design meant to make replacing the razors easy and quick. It’s also accompanied by a stand on which it can dry after each shave.

5. Gentleman Jon Wet Shave Kit 6 Items

  • By: Gentleman Jon

Treat your man to a whole new level of shaving experience with this 6-items kit by Gentleman Jon. Don’t let him slave on the cheaply made cartridge razors and bath soap any longer. This kit comes with a safety razor, a badger shaving brush, 5 Astra Razor Blades, the high-rated Gentleman Jon Block, a durable stainless steel bowl, and Sandalwood Shave Soap.

4. Miusco Hair Shaving Set

  • By: Miusco

Miusco has one of the best brushes that a wet shaver would crave for. It’s made of 100% natural badger hair, and it’s thereby extremely soft. It’s excellent in moisturizing your skin and opening your pores since it holds a generous amount of warm water and lather. The bristles are so strong and won’t fall off easily. Miusco Hair Shaving Set also sports a uniquely-made stand designed to aerate the brush and prevent bacterial growth or formation of creases. The stand is stable and can be tightened with a bolt beneath it in case it’s loose.

3. Omega 46065 Shaving Set

  • By: Omega

This Omega 46065 has everything you need as a starter or shave pro. What set’s it a notch higher than other shaving sets is its incredible price. The quality of its components makes it a real steal and a perfect shaving gift. The badger is uniquely smooth. It will lift your beard hair and open your skin pores. You’ll also love the brush stand meant to increase the air circulation and dry the brush faster.

2. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set

  • By: Van der Hagen

From the maker of one of the best shaving soap on the market today, here comes an affordable shave set you’ll surely love. Everything item in this shaving kit has a luxurious touch and feel. The brush, for instance, is nothing less of perfection. It naturally exfoliates the skin by moisturizing it and leaving it fresh and clean. It also has a great lathering style that shields you from irritation, burns, and nicks. The set also comes with a soap bowl and shaving soap.

1. Van Der Hagen Shave Set

  • By: Van der Hagen

From Van Der Hagen again comes the best and the top reviewed shaving set on the market today. The soap in this set is what the wet shavers with ultra sensitive skin require. It’s hypo-allergenic and boasts incredible 40% of humectants in its ingredients. It also has good amounts of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter which are excellent moisturizers. Its shaving brush has been handmade using finest quality natural boar bristle.

By now, you must have found what set suits you better. From our side, we believe that Van Der Hagen has the best shave sets. However, it is quite hard for you to find everything in one single set. This, therefore, makes Gentleman Jon a better choice if you need a complete shaving set.

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