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Top 10 Best Shower Diverters in 2019 Reviews

Enjoy an ultimate shower experience by getting the right equipment that would make you realize the same. One thing that you need for the same is the shower diverter that you can use to divert the water to the shower arm that you can hold with your hand. With the difference that exists in the same, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best shower diverters in 2019 reviews so that you can pick the one that you think is the best fit for your needs.

Shower diverters buying advice

What we have mentioned above is that the variety of the diverters that are available on the market may add confusion than help you get the best for your bathroom. In that case, you need a light to make the best decision and to help you arrive at your best; we have the following factors as part of the considerations that you can make before making your purchase.

  • Quality of the materials

  • Ease of use

  • Installation and compatibility

  • Number of diversions

Quality of the materials

The quality of the materials that make up the shower diverter either make it good or otherwise. Of course, you will not like to have the otherwise part but to help you make the right choice, you should consider having the best product that comes with the best material construction and for this case, you also need to check on the finish type so that you can know whether the product has the capacity to resist corrosion or not.

Ease of use

The fact that you want to have a product that will be easy on your hands cannot just come without the knowledge of the same. This idea comes with the features that you find with the shower diverter such as the handle lever design. In this case, the design that we have just mentioned is helpful since it makes it easy for you to operate the product even with your wet hands.

Installation and compatibility

When it comes to the installation features and compatibility, you will have to get to know that the ease of installing the product is something that is important since you do not want to have a product that promises otherwise. In addition to that, you should get the best diverter that you are sure will match your faucet type and therefore, you need to read on the details that pertain compatibility.

Number of diversions

On the list that you will get here, you will note that while some of the shower diverters come with two diversions, some come with three or even more. Therefore, you should find the best type that comes with the right number of diversions that you would like to achieve. Here, you will see the features that label the product as either 2-way, 3-way, or any other label of the same kind.

After you have known what you would look for on the features of the product, you can now go to the list that you will find various products with different features, and from there, you will find your best.

10. HOMEIDEAS Solid Brass Shower Diverter

HOMEIDEAS Solid Brass Shower Diverter

  • Item Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.5 x 3.3 inches

Whether you are renovating your shower or making some improvements on it, you should get one of the best shower diverters like this wonderful option with quality features. This shower diverter is the real thing that you need to have when you need to achieve the best of your showering needs in your home bathroom. However, before you can make any decision over the same, you need to learn about its features and how it will be a useful fit for your bathroom.

This diverter as you can see come with two-way diverter valve that is helpful for attaching it to the shower arm. The high-quality solid brass construction being one of the materials design is one of the best features that enhance the longevity of the same product. The other qualities about the shower diverter are that it comes with a ceramic disc valve and can be effective in diverting water according to your needs. The lever handle design is another feature that makes it easy to operate even with the wet hands.

9. KES PV8 Handheld Shower Diverter

KES PV8 Handheld Shower Diverter

  • By: Kes
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 3 x 2.3 inches

When it comes to the construction and the quality that comes with this excellent shower diverter, you will find it useful and best for excellent performance. The product come from high-quality brass and that means a high quality hence you know what to expect from the same. Of course, with what we have just mentioned, you will enjoy the longevity, quality, and excellent performance. The multi-layer chrome plating is also another quality feature that you have to enjoy. Therefore, this product being one of the best shower diverters, you will find it easy to acquire due to its affordability.

The integration of the multi-layer chrome plating as a feature that we mentioned ensures that you enjoy a better quality of a product that will give you the best results and for a long period. The same product come with the capacity to resist corrosion and scratches. What you need to make some differences is that the material that makes the product is not the chrome, but that is rather the finish. The material itself is the brass, and that is a guarantee of the product to last.

8. Weirun SOLID Brass Shower Diverter

Weirun SOLID Brass Shower Diverter

  • By: Weirun
  • Item Weight: 10.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.5 x 3.1 inches

This diverter comes with a two-way design that makes it easy to make water diversion in a shower and therefore if you are searching the best of the same, then you should get to acquire this fantabulous option. The solid brass construction as it sounds with the name of this excellent product is what you need to enjoy since you will rest assured of the longevity to enjoy. Apart from the longevity, the product also guarantees excellent performance and quality and hence you need to get hold of the same diverter to benefit from its wonderful features.

Coming onto the other features that we can address about the product, the advanced ceramic disc cartridge, the quarter turn operation, and the 100% water diversion to shower hose is something that you need to get and enjoy. The ease of using the product or operation is something that you should also consider and for the same case, you are sure of the lever handle design, and with that, you can operate the product with ease. The other thing about the same diverter is that you can install the same in a matter of minutes since installation is easy.

7. KES SOLID Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve

KES SOLID Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve

  • By: Kes
  • Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 3 x 2.2 inches

This type is also a two-way diverter valve that gets attached to the shower arm. The solid brass construction being part of the design is to enhance the durability of the same product and to enhance its performance and quality. The ceramic disc valve is also a feature to enjoy with this excellent shower diverter. From the shower hose, you can experience the 100% flow of water to the hand shower, and if that is what you should want to achieve, then you should get this awesome diverter.

When it comes to the ease of operation, the lever handle design makes it easy for the product to be operated with the wet hands while you are showering. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the best performance and quality, then you should acquire this excellent type of diverter that will ensure that you achieve your needs without hassle. Something else exciting about the same shower diverter is the value attached to it, and you should know that you still will get the best price on the market.

6. HOMEIDEAS 3-Way Handheld Shower Diverter

HOMEIDEAS 3-Way Handheld Shower Diverter

  • Item Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.4 x 2.4 inches

If you are looking to acquire a 3-way diverter, this one is the first that we are meeting on this list and as you can trace back, you will find that the ones that we have been dealing with are the two-way types and for this, you have a bit of difference. Of course, you will find this shower diverter the best for your bathroom needs, and with it, you can achieve many things or diversions depending on your shower needs or what you should achieve from it.

The features that we need to mention with the same shower diverter of which the first as we have mentioned is that you have multiple connections or diversions to make bathing the way you want. The material design about the same shower also does a lot when it comes to the quality and performance. The product comes with ABS plastic that you cannot reuse or recycle. The other things about this excellent shower diverter are that it comes with easy installation and hence you will find it easy to fix. In addition to what we can mention with the features, comes with corrosion resistant features and that serves to enhance the longevity of the product.

5. MINGOR BRASS 3-Way Diverter

MINGOR BRASS 3-Way Diverter

  • By: MINGOR
  • Item Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.8 x 2.6 inches

Here is a different brand of the best shower diverters that come with the best when it comes to the design and the quality of the product. For that matter, you will find the same diverter the best for its cause. The other benefit or value that you need to understand before you can acquire this great and fantastic product is the price of the same. The name as it sounds gives us some better idea of what to expect, and as you can see with the image of the product, this 3-way diverter will make you achieve your diversions without hassle.

Installation of the diverter is an easy task, and you should never worry yourself over the same. What enhances the longevity or the durability of this fantastic product is the chrome finish that makes the product resist corrosion and hence can function for a long time. Another thing that enhances the life of the same product is the design that utilizes the brass material. Therefore, if you are making the replacement or want to install a new system of the same for your shower, then you can choose to go with this awesome product.

4. Zoe Brushed Nickel Dual Showerhead Diverter

Zoe Brushed Nickel Dual Showerhead Diverter

  • By: Zoe

This brand is yet another that avails one of the best shower diverters suitable for any shower and bathing needs. If you want to upgrade your bathroom and to make it more suitable and enjoyable for better showering experience, then you should get to acquire this fantastic and awesome shower diverter. However, before you can do that, you need to ensure that you consider every detail and factor to make sure that it will serve your showering needs.

Of course, one of the features about the design of the product looks evident and what you can see with the image is a high-quality product that comes with brushed nickel finish. With the same feature that we have just mentioned, and with the solid brass construction, you know what to expect with the life of the same product. Of course, we cannot fail to mention that the same materials also resist corrosion and hence can last for long. In addition to that, the handle lever design makes it easy to operate and finally, the product is easy to install.

3. Delta Faucet Chrome Shower Arm Diverter

Delta Faucet Chrome Shower Arm Diverter

  • By: DELTA
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds

This shower diverter is one of the best of the ones that are available on the market and is up to you to make the right choice depending on what you want to achieve in your shower. If you are doing upgrading or you are doing a new shower that requires having one of the best shower diverters, then you ought to pick this wonderful choice. Just as you can see, without being told of the features that come with the same diverter, at least you can be in a position to name some few. In this case, the ones that are obvious include the handle lever design, and this makes the product easy to operate with the wet hands or while you are showering.

The other details that you should acknowledge yourself with before making this as your choice include the capacity to comply with ADA when the installation is made right. Another thing is the chrome finish that makes the product resist corrosion and hence enhancing its longevity. Of course, the other evident feature that we can see without being told is the 2-way diversion and is that is what you want, then this product becomes unavoidable.

2. American Standard Shower Diverters

American Standard Shower Diverters

  • By: American Standard
  • Item Weight: 14.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 4.7 x 4.2 inches

The American Standard shower diverter is one of the best shower diverters available on the market. The brand boasts of its wonderful features and hence making it the best suitable diverter for your bathroom needs. Whether you are doing the first installation in your new house, upgrading, or just doing your renovations of the same, this would be an option to go for since it comes with high-quality design materials, features, and the best market price. Therefore, this diverter is inevitable for everyone who wants the best.

The inner details of the design are the material that we must mention since the taste with the different people differs, and therefore, you need to match your taste, and if you find this product that comes with durable brass construction suitable, then you can acquire it. The ease of installation is not something to worry about because the product promises the same to the user and that is exactly what you get. The polished chrome is part of the outer design, and with the capacity and ability to resist corrosion, you can rest assured of its longevity.

1. Delta U4922-PK Shower Diverters

Delta U4922-PK Shower Diverters

  • By: DELTA
  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 2.3 x 3 inches

This kind of diverters come with high-quality construction and design, and therefore, you will have to enjoy it since it comes with the design that you will find suitable for your shower. With the 2-way diversion, it is important that you match your needs with the same and if you are looking to acquire a product with the same diversion, then you now remain with the other features to consider, and if all meet your requirements, then nothing should bar you from acquiring this excellent shower product.

The chrome finish that comes as part of the material construction, then you can be sure of the longevity that you find with the same product. The installation of the same is something that you need not worry about since you will always find it simple and easy to install. The other thing that we can mention is that the product fits with most of the Delta faucet models and if that is part of your shower, then compatibility is not an issue.

In conclusion, the above shower diverters work differently and come with different features and compatibilities. Therefore, you ought to look at the inside out of the product to make sure that it is the best fit for your bathroom or shower.

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