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Top 10 Best Ski Goggles In 2019 Reviews

A pair of excellent ski goggles is one the accessories people will require during the ski season. If planning to head down the slopes this year, make sure you have the right gear to protect your eyes. A decent pair of ski goggles will make you comfortable especially if they come with a color that complements your helmet. However, with many ski goggles in the market with different prices, tints, and lens types it can be difficult for customers to choose the right ski goggle. We have done an extensive market research to come up with the top 10 best ski goggles reviews for 2019.

10. Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

These are classic ski goggles that come in both large and medium size. They are an excellent fit for people looking for a throwback style in goggles. They have an excellent optical clarity due to the advanced lens incorporated in them. They are designed with a flow venting technology to reduce fogging while at the same time optimizing the flow of air inside the lens. The double lens creates a thermal barrier and clear optics. They are anti-scratch and come with a one-year warranty offering customer’s value for money.

9. Smith Optics I or OX Goggle

The interchangeable Smith goggle fits well to both helmet and sunglasses. It is one of the best when it comes to fog prevention. With an excellent peripheral vision, the ski goggle is a true nuclear solution for individuals looking for ski goggles that seamless fit with the helmet and sunglasses. The package comes with a replacement lens and goggle bag making it one of the best ski goggle purchase for 2019.

8. Polar lens GP10 Snowboarding Goggles

Coming in a white frame, this is another stylish and classic ski goggles that have been positively reviewed in 2019. They offer 100 percent protection to UV light making them a great purchase. The double lens technology provides an excellent super anti-coating super fog that ensures perfect clarity. There is an adjustable long strap allowing users to use it with ease. It is also compatible with helmets making versatile enough to use with different helmets. A perfect choice for people looking to make a ski goggle purchase for 2019 as it offers real value for money.

7. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

One of the very highly rated ski goggles in 2019 well suited for cloudy or overcast days. It offers high contrast giving users very clear images. The face foam is made of a double layer that conforms well to the shape of the face leaving individuals feeling comfortable. It is resists scratch through its Carbo Glas and P80+. With an excellent fog resistance due to its double lens and Flow-Technology Venting, users can easily enjoy the great features in this ski goggle.

6. Dragon Alliance Advanced Project X Ski Goggles

This is another highly rated ski goggle in 2019 that comes in large sizes to fit almost any face. It can easily be adjusted with ease making users feel comfortable. It comes with an optically correct lens that comes with a Uni-direction flow with an armored frame for durability. It comes with a super anti-fog and offers 100 percent protection to UV light.

5. Polar lens PG20 German Engineered ski goggles.

The polar lens PG20 is one of the lightest ski goggles in 2019 with very easy to change lens. It is helmet compatible with an adjustable long strap. The users have a choice to pick from a contrast orange to a mirrored black lens depending on their preference. The exchangeable lens system is one of the most advanced in all the ski goggles of 2019. With a capability to filter sun, this ski goggles offers 100 percent UV protection.

4. Spy Optic Targa 3 Ski Goggles

The Spy Optic Targa 3 Goggle comes with a bronze lens in colors with a flexible frame that can easily conform to any face. It has all the features customers would want to see in any ski goggles. The patented Scoop ventilation helps prevent fogging while the polycarbonate double lens is anti-resistant. The Ergonomic Isotron face foam features moisture wicking force fleece force with the double lens offering 100 percent protection from the harmful UV lights.

3. Oakley Splice Simon Dumont Signature Series

The Oakley Splice makes it to our top three best-reviewed ski goggles in 2019 with a skeletal support. The skeletal support reduces the nasal pressure allowing for perfect airflow. It comes with one of the best lenses with a semi-flush technology that allows for downward visibility. The lenses have been created in a unique design that allows them to be easily interchanged. It perfectly balances on the face without the aid of a helmet through its O Matter strap outriggers. Users are offered maximum peripheral vision without any obstruction from the outriggers.

2. Smith I/OX Snow ski goggle

One of the best-rated ski goggle in 2019 with excellent features that give users real value for money. It is easily compatible to both the helmet and the sunglasses. It is ultra wide with straps backed by silicone. It usually has all the features one can expect in a ski goggle with an outrigger that rotates for positioning the system. The floating foam membrane readily reduces Eyeglass temple pressure.

1. Smith Optics Scope ski goggle

The Smith Scope Goggle is the best-rated ski goggle in 2019 and comes with highly advanced features. It is currently the best ski goggle in the market and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The lenses are highly advanced with TLT Optics and a thermal technology that prevent fogging of the inner lens. It comes with a protective bag to help users carry it around with easy. The straps are silicone backed with the face molded into a hypoallergenic shape allowing it to fit easily into the face.


Depending on the conditions of the slopes, customers looking for the right ski goggle can make a choice from the top ten list as they are currently the best in the market. They have been highly rated and offer real value for money spent. Go ahead and make a purchase with confidence.

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