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Top 10 Best Snow Boots for Kids in 2019 Reviews

Winter is here with us. The degrees are going southwards day in day out. As such, there’s need to find a way to keep your kid’s feet warm and dry all day. We understand what a painstaking task it is to go through all the numerous snow boots there are on the market trying to hunt for the best. Consequently, we sought the best 10 to make your work easier. Amongst other features, the features below guided us in reaching at these;

· Comfort

· Ease to put on and pull out

· Length

· Color

· Closures

10. Nova Toddler Girl’s Winter Snow Boots

  • By: Nova Footwear

This pair of Nova Toddler snow boots is what your girl requires to feel comfortable during this winter. These boots are 100% man-made and synthetic. They come in different colors to blend well with your toddler’s winter outfits. Besides being cute, Nova Toddler Winter Snow Boots are extremely comfortable and pretty ease to wear. The puffballs on these shoes will be the center of attraction for your child. The 2 can be tied for added comfort. These boots feature a rubberized sole which gives your kid sure grips on the snow. The snow also helps her feet to retain heat and not get cold.

9. Kamik Footwear Kids Snobuster

  • By: Kamik

Kamik has been in this business for over 100 years now. As such, its snow boots have been in the forefront to keep your little champs’ feet warm and jumpy from winter to winter. This Snobuster for instance are sleek, well constructed, and sturdy. They are made of lightweight rubber and a soft inner lining that feels unbelievably comfortable. They have a 13’’ boot opening and are easy for your kid to slide in. The sole is also rubberized and has a heel measuring approximately one inch. These boots come in various sizes and colors.

8. Columbia Minx Mid II WP Snow Boot

  • By: Columbia

Columbia Minx Mid II is the way to let your young fashionistas usher in winter in style. These boots are big enough to fit your 8-12 years kid. Their design allows them to blend perfectly well with an array of outfits. The boots are waterproof. They feature woven synthetic textile upper to help in retaining the heat and protect your kids’ feet from cold. Moreover, their opening has a faux-fun lining that prevents water from sipping in. Note the Omni-grip rubberized outsole which gives your daughter sure grips on the snow.

7. Merrell Moab Polar Mid Strap WTPF Snow Boot

  • By: Merrell

These are some of the most versatile winter kicks your kids are bound to get this winter. They feature M-select fresh lining that’s moisture-wicking and anti-odor. Its soles have been specially designed to offer comfort on all terrain. Its M-select warmth lining traps body heat to maintain warm inner conditions. Merell Moab Polar Snow boot has 2 Velcro straps and is waterproof for those kids who love pods. This boot has a shaft measuring 4.75’’ from the arch and a 1’’ heel.

6. Tundra Teddy 4 Boot

  • By: Tundra

Winter boots could never be better. When it gets colder, and the ground becomes slippery, these Tundra Teddy boots are here to protect your toddlers from falls while keeping their feet warm and cozy. Their uppers feature some fleece lining while the lowers are made of rubber. The soles have been thoughtfully treaded to offer omni-grips as the toddler trot around on the ice. The Velcro strap comes in handy in tightening the opening to prevent snow from falling in. These boots come in toddlers’ sizes and little kids’ too. They also come in different colors to suit them better.

5. Sorel Flurry TP Winter Boot

  • By: SOREL

Sorel Flurry TP is a stylish boot for big kids aged between 8 and 12 years. They feature a synthetic sole with a heel measuring approximately 1.5 inches. The bungee cinch at the boot’s opening helps in keeping snow and cold water out. Additionally, this boot comes with adjustable hook-and –loop Velcro straps for a tighter fitting and to help retain the natural heat from the body. Also, past users attest that Sorel Flurry Tp Winter Boots are lightweight to have on all day.

4. Stride Rite Made 2 Play Sneaker Winter Boot

  • By: Stride Rite

Stride Rite claim to be the most experienced company when it comes to offering products that drive kids crazy. It claims to have a unique boot for every child be it a toddler, big kid, and even the teens. Its Stride Rite Made 2 is indeed an outstanding model. These boots are man-made from a durable fabric and a rubber outsole. They are waterproof and have a bungee lacing and a 2 hook straps to keep the child’s feet firmly in the boot. Uniquely, the boots also have a fleece lining that wicks moisture and prevents odor build up. The boots come in different colors and prints and are machine washable.

3. Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot

  • By: Stride Rite

Kamik Snowbug3 has been designed for the most extreme conditions. You can tell this by the reinforced heels and toes featured in them. Kamik Footwear Snowbug boots are available in a variety of colors for various occasions. These are small sized boots designed to make sure that your prince or princess has a fantastic first day out on the snow. Snowbug3 has a synthetic construction while its sole feature rubber insulation to keep your kids’ feet warm and dry all day long. The boots also have a bungee lacing and hook-and –loop straps that will help the child pull off in deep snow.

2. Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot

  • By: Kamik

Kamik Rocket Boots are designed to keep your small kid aged 4-8 years feeling cozy and warm. The boots have been crafted from synthetic and fabric material. These snow boots have a bungee lacing at the opening to help your child’s feet fit in perfectly especially when they are in the mood for some pod splashing. The boot is also waterproof thanks to its heavy duty synthetic sole. Additionally, Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot comes ready for some harsh treatment and is thus backed by a reinforced arch, heel, and toe. This boot has an inner thermal sole which helps in retaining heat within the boot. This multi-featured boot also has a removable foot liner that’s anti-stink. It takes away sweat and prevents odors and microbial growth.

1. Northside Frosty Snow Boot

  • By: Northside

Northside Frosty has almost all the features you would need to gain enough confidence to allow your children to have some fun in the snow. These boots feature all-weather synthetic soles designed to trap in body heat inside while preventing cold from finding its way in. Northside Frosty Snow Boots are man-made and as such, all your kid’s safety and comfort concerns have been put into consideration. These boots are for kids aged 8-12 years though there are others for the big kids aged 8-12 and for toddlers as well. These boots have an opening of 12-1/2 inches for easy sliding in and pulling out.

Snow boots for kids need to be comfortable if you want the kids to be in them. As such, you need to be keen about the size. Other things to consider are the built in closures. Consider whether the boots utilize zips, Velcro or bungee lacing. Moreover, make sure that the soles are waterproof and help in retaining heat.

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