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Top 10 Best Standing Desks in 2019 Reviews

The usage of standing desks can be traced long back. World famous scholars were using them. In modern times, standing desks have featured many improvements to offer a comfortable posture while easing the work of the user. Also, there are health benefits associated with their usage. In this review, we are going to look at top 10 best standing desks in 2019.

10. Safco products Muv Stand-up Adjustable height computer workstation

It is one of high range standing desks, offering some of the ideal features for comfortable and enjoyable operations. Being adjustable, one can use it on various occasions like in class, laboratory, and workplaces. The desk measures 39-45 inches high, and can be adjusted up to 1 inch. Shelves ate beautiful with keyboard enabled retractable shelf. It has four shelves thus allowing more space for appliances storage. Health wise, it offers a chance of burning excess fat by providing a chance of standing rather than working while seated all day.

9. 40″ Black Shelves Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation

There is no need to worry with this desk. It is designed to keep you healthy while enjoying highly innovative features. One of the advantages is eliminated back pains and health body. The two upper shelves are wide enough to hold a monitor and a keyboard comfortably. They are adjustable up to 1 inch. Besides being broad, shelves are designed to keep the screen strategically that no straining when working. Movement of the desk is smooth as it has 3-furniture inches cluster and locking brakes.

8. 40″ Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount

At number eight, it is another advanced working station boasting state of the art technology. The desk is designed with many health benefits such as improved body posture, mitigating of back and neck pain and reducing body fat. The monitor is mounted on a frame making it adjustable to ideal height. Shelves are broad, and mobility is eased through 3 inches furniture and two locking brakes. It ANSI/BIFMA certified.

7. The Original Stand Steady Desk

The steady stand desk offers a great innovation, having featured in many journals due to it health benefits. They include increased productivity and improved posture. When it comes to structure construction steady desk, usually rest on the top of existing bench. The top platform can accommodate a large desktop monitor keyboard and other assortments. Below platform can support other appliances like printers and the rest. Top shelve measures 24×25 inches, 18×15 footprints and an adjustable height of 11.25 inches. Legs are made of aluminum while the feet have non-skid rubbers.

6. Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk – Stand up Desk Converter – Holds Two Monitors

The stand steady rests on the top of an existing desk. It enables the platform conversion from sitting to standing desk. This improves the health benefits. On the top platform, it offers a large area 32×22 inches allowing it to accommodate up to two screens. Below shelve is 4.5 Square feet thus ideal for holding other essential accessories. It is adjustable up to 11.25 inches and footprint measures 28×19 inches. Legs are made of aluminum and have a non-skidding rubber. It is easy to assemble as it takes just 5 minutes.

5. Ergotron Workfit-D Sit-Stand Desk

Once you own the desk, there are many privileges to be enjoyed. First, it is used when standing or seated (switching mode). There is no worry about tripping as it comes with integrated brake system. Operations are made more efficient via manual operation to avoid disruptions when working. The platform can be customized depending on one’s needs. The working station is made with durable material to achieve a long life. The working surface measures 47.6×23.5 inches.

4. Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 Dual Sit-Stand Workstation

This platform is highly customizable. It comes with fabulous features; it can hold two independently adjustable LCD screens. It is possible to adjust each screen height to achieve desired ergonomic comfort. This platform is made of heavy-duty materials as it can support up to 14lbs. Adjustable height is 23 inches while enjoying a 360� rotation. Heath wise it offers a choice of either to work while seated or while standing there maximizing the output.

3. 48″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk with Heavy Duty Steel Frame (Black Shelves / Silver Frame)

With this high-class standing desk, your health is guaranteed. No back pain, no neck pain and no posture distortion. It is very easy to transform this working station from a sitting one to a standing desk just with a simple crank adjustment. The top platform is broad enough; 47 inches to hold a desktop comfortably. Top shelve is 16 inches deep and bottom one 14 inches deep. Two shelves are 4.625 inches apart, allowing a two tiers system thus enabling proper housing of monitor and keyboard. It is ANSI/BIFMA certified.

2. Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 30

Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 30 is a sophisticated standing desk, designed for people with limited space. It has two tiers offering an ideal space for monitor and keyboard. To ensure maximum comfort, it is adjustable in 11 ways. It is very fast in adjustability 3 seconds at the same time having a lifting capacity of up to 35pounds.

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1. Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

The desk is meant for people with larger spaces, having the capacity to accommodate two LCD screens. Some of the features include two tiers for the accommodation of monitors and keyboards. The platform has massive power support up to 35pounds at the same time maintaining a speed of 3second. Adjustability is 11 ways regarding the height. Upon order, it comes fully assembled.

Standing desks according to the review above comes with different qualities and specifications. With these ten we are sure that next time you go shopping for one, you will have a comprehensive know-how concerning these desks thus making the best choice that suits you.

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