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Top 10 Best Stick Vacuums in 2019 Reviews

A stick vacuum cleaner works just like other types of vacuums. It uses an air pump to build a vacuum space to suck up dust and dirt particles from floors and other surfaces. The only difference is that they are specially designed to clean small homes for carpet and bare surfaces. They have a sleek design, lightweight and require limited space. Also, stick vacuums use rechargeable batteries hence are more convenient and require low maintenance compared to other shop vacuums. Unlike the ordinary larger vacuums, stick vacuums have great versatility, and most of them can be converted into handheld vacuums ideal for cleaning stairs or even a car. An excellent stick vacuum should possess desirable features such as high suction power and maneuverability for different projects. So our article presents to you the findings and the results of what we’ve tested. The following are the ten best stick vacuum in 2019 reviews.

10.Dirt Devil SD20015 Tri-Lite Stick Vacuum

  • By: Dirt Devil

Dirty Devil doesn’t face any challenge and doesn’t relent on giving a thorough cleaning to the dirty floors. It has a powerful suction and a robust design perfectly adapted to handle all stubborn dust and dirt particulates. It features a powerful vacuum stick and a removable hand for an overall and thorough cleaning. It is equipped with an onboard crevice tool for cleaning the hard to reach areas. Moreover, the lightweight and compact design allows you to clean for an extended time without getting fatigue or boredom.

9. BISSELL Featherweight 3106-Q Lightweight Vacuum


As the title of this product suggests, this Bissel vacuum cleaner has an incredibly lightweight ideal for outstanding cleaning. T is a multipurpose cleaning tool that is perfect for smoother and hard floors. It is also suitable for cleaning ceiling and upholstery. We can’t forget to mention the crevice tool that aids in cleaning hidden crevices. Besides, it conveniently transforms into a handheld vacuum for a more convenient and easy cleaning.it has a smooth release dirt cup instead of a trash bag hence offers an exceptional cleaning experience. It has a sleek design with a removable floor nozzle and an easy wrap cord for convenient storage.

8. Shark Rocket – UltraLight Upright

  • By: SharkNinja

This vacuum has reliable features that ensure you do a remarkable cleaning job. To start with, it gives you the freedom to clean around the furniture without a hassle. Thanks to the swivel steering control that rotates in 360 degrees. The fingertip controls allow you to change from hard to carpet cleaning without a struggle. It features a dual- storage options that give you the freedom to mount the dirt storage under the wand or on the wall. It has a washable microfiber pad that does a thorough cleaning on hard floors and ceiling. It weighs as small as 8 pounds and therefore lightweight enough to move it around the home for several hours without getting tired.

7. Dirt Devil S Power Air Corded- D20505 Bagless Stick Vacuum

  • By: Dirt Devil

This dirt devil can be described as a dirt buster in the sense that it shows a lot of legendary in the cleaning sector. It uses a cyclonic filtration mechanism to suck at the same time filtering the dirt. This mechanism ensures that you don’t overwork the machine and doesn’t lose the suction power. Its low profile and lightweight design ensure that you pick up all the dirt from the hard floor and upholstery without any challenge. It is energy efficient as it uses 10amp yet so powerful to handle big loads of dirt. It has a slim design for storage in squeezed spaces.

6. Electrolux Ion 2-1 Stick Ergorapido Lithium and Handheld Vacuum

  • By: Electrolux

This vacuum guarantees you an extended and smooth runtime on a single charge. It uses a heavy duty lithium battery that ensures you do a thorough job without failure. Besides, you can detach it to form a handheld design that allows you to clean above the floor and ceilings. Featuring a bag less cyclonic system, it guarantees a continuous suction power to clean your home surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean. The motorized brush roll can swivel through 180 degrees for easy maneuverability for smoothing turning.

5. VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Corded Upright Stick – Handheld Vacuum Cleaner600W Corded

  • By: VonHaus

VonHaus 600w vacuum has a special design with unique capabilities. Unlike other close competitors, this vacuum features a HEPA and stage filtration system that locks small particles blocking them from diffusing back into the air. By so doing, it prevents incidences of allergies and spread of bacteria. It has a strong suction power rated 130 air watts. This power is enough to remove stubborn dirt particles from the innermost points and crevices. It glides over surfaces smoothly and collects all the dirt and deposits it into a 1.2-liter dust reservoir.

4. Shark Navigator -SV1106 Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

  • By: SharkNinja

This shark navigator is a stick vacuum that does all types of cleaning jobs excellently. It is ideal for collecting pet hair and cleaning hard floors as well as upholstery. It is powerful and lightweight to enable you to work on any surface without facing boredom. The portable and versatile design allow easy cleaning of a variety of surfaces without facing any technicality. The two-speed brush roll is developed and optimized for cleaning carpet, upholstery, and even hard floors. Also, the addition of swivel steering function eases the cleaning of inaccessible areas and around the furniture. It boasts an extra- large capacity and a cordless design for smooth and extended cleaning without interruptions.

3. Hoover – Linx Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Corded

  • By: Hoover

Even though this vacuum is corded, it is worth breaking the bank. It has incredible features that surpass majority of its close competitors. It boasts a powered brush roll that features a cyclonic technology that offers complete cleaning. Besides, it makes the transition from bare floors to low carpet very easy. The extreme recline handle ensures that you clean under the furniture without necessarily straining your spine. The non-marring wheels and the swivel design enable an all-around and thorough cleaning.

2. Hoover- Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner- BH50010

  • By: Hoover

This vacuum from Hoover boasts power and versatility that can’t be matched to any other of its kind. It features a low profile base that can fit under the furniture to execute its mission. The particular wind tunnel technology produces powerful suction that gives you the motivation to continue cleaning without facing any hassle. With a tap of a button, the brush rolls disengages and switches from carpet to floor. This feature eliminates time wastage. On the other hand, it has a fuel gauge that displays how much battery charge remains. Apparently, this machine takes cleaning to the next level by giving you accuracy and precision.

1. Dirt Devil >Vacuum Cleaner Simpli – Stick

  • By: Dirt Devil

This vacuum cleaner features an innovative design that includes a simple detachable hand vacuum. This means that you can easily convert it to a handheld vacuum to clean above floors without facing disappointments. It weighs as low as 4 pounds, therefore, giving you the freedom to move around with it without feeling fatigue. However, it has a long cord that measures 16 feet but has a convenient wrap. This long cord allows you to clean a wide area without retracting it from the cord. It boasts a 1.25 amp power that ensures a continuous supply of power suction. Besides, this innovative stick vacuum features an onboard crevice tool that allows the hand vacuum to clean embedded dirt in the tight spaces.

Looking into the individual properties of the vacuum cleaners, you will realize that stick vacuums are indeed preferable. There is no need of purchasing a large vacuum that would end up burdening your home. Stick vacuums perform the same roll just like other bigger machines and have added capabilities. By getting one of the mentioned vacuums, you eliminate all the challenges of dealing with dirt and dust in your home. They are the best stick vacuums according to the reviews in 2019. Choose one and enjoy the cleaning exercises for the rest of your life.

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