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Top 10 Best Stun Batons in 2019 Reviews

Have ever wanted to experience the power of the best stun baton? I know right back at the bottom of my mind that everyone struggles to find something of the sort. Something that could guarantee your defense against dangerous attacks from dogs and other animals, and lastly from the human gangs. In addition to that, I have a feeling that this product is familiar with the police and other military officers. Therefore, whether you are looking for one for your home use, military, or for outdoor activities, then with this guide, you will find the top 10 best stun batons in 2019 reviews guide to help you over the same.

At this point, you are good to go. Here, we only give you the top ten best stun batons available on the market. Our list is a product of thorough research and analysis, and therefore, we are there to keep you and to make you acquire the best product that you will always admire. With the same information that you have gained, you can now proceed to the market where you can pick your choice here on the following list:

10. Guard Dog Security All-in-One Stun Baton

Guard Dog Security All-in-One Stun Baton

  • By: Guard Dog Security
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.8 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches

This stun baton comes with the best features to enable it to achieve its purpose without problems. One of such features that we should loudly mention should include the 260 lumens that serve to power the product and to make it effective for its work. In addition to that, the product comes in 18.75-inches to offer the distance protection and therefore, if you should have one of such valuable stun batons, then you have to check on this excellent type that comes in power. Of course, the maximum stopping power is the thing that we are talking about and therefore, the product suits the police operations especially the night patrols.

The high lumen flashlight that comes from high-quality lumens gives a powerful stun that makes the product used for the purpose. The other benefit that you should know even before buying this stun baton is that the product is indestructible since it comes from the aircraft build high-quality aluminum alloy. The other thing that comes as part of the features is the safety switch that works to prevent the accidental discharge hence making it safe.

9. Cheetah 10 Million-Volt Stun Baton

Cheetah 10 Million-Volt Stun Baton

  • By: Cheetah

This product is the best stun baton on the market means that you should get hold of the features to determine whether it suits your needs. You will realize that the baton comes with features that will make you admire. Some of the same features that we need to talk about should include the long reach. In that case, if you are looking for the best stun baton that will reach for a long distance, then this type comes with the maximum power to deliver to your expectation.

Of the features that make up the product, we must mention some that can serve to determine whether you are for the product or not. To help you in that line, we can say that the product comes with LED flashlight and the three modes, the safety switch, and the wrist strap as part of the features that we should highlight. In addition to that, the stun baton that we still need to know more about comes with the belt clip and aluminum anti-roll body design hence making it the best option among the ones that you will find here.

8. Diamond Back Replaceable Batteries Stun Baton

Diamond Back Replaceable Batteries Stun Baton

  • By: DiamondBack

You will come to know that most of the stun batons that you find on the market come with non-replaceable batteries. Fortunate enough, this type is an exception and comes with the ability to allow for the replacement. In that connection, therefore, if you want to have the best stun baton that can allow for the same, then you need to waste your chance here when we have availed the best choice that comes at an affordable price.

Apart from the feature and quality that we have mentioned regarding this stun baton, you will also notice that the product comes in high quality and black anodized body made from aluminum and therefore is the best option that you can have for the same purpose. When it comes to power, you need not compare this type with the other similar ones that you find on the market since this option beats them all. Some other features that come with the product include the charger, two rechargeable batteries, 320 lumens, and the magnetic flap gift box among other features.

7. Tools Supply Streetwise Security Stun Baton

Tools Supply Streetwise Security Stun Baton

  • By: Tools Supply
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds

This baton comes with the best quality and features that comprise of the highest voltage power for effectiveness to its function, and the military grade design from aluminum alloy among other beautiful features. Of course, the product is the best for different functions that you can suit to fit. Apart from being the best for security and military functions, this excellent stun baton is also the best choice for sporting and outdoor activities. Therefore, if you are looking for the best stun baton that will serve a multiplicity of functions or purposes, then this option is the best.

Of course, when it comes to the application of this product, you will find that the same comes with instructions and of the troubleshooting when the need arises. In that connection, whether you are a police officer, a homeowner, or just an adventurer, then you need to have this great stun baton for your protection during the night. The baton is useful in a variety of ways that should include guarding of your property and for military functions among others.

6. Streetwise Security Products PFTB9R Stun Baton

Streetwise Security Products PFTB9R Stun Baton

  • By: Streetwise Security Products
  • Item Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 2 x 2 inches

Are you looking for the best stun baton with non-slip grip? If you are the one I am talking of, then you should rest your case here with this impressive product that will surely work for your needs. This baton is what you need since it comes with high-quality design to ensure that it performs its function, as it ought to be. The product is suitable for the police strength protection and other functions that you may see fit.

Apart from being a flashlight baton, this product is also a useful product for self-defense as it comes with a tactical striking edge that also works as an emergency glass breaker. In addition to the features, we also need to mention just some few others that also play a part in enhancing the effectiveness and the functionality of this product. Such features should include the five light modes, the non-slip grip, and the triple stun technology among other beautiful features.

5. Police Extremely Powerful Tactical Stun Baton

Police Extremely Powerful Tactical Stun Baton

  • By: Police

As the name sound, this product is an incredibly powerful flashlight that suits the military functions such as the police patrols among other uses. The best thing about the product is that it comes with rechargeable batteries. Apart from the rechargeable batteries, you will also need to note the fact that the product comes with replaceable batteries and that guarantees continuous or unlimited usage. Therefore, if you are in search of the product with the same feature, then with this type, I can assure you that you have the best choice.

The advantage that you get with this product is that of the design. When we mention of that, the design features a long reach to ensure that you stay safe while using it. With the 320 lumens, this product offers the most powerful flashlight that makes it suitable for the purpose. Apart from the lumen thing, the product also comes with three modes, and that is high, low, and the strobe for different functions. The other features are the control switch for safety and the rugged aluminum among other features.

4. Streetwise Security Products Mini Barbarian Stun Baton

Streetwise Security Products Mini Barbarian Stun Baton

  • By: StreetWise
  • Item Weight: 2.6 pounds

This mini barbarian baton is an alternative option that you can opt if you find that the others on the list are not impressive. Of course, this type is one of the best stun batons that you can bank on if you need the best results. Therefore, you should make the right choice that will free you from the later regrets and for you to do that right; you should consider the other features that come with this product. Apart from being one of the powerful stun batons available, this type comes with the best price that makes it affordable for everyone.

As we can mention, this baton comes with quality that makes it the best suit for the purpose. Apart from the normal functioning of being a flashlight baton that you can use for stun purposes, it also serves as a self-defense product. Some of the features we should talk about with this product as part of the design and quality that come with it include the shock proof exterior, the triple sun technology, and the recharge cord among other features. Therefore, this baton will surely satisfy your needs, and therefore, you should acquire it for your self-defense among other functions.

3. O-MEGA Stun Guns S-120 Stun Baton

O-MEGA Stun Guns S-120 Stun Baton

  • Item Weight: 2.8 pounds

This product is suitable for the protecting yourself against dogs and animal attacks. Apart from what we did just mention, the product is suitable for self-defense and therefore, you should get hold of it if you are looking for the best stun baton that will serve the same purpose. Of course, the product comes with high-quality design and thus is a top choice product for companies and for individuals who want to reap great benefits from it.

As we did mention, this product is the best for self-defense and other uses that you can see fit. In that regard, when selecting your best stun baton of choice, you need to rely on other features that should include the integration of electrified strips on the upper part that means you will only enjoy it while holding in the right position. That means the electrified grips shields you since you will be the only one to hold the product and no one else will dare do it on the upper electrified part. Therefore, if that is what you want, then you should not hesitate on making this product your best choice.

2. Vaxiner Super Powerful Heavy-Duty Stun Gun

Vaxiner Super Powerful Heavy-Duty Stun Gun

  • By: Vaxiner

This heavy-duty stun gun comes best among the other types that you have already met on this list. You still have one more to go, and therefore, you should be serious now since as we go down the list, you know that the value also increases. In that connection, if this product is impressive with the features that come with it, then you should not hesitate to move on with it. I can assure you that this product is suitable for security operations, protection, and defense.

Some of the obvious features that you will encounter with this product should include what you can see from its description and one is a professional defense equipment. The others that we must also mention include the three modes of tactical flashlights, the long reach for safety, and the rechargeable ability. Therefore, if you should acquire a product of this sort, then I can assure you that with this type, you would have chosen the best.

1. Police Security Extreme Heavy-Duty Stun Gun

Police Security Extreme Heavy-Duty Stun Gun

  • By: Police Security Extreme

As the name could suggest, this product is the best for military operations that include spotting and patrol night purposes by the police among other functions. Of course, we would not like to forget on one of the main roles of this product being a self-defense baton. Therefore, when you have this baton, you can stay safe from attacks from dogs, animals, and even the gangs who might try to fight you. With that regard, you will need to have the best stun baton to deal with the situation when it arises.

I know that you would like to learn more about this product before you can make up your mind. Of course, being the best on the market, and with the best features that we will mention, this stun baton is the best for the purpose. The features that we should therefore mention should include the rechargeable feature that enables you to power it up when the battery is down and to make it convenient and reliable.

In conclusion, getting the best stun baton for your needs is now an easy task given the information and insights that you have gained from this guide. In that situation, you can then make your choice easily from the list above and steadily; you will come to appreciate everything about this guide.

Stun baton buying advice

Any other thing that you buy on the market requires you to have a solid understanding of it. Without prior knowledge of the market, the different brands, types, features, and prices, your search might come to a halt. However, we have done our best of research to give you the best guide and for your search for the best stun batons on the market; you should base your choice on the factors that include the following:

  • Safety
  • Lumens power
  • Battery replacement
  • Multipurpose features


Stun batons come in different designs and therefore when getting yourself the best out of the many that you can find, then you need to consider the one that guarantees you on your safety. One thing when it comes to the safety is to consider the design, extended arm, control switch, and whether the product comes with electrified arm strip or not. With the same considerations, you will never mess on your choice.

Lumens power

You will also note that the various stun batons that you find on the list come with the different number of lumens. Here, you should note the fact that the number of the lumens affect the flashlight strength and therefore, depending on what you should achieve with the product, you can pick the one that you know will give you the best brightness suitable for your needs.

Battery replacement

Another thing of crucial importance is to find the best product that comes with the ability or capacity to allow for battery replacement. Without this feature, you might end up having a product that will not be reliable when it comes to power. Apart from the replacement, you will also need to pick the best baton that allows you to recharge the battery.

Multipurpose features

This fact should remain the main consideration that you can make when selecting your best stun baton on the market. One thing that you should take a keen eye on is the capacity of it to play multiple functions. Remember, you will not only need it for self-defense, but you will need a product that allows for all-round functions including the use for outdoor functions and activities. Therefore, for you to have a product that will guarantee ultimate satisfaction, then you should make your choice based on this fact.

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