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Top 10 Best Swimming Pool Cover Reels in 2019 Reviews

Covering your swimming pool has numerous benefits. The most noticeable and the number one reason why most people use swimming pool cover reels is to reduce the cost of heating the pool. They also help to prevent debris from falling into the pool. Moreover, all chemicals remain in the water without evaporating. The covers also assist in trapping some heat from the sun which reduces the heating cost dramatically.

Buyer’s guide to Swimming Pool Cover Reels

How simple it is, these days, to get a pool cover. They are available almost anywhere in the neighborhood, or you could get them delivered right to your doorstep with just a few single clicks. However, getting the right tool for your pool is somehow not an easy thing. Without clear consideration, you may end up wasting your money on the one that doesn’t match your pool. Therefore, before making a decision to buy a swimming pool cover reels, you need to put all these points into consideration.

  • Pool Shape and Size: most reels comes in only one shape, the rectangle one, which fits only square, round, oval, or rectangular pool. Beware when you have a bending shape or a curvy pool since you may need a larger reel.
  • Reel portability: most common types of pool cover reels are the one mounted at the side of your pool. There is also another available option that you can have a portable reel that you can take it away when not using. This will maintain the good view of your pool.
  • Durability: thickness of the cover fabric defines its durability. The thicker is better in UV protection and long lasting but also more expensive.

When shopping for swimming pool cover reels, you will certainly require a reel to help you place or remove the cover with ease. These pool accessories come in different designs and have different features. They also have different price tags. At the end of the day, what you need is a set you can afford, that which is easy to use and does what it’s meant to do. So, from the market, these are this years’ top picks.

10. Doheny’s Deluxe Pool Cover Reel System

  • By: Doheny’s

Doheny’s Pool Cover Reel System is ideally for one person use. It is compatible with both round and oval pools and rolls up the solar blanket easily and effortlessly. It is a full package comprising of a reel and a cover attachment kit. All the units take a little time to assemble and feature a heavy-duty construction. The reel is big enough to accommodate a solar 12-mil blanket.

9. Economy Pool Solar Cover Reel

  • By: GLI Pool Products

The simple yet rigid design featured in this swimming pool cover reel makes it easy to use. Also, it requires almost no specialized maintenance. It’s a hand crank on one side and a base sturdily mounted on the other side. The 2 utilize durable and corrosion-resistant resin featuring interlocking high-grade aluminum tubes. All these materials grant the reel an elongated lifespan and to offer you easy maneuverability. The large tread tires fitted on one side makes it easy for one person to pull the cover over the pool in a snap.

8. Pool Boy Powered Solar Blanket Reel

  • By: Pool Boy

This is just what swimming pool owners have been waiting for. Power Boy is the Lamborghini in this niche. It fits perfectly to any pools measuring 20ft by 40 ft. While others slave on the crank, this one offers you the convenience of slightly pushing a button and your pool is covered or uncovered. This reel comes with a low voltage and highly-performing transformer that can fit into about any 115V GFCI power outlet. You can remotely operate this reel at ease with a waterproof remote control. The tubes comprise of high-grade aluminum tubes while the base features a powder coating.

7. Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover Reel

  • By: Leisure Living

If you own around swimming pool and are you’re searching for an affordable cover reel system that’ll serve you for long, this one from Leisure Living is a reliable bet. It works best for pools up to 24’’ wide. The steering wheel designed handle makes it easy for one person to do the work with no hassles. This system has a very fine design made from hardened and anti-corrosive plastics and aluminum tubes. It’s also easy to pivot it or even remove it when it’s splash time.

6. Kokido Cover Reel Set (Up to 20′)

  • By: Kokido

Keeping your swimming pool heated could be a bit costly. However, investing in a cover has proved a simple yet effective way of doing it and slashing the high costs to considerable amounts. This Kokido swimming pool cover reel set is a perfect choice for the in-ground pools. Stainless steel reels are normally costly, but this one comes at a real steal price for its quality. It’s a 5-piece set designed for use in pools with up to 21.1 widths. The stainless steel prevents the arm from rusting.

5. SOLAR ROLLER Solar Pool Cover inpool

  • By: Solar Factory

You won’t believe how easy it is to use this cover reel leave alone how efficient it is. You are able to cover or uncover your pool in utmost 15 seconds. Surprisingly, it has multiple purposes for use in any pool including those with a limited deck space and those where traditional reel system is hard to use. Solar Roller gives your cover a longer life since it doesn’t roll it on the pool deck but on top of the water. It can also be taken to a shady area to give you better access to your pool and to protect the cover from direct sun rays.

4. Sun2Solar Stainless Steel Solar Reel

  • By: Sun2Solar

From Sun2Solar, this is an affordable way to keep your pool heated and free of debris. It’s a durable swimming pool blanket roller made of high-grade stainless steel. Mostly, people recommend this reel for use with covers not exceeding 12ml. It has a large handle that makes it easy for one person to spread the cover with a lot of ease. Its oversized castors, on the other hand, make it incredibly convenient to maneuver it. While this set is ideal for 16’’ wide pools, there’re other models from this manufacturer for the 20ft and 25ft wide swimming pools. It has a 3-years warranty backing.

3. Kokido Stainless Steel Pool Cover Reel Set- In pool

  • By: Kokido

Like the previously reviewed cover reel set from this manufacturer, this reel system is thoughtfully constructed and is also easy to use. It’s also a 5-piece set but is compatible with pools with 18.7’’ width. This set is again fitted with strong straps with Velcro on one side where they attach to the tube set and clips that hold the pool cover. This set is also covered by a 30-day limited warranty.

2. Aqua Splash In Ground Pool Cover Blanket Reel

  • By: Aqua Splash

Aqua Splash Solar Cover Reel comes with a 3-year warranty which is the best deal so far. It fits easily on pools with up to 16 ft width and with 8 mil-12 mil solar blankets. This is a multi-featured pool accessory aiming at making it convenient and easy to use. This set also features a handle on each side for a quick and easy task. It has pre-drilled holes if you wish to lock. The components used in this set’s construction are durable and non-corrosive.

1. Best Choice Products in ground Swimming Pool Reel Cover

  • By: Best Choice Products

Behind the modern and stylish design with this in-ground swimming pool, reel cover lies unrivaled reliability and versatility. Firstly, previous users can attest that it has been designed for maximum durability thanks to its sturdy construction. It’s rust-resistant and requires almost zero maintenance. The reel set is a fine product from handcraft which ensures maximum efficiency. It goes perfectly fine for any pools with 17.5ft-21ft in length.

Having a cover kit for your swimming is one huge favor you’ll do for yourself this year. It’ll not only add a unique touch to your pool but will also save you an incredible amount of bucks which would have been used in maintenance or heating the water.

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