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Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best tattoo kits on the market? Are you a beginner wondering what kit will give you a good jumpstart in this career? You are at the right place. Here, you’ll find a sophisticated list of all the best selling professional grade tattoo accessories. Coming at all prices and with different features, we’re very certain that you’ll find one set or two that suit you best.
These kits were arrived at after an extensive research. We also based our study on previous buyers’ experience. As such, we’re sure that you’ll have your needs met and even exceeded.

10. Professional 4 Machine Guns Tattoo Kit

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This professional grade has been thoughtfully designed with advice from well-known tattoo experts and enthusiasts. It’s intended for use by both the novice and the experienced artists. A tutoring CD onboard will welcome you to the world of tattoos. It’s a complete set with everything included to start tattooing right away without any additional costs on other units. The needles have been sterilized for safety while the 4 guns use a high-quality power cord with excellent power conductivity and flexibility.

9. By Fancier ER02 Tattoo Kit

  • By: eyepower

This genius tattoo kit has the most competitive price on the market today. Its high quality can be seen right from its external appearance. Nothing gives you more assurance of the safety of your kit than a sturdily constructed lockable case with 2 keys. Ero2 Tattoo Kit comes with a reliable commercial grade power system and an array of inks for all your tattoo needs. You also get 2 professional tattoo guns and their grips made of high-quality stainless steel. The package also includes 100 rubber bands, 50 pincushion, and disposable tips. This means that you’ll not be buying any other component to get you going.

8. Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3 Machine Guns

  • By: Solong Tattoo

Solong isn’t such a big name in this niche. However, this tattoo kit from its line has been found worthy of your attention. Amongst other features to look forward to is its 3 pro machine guns designed for lining and shading. They are professional grade and incredibly easy to use. Its LCD modern tattoo power supply is reliable and won’t crash easily. This kit also has some of the most popular inks today in 54 5ml bottles.

7. Dragon Hawk Tattoo Kit Power Supply Y-017

  • By: Dragon Hawk

If you’re in need of an extremely affordable tattoo kit, this one by Dragon Hawk has the best bang for your buck. It has a digitalized power supply set. The machine operates on 110v and 220v power range. The set also includes an efficient foot switch which gives your hands all the freedom to give the best in shading and lining. The guns’ cords have been insulated for excellent power conductivity and flexibility.

6. Fancier Studio (S-T02) Tattoo Machine 4 Gun

  • By: eyepower

The manufacturer has not left out even the slightest detail to make this kit a top-notch pick for you. While the excellently built carrying case will catch your eyeballs first, it’s important to note that the quality featured by the tools therein is more than you’re paying for. Fancier Studios Tattoo Kit comes with 4 skins to practice on and a DVD to take you through. The 4 guns, each with its function, are amongst the best in this niche while the 2 grips are not common with other manufacturers.

5. Eyepower 2 Machine Gun Tattoo Kit

  • By: eyepower

The professionalism and modernity featured in this kit will give your artwork a competitive edge and train the beginners. One thing that’s easily notable is its professionalized power supply that operates on 110-220v. The best thing about this power supply system is that it has been designed to be compatible with different states’ power systems. Again, it’s safe for your clients and won’t give them any discomfort. Secondly, this kit is extremely affordable and a must-have for any beginner. You get exactly what is in the picture.

4. 6 Eyepower 6 Gun Tattoo Kit

  • By: eyepower

This is amongst the few best deals that ought to have been closed yesterday. But you can still make the order today. From Eyepower, this kit is a perfect choice for you if you’re starting on tattoo. Its versatility also makes it a must-have for the experienced artists. All the items in this kit come locked in a compact top quality case with keys. This set has 6 guns which are the most recent on the market, 10 wrap coils, 2 empaistic grips, 1 advanced grade power supply system, and 50 sterile needles amongst others.

3. Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit 4 Tattoo Machine Guns

  • By: Dragon Hawk

You need not lay your hands on this kit to understand its quality. It’s amongst the few decent kits that tattoo enthusiasts and professionals are buzzing about. It’s a complete set that comes ready to use. The package has a set of 4 machines for fine lining, lining, shading, and coloring. It also has 20 bottles of trusted immortal ink which are vegan-friendly, vibrant, and consistent. You also get a trial period. You can ship it back in case you’re not 100% satisfied.

2. GRINDER Pirate Face Complete Tattoo Kit (Made in USA)

  • By: Pirate Face Tattoo

This grinder has been designed to train the newbies in this art gain some skills and develop on them. It’s also an excellent deal for the pros especially because of its reliable power supply. It’s simple to use and straightforward. This Grinder Kit comes with all you need to jumpstart your hobby or career. With the package, you get among other items 4 tattoo machines, 1 power supply, 50 sterile needles, 7 tattoo ink, 4 machine grips and a sturdy carrying case. You also get a 2-hour DVD that will welcome you to tattoo and take you step by step into it. The power supply and tattoo machines are again covered by a 6-months warranty.

1. Dragon Hawk Complete Tattoo Kit (Best Seller)

  • By: Dragon Hawk

This complete set by Dragon Hawk is the best selling on the market today. It also boasts an unbeatable price and unrivaled performance. This package includes 2 tattoo machines, a power box, tattoo inks, and sterilized tattoo needles. You also get a tattoo foot pedal and tattoo grips amongst other things. What makes this kit most people’s top pick is its customized features. All the pieces herein have been designed after feedbacks from previous customers.

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