Top 10 Best Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste in 2019

For some people, eating food without spices is like taking tea without sugar. Spices are popular in many countries in the world. However, each region is known for their particular types. Due to interaction, there has been an exchange of cultural practices, especially in the culinary and cuisines sector. It is easier to find some of the typical food Asian continent becoming more popular in Americas and vice versa. One of the most common and most natural food exchange are the spices and herbs. They are sweet depending on the formulation while others are bitter depending on the user. According to several studies, spices are important as they have many health benefits. Some include antibacterial, antifungal and rich in vital nutrients.

Thai Kitchen green curry paste is one of the well-known spices that are formulated from a combination of essential ingredients. If you cannot prepare one in your home, there are ready made available in the market at an affordable price. So as to enhance your cooking, we have reviewed the top 10 best Thai Kitchen green curry paste in 2019.

10. Lobo Green Curry Paste

  • Brand: Lobo
  • Item Weight: 5.9 ounces

People love this curry due to its refreshing flavor. Without doubts, this is the ultimate paste that is popular in many countries though originally formulated in Thai. It possesses a mixture of freshly picked green chili making it one of the hottest curries in the market. Once you purchase, you are going to enjoy the bestselling and high-quality product in Thailand. It weighs 1.76Oz.

9. Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine-Green Curry

  • Brand: Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine
  • Item Weight: 3.3 Ounce

The Blue Elephant Thai green curry is a mouthwatering product. It features popular ingredients from well-known blue elephant restaurant. It is suitable for vegetarians, and it has no additive and gluten. It has been in production for a long time by an experienced company; more than 40 years. The curry is one of the bestselling in the international market having over 30 countries of shipment. It is natural, featuring a blend of chemical free ingredients. The well-balanced spices leave you feeling hotness while salivating. GMP and HCCP certify this product.

8. Thai and True Curry Paste – Green

  • Brand: Thai and True
  • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces

The popularity of Thai made curries has led to more and more people getting involved in this Asian cuisine. If you go to any corner of the globe, you will meet these curries. Natives Thais’ based on Oregon manufactures this green curry by Thai and True. This means that preservation of originality in preparation. The product is safe for all people including vegetarian since it is 100% plant based. For people with protein allergic, it is gluten free thus highly digestible. Any ingredient used in preparation is natural without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. It comes in natural form since it has no preservatives or GMO related materials. you can use for fries, grilling coconut curries and marinades.

7. East Kitchen Green Curry, Thai Gourmet Sauce Mix, with Coconut Powder

  • Brand: East Kitchen
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces

If you love to cook tasty food such as meat, seafood and vegetables, with this green curry everyone in the family will be missing your meals. The product is carefully prepared to give satisfaction as it has no preservatives or added monosodium glutamate. One packet can serve a group of three people. It offers a unique taste and aroma from the Northern Thailand. No need to wait longer buy yourself or as a gift and make it unforgettable Thai moment in your home or party.

6. Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste- 4 Ounce Jar ( Pack of 12)

  • Brand: Thai Kitchen

Bring the real Thai feeling direct to your house. This green curry is excellent during your cooking. It can be used in a wide range of food with great results. It is formulated to offer a genuine flavor to anyone using it around the globe. It has no glutamine additives or preservatives thus maintaining its original packaging state. It is formulated from some of the best-known spices such as green chili, lemon grass among others.

5. Maesri Thai Green Curry Paste

  • Brand: Maesri
  • Item Weight: 114g/can

You don not to travel all the way to Thailand to enjoy their great food. You can enjoy it as you relax in your house. The Maesri Thai Green Curry Paste is the ultimate product that will revolutionize your cooking style. With over 15 ingredients it is an exceptional way to make you visitors never forgets your food. It is purely natural and has no additives, preservatives or food colorings. The paste is usable by vegetarians and is Halal certified.

4. Maggi Thai Style Green Curry Paste

  • Brand: Maggi
  • Item Weight: 14.4 Ounce

Experience an outstanding cooking with Maggi Thai Style Green Curry Paste. With distribution over 80 countries in the world, you can be one of the witnesses of great meals. It is formulated using some of the naturally grown spices free from chemicals. Additionally, to maintain freshness it has no other processing additives. Primary ingredients include green chili, turmeric, coriander, lemon grass among others. it offers an excellent and tasty chicken, lamb, vegetables and pork. Using this curry is simple by just simmering for a few minutes.

3. Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste, 4-Oz (Pack of 6)

  • Brand: Thai Kitchen
  • Item Weight: 4.6 ounces

The Thai Kitchen green curry is a premium produced to offer tempting aroma and flavor. It is formulated form some of the best herbs in the world such as lemon grass, ginger, and fresh chili. Their blend of aromatic spices yields an extraordinary paste. The product can be used for frying, making soups and in vegetables. It is natural, glutamine-free and unique flavors.

2. Maesri Thai Green, Red Yellow Curry Pastes Set

  • Brand: TastePadThai
  • Item Weight: 12 oz.

This curry set from Maesri comes with your favorite green, red and yellow cans. Te product is blended from natural and finest products. There is no glutamine, or preservatives thereby maintaining the natural flavors. The curry from Maesri is known to rock for since 1966. Quality is guaranteed through certification by USFDA.

1. Mae Ploy Thai Green Curry Paste

  • Brand: Mae Ploy
  • Item Weight: 14 oz.

The curry from Mae Ploy is all you need to make lifetime curries and soups. It features a formulation of green chili, lemongrass, galangal among others that give it a savory flavor and aroma. It is a natural product without additional food colors, monosodium glutamate, and preservatives. The product is easy to prepare and comes in a resealable container.

As we have noted above, Thai Kitchen curry pastes are great when it comes to preparing meals. Their formulation and blending have made their popularity rise over time. With much emphasis on going natural, do not be left behind in making your family, friends and visitors have unforgettable meals.

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