Top 10 Best Toilet Wands in 2019 Reviews

No need to stay with germ-ridden toilet bowls yet you can do something to safeguard your health. Toilet germs and dirt can be harmful to the health since it can lead to some diseases that come from the germs that accumulate on the rims. Therefore, you should get one of the toilet wands on the list below that comes with the top 10 best toilet wands in 2019 reviews.

10. OXO Good Compact Toilet Brush

 OXO Good Compact Toilet Brush

  • By: OXO

Of course, this is an inevitable tool for every home, and you need to have it in your toilet. This excellent toilet wand comes with a canister door that opens automatically when you want to use the product or when you just lift the toilet brush. The other benefit that you get is that this great wand stores your toilet brush neatly when it is not in use. When it comes to features that we should address, this great product or rather the brush comes with a tapered brush head and the sturdy blue bristles, and hence it can clean up to the rims and hard to reach areas.

After considering the features that we have mentioned, you should know that this product is the best and you need it for your toilet. When it comes to the handle and the features that come with, you will notice that the handle come with the best shape that is designed to give you a comfortable and a secure grip. The canister drip tray features ventilation slots and hence can allow water to evaporate quickly.

9. Richards Homewares Toilet Brush with Holder

Richards Homewares Toilet Brush with Holder

  • By: Richards Homewares

If you are looking for one of the best toilet wands of the year, then you can have this great and excellent product that comes with the best features to give you an excellent brush holder that makes it easy and comfortable for you to use. The product comes with a heavy-duty cleaning brush, and that means you can use the same for cleaning even the hard surfaces. With the same features, you will find it tough and durable hence can last you for a long time.

The other feature is the deep cleaning action that comes with the product and with this great feature, you can enjoy faster and deep cleaning that ensures that all the dirt is out of place. The other thing to mention is that the brush comes with high-quality bristles and that is actually what you would like to achieve with any of the toilet wands that you can choose for your toilet. In this case, the high-quality bristles are effective when it comes to cleaning and are also durable to last for long.

8. Clorox Disposable Toilet Wand

Clorox Disposable Toilet Wand

  • By: Clorox

This toilet wand or rather the toilet brush system is the best choice that you need to make to enjoy the effectiveness that comes with it. Here, the system comes in two packs, and the pack is the toilet wand handle and a storage caddy. In addition to what you can find is the six disposable cleaning heads. Apart from the cleaning power and effectiveness that you get to enjoy with the same wands, you will also find that they come with the power to disinfect the bowls.

When it comes to the effectiveness of the disinfectant power that comes with the same, you need to note that the product can kill up to 99.9% of germs. Therefore, it is the best for fighting some of the germs like the Staphylococcus aureus and influenza A among another king of germs that can be harmful to the human health. The spongy head that comes with the brush conforms to the bowl and hence can clean all the places including the hard to reach areas. After you are done, you can rinse your brush and store neatly in its place.

7. Mr. Clean 240279 Toilet Wands

Mr. Clean 240279 Toilet Wands

  • By: Mr. Clean

As the name puts it, this product surely means its words. Mr. Clean is a brand that gives us this excellent toilet wand that will never disappoint. The product come as a kit that includes a toilet scrubber, storage and refill caddy and refill disks among other features. Therefore, if you want an effective brush that works to scrub and remove all the stains even from the areas that you cannot easily reach without the same product, then you should consider getting one of the same brands.  For sure, you will enjoy it and its effectiveness when it comes to wiping away the germs and dirt.

The other feature that we must mention is that the brush comes with the design that makes it easy to use and hence making it easy for you to enjoy it using it hence you will not encounter any problem with the same product. Of course, the product cleans easily, and you need it so that you can spend less time while cleaning your toilet bowl. Of course, this cleaning kit is designed to make it easy for you to clean your toilet and it should not be the case as usual again.

6. Clorox Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

Clorox Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

  • By: Clorox

From its word, you can get the fact that the product comes with features that make it useful for some time and after that you can choose to dispose of. Of course, this is a starter kit that comes with toilet wand handle six disposable cleaning heads, and storage caddy. Therefore, if you want the best toilet wands that you can use for your home, then you should analyze this particular choice. Here, I can assure you that you will like everything that comes with this cleaning system for your toilet.

You do not have to worry about the tough stains since the Clorox attached to the head of the brush is the power that is effective in ensuring that no stain or dirt is left out. The brush also comes with the power to kill all the germs through the Clorox head and hence, we can say that the effectiveness that comes with it is 99.9% and hence you can rest assured of the quality and excellent performance. The spongy head design that also comes as part of the features that make up the product conforms to the surface hence making it effective in cleaning all areas of your toilet bowl.

5. Clorox Toilet Wand with Caddy

Clorox Toilet Wand with Caddy

  • By: Clorox

This system comes with six cleaning heads that are disposable and hence you will always enjoy the power that comes with it. That means when you have the same you have power and effectiveness to kill all the germs and to remove all the dirt and stains away from your toilet. Of course, you should always know that germs can be dangerous when it accumulates and can cause diseases. Therefore, you need to deal with the same to ensure that there is no buildup of the same.

The unique design that comes with the product is the best for hygiene as it ensures that you dispose of the heads rather than store them when they are dirty or germ-ridden. The sponge-like head that is also the design is the best for cleaning since it can reach all the areas as it conforms to the shape of your bowl. The disposable cleaning head is filled with Clorox and hence is effective when it comes to dealing with germs. That means all the germs will have no life when it comes in contact with the Clorox and hence that is what you should get for your toilet.

4. Clorox Disinfecting Refills Toilet Wand

Clorox Disinfecting Refills Toilet Wand

  • By: Clorox

This brand Clorox is the one that avails to us one of its best toilet wands that you should choose for your toilet cleaning. The product comes with up to 36 disposable refills and hence is the best since it comes with power, and after you are done using them, you can always dispose of rather than stay with the germ-ridden refills. Therefore, you should always have the same for your toilet since they are effective in cleaning to remove the stains and to kill all the germs.

When you make a choice and purchase this great product, you get a handle as a bonus. In addition to that, the product is effective, and its effectiveness when it comes to killing the germs is 99.9%, and that is an absolute power that you should have in your toilet. Of course, you do not need to stay in a house with a germ-ridden toilet when you can do away with it with the budget that you have. The Clorox cleaner is also loaded to ensure that it cut through the stains.

3. Superio Toilet Brush and Holder

Superio Toilet Brush and Holder

  • By: Superio

Here is another type of the best toilet wands that are available at the best prices on the market. The product come with scrubbing wand and other features that all work to ensure that you enjoy the superior power and effectiveness that come with it. This is a toilet bowl brush and comes with a holder hence making a complete cleaning system that will work for your toilet. Here, you have the scrub brush, decorative holder and container, and lip brush among other accessories.

With this cleaning system, you can enjoy the powerful and fast cleaning that comes with the same product and with a powerful scrubber wand that ensures that you clean to remove every dirt and to kill every germ. With the tough bristles, the product comes with the capacity to efficiently clean to the hard surfaces and the lip brush attachment is for ensuring that the brush reaches to the rims hence making it highly effective for removing all the dirt and germs from the rims. The true ergonomic design makes this product easy and comfortable to handle and hence to use.

2. Home Basics Vented Stainless Steel Brush

Home Basics Vented Stainless Steel Brush

  • By: Home Basics

This excellent toilet wand is actually what you will need as it comes with features that make it work better for your toilet than you could expect. This product is a brush holder and comes with impressive features making easy for you to store your brush for easy access. The product comes with high-quality stainless steel design as the materials making it up and hence you can be sure it can last. Of course, the price that comes with this excellent toilet wand is affordable and you cannot at all struggle to acquire.

This home basics product decoratively stores your brush and in a modern look and fashion. Of course, it is not only for fashion but rather the ease of access that you get in your toilet. The fact that this product is easy to use is an advantage that you get to enjoy hence you can always find it neat and clean and so to your toilet. When you have a look at the design and the fashion that comes with it apart from the functional features, you will surely ditch your old brush and acquire this particular option.

1. Clorox Cleaning System Toilet Wand

Clorox Cleaning System Toilet Wand

  • By: Clorox

This is one of the best toilet wands that come as a number one option on this list. The reason why this product top is not in any other thing but rather the design and the effectiveness when it comes to its performance. Here, the kit comes with a wand, six refills, and storage caddy. Therefore, this is a complete kit or rather cleaning system that you must get to acquire if you want to do away with germs and dirt from your toilet.

Of course, you should bid goodbye to the older and brushes that do not work for your toilet and embrace this particular option that has been tested and proven as reported by most of the satisfied users of the same. Each of the heads come with Clorox cleaner and hence the effectiveness in dealing with the germs. In this capacity, the cleaning power and effectiveness is up to 99.9% hence you can be sure of what to expect. We can also say that the product cleans, disinfects, and also can eliminate all odors away from your toilet. In addition to that, the wand is affordable.

Toilet wands buying advice

Due to the need to stay healthy and clean, free of germs and dirt, you need to get one of the best toilet wands that are available on the market. However, getting one can be an overwhelming task but with this review, you can do that easily since this guide is easy to follow. Also, the top ten list above is the best for your search, but you need to consider the following factors so that you can get a satisfactory product for your home toilet. The factors that you should check include the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Sponge design
  • Effectiveness
  • Kit accessories

Ease of use

When it comes to using the toilet wand, you will need to get the type that is easy on your side. This will make you enjoy your cleaning and not worry about how to use the same product. Ease of use also implies the effectiveness, and therefore, the product should be simple to use but effective.

Sponge design

The sponge design is a feature that ensures that the brush conforms to the shape of the toilet bowl hence cleaning effectively to areas that are hard to reach. Therefore, this feature is the best when it comes to reaching to the rims and areas that you might not reach easily if not for the same feature. Therefore, you should be keen to identify the same if you are interested in getting the best toilet wand that can work for your toilet.


This is the ability of the product to kill germs and to remove stains that you cannot do the normal way or if it were not for the power that comes with the product. Here, you will find some of the products serving disinfectant purposes and hence the effectiveness to kill germs and to remove even the stubborn stains. Therefore, when selecting the toilet wand, you need to get to know whether the product comes with Clorox head or any other power that can kill, disinfect, and remove stubborn stains.

Kit accessories

Coming to the kits’ accessories, here, you should check for the things like the disposable head refills, the handle, the brush itself, and the caddy. Therefore, it would be important to know what the product comes with so that you can know whether to order it or not. Of course, you can always make your order if the product meets your needs and hence this factor is one of the main considerations that you should make.


Bringing this review to an end, you should take every aspect and feature into your consideration as in the above guide, and with that, you will end up with the best toilet wand of your choice. Once you have it, you can add to your cart.

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