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Top 10 Best Travel Umbrellas in 2019 Reviews

Having one of easily portable travel umbrellas that can always be in your briefcase, backpack, or handbag is one way of relieving yourself of stress once the dark, heavy clouds take over. In most instances, you are always forced to buy a new umbrella either because you ignored the weatherman before dashing out of the house or because you felt lazy to haul your oversized heavy umbrella. Before you order yourself a pack of surprise, take your 5 minutes to learn what makes a good travel umbrella.

Buying Guide

A spacious vented canopy

This is the important thing you should look out for. You want an umbrella that’ll keep you dry even when the wind is extremely furious. Again, the canopy should have enough room for 1 or 2 people for that time when you need to give your loved ones a ride.

Comfortable handle

Most likely, you’ll be holding other items in your other hand. Therefore, a handle that you can comfortably hold for long with either hand is better. Preferably, go for a handle that isn’t bulky, heavy, or hard. An ergonomically designed cushioned handle always prevents your wrist from fatigue.

A collapsible shaft

Travel umbrellas are designed to fit in coat pockets, briefcases, and handbags easily. As such, the shaft should be easy to collapse into at least 2 times for compact storage. Additionally, the shaft should be strong enough and rustproof, so you don’t toss the whole umbrella in the trash after a few days.

Automatic opening/closing

An umbrella that collapses and expands automatically will always keep you dry as you try to enter a building or a car. It also offers one hand operation which you really need in raging storms.

Here is a list of 10 highly-sought after travel umbrellas you can own from Amazon

10. EEZ-Y Travel Umbrella with Double Canopy Construction

  • By: EEZ-Y

Eez-y Compact Travel Umbrella is what you require when the outdoor weather is at its extreme. This umbrella has been sturdily constructed to offer outstanding protection and durability. For instance, it features 2 canopies enough to shield you from any storm. These canopies are then supported by a super strong frame constructed from high-quality fiberglass and high-grade stainless steel. Moreover, it offers easy one-hand operations so you can dash into a building or your car quickly without getting soggy.


  • Its one-hand operations make it easy to enter a building or a waiting car
  • It has been thoroughly tested for durability


  • Sometimes the handle fails to retract promptly.

9. Amazon Basics Travel Umbrella

  • By: AmazonBasics

This travel umbrella by Amazon Basics is an excellent combo of convenience, durability, and functionality. What strikes you first upon its arrival is its onboard wind vents. These are ideally meant to allow strong winds to have their way through without inverting it. Interestingly, Amazon Basics benefits from an ultra-strong steel and polyester construction that prevents it from rust and corrosion. This umbrella measures 28 cm when fully folded and can, therefore, slide into your coat pocket, purse, or backpack in a breeze.


  • Its wind vents protect it from being inverted
  • It has an easily accessible button for automatic closing and opening


  • The small handle may be a bit uncomfortable to some

8. Leebotree Collapsible Travel Umbrella

  • By: Leebotree

Thanks to a one-touch switch system, your files will never get soggy again as you try to jump into the car again. Lebotree open and close button has a quick response with almost zero delay time. Better still, it has been thoughtfully positioned to prevent accidental presses. Again, this umbrella weighs less than a pound, so you won’t have to struggle to balance it. Its canopy measures 42’’ when fully open and folds to 12’’ to slip into a tote, bag, or coat pocket easily.


  • It has automatic open and close switch system with quick responses
  • It’s extremely lightweight and portable


  • The fabric isn’t fully waterproof in heavy rains.

7. Luxury travel umbrella

  • By: Jay Umbrella

The sturdy construction featured in this Luxury Travel Umbrella will see that you don’t purchase any other umbrella anytime soon. It’s a multi-featured must-have with a double canopy and an ergonomically designed handle. Even better, the handle is then covered with a deluxe leather to give it a decent touch. The handle offers comfortable and sure grips and can also be used to hang the umbrella on the arm. The 2 canopies allow the wind to vent out to prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out.


  • The leather handle gives you sure and comfortable grips besides making it look stylish
  • The wind vents prevent it from flipping


  • The handle makes it bulkier

6. Travel More Compact Travel Umbrella

  • By: TravelMore

What makes Travel More different from most of its competitors is its water repellant capability. The Canopy is made of 210T polyester. This means that water never gets in. In addition, the canopy dries almost instantly. The umbrella is coated with waterproof Dupont Teflon. Again, you need not worry about the wind causing any damage to your cute umbrella. Travel More has been tested and found to withstand windstorms of up to 60 mph. Again, this small umbrella measures 11 ½’’ when folded and can fit in your tote bag, backpack, or briefcase without consuming much space.


  • It keeps you dry all day thanks to its water resistant canopy
  • The canopy dries instantly


  • It’s a little bit heavy to haul around for long

5. PLEMO Fancy Raindrops Travel Umbrella

  • By: ANGTUO

This could be amongst the fanciest travel umbrellas we have on the market this year. Note its stunning raindrop prints on its canopy. They are enough to change what could have been a dull Monday morning to a fun-full day. Uniquely, the raindrops don’t interfere with this umbrella’s low profile design so you can still add it to your business outfits. The strong aluminum shaft used in Plemo is the reason it’ll never flip inside out. Again, this center pole and the frame are rust proof and assure you longtime benefits.


  • Its rubberized handle has comfortable grips and minimizes fatigue
  • It’s 3-fold collapsible and, therefore, compact for easy storage.


  • It’s a little bit heavier

4. InaRock Windproof Black Travel Umbrella

  • By: InaRock

You’ll automatically love the quality of InaRock’s canopy material. It’s much different from others. It doesn’t feel nor look like plastic. It’s more of cloth-like and, of course, totally water resistant. This umbrella has been designed to withstand relentless winds thanks to its electroplated steel shaft and fiberglass ribs that have been reinforced with resin. Weighing only 0.7lbs, you’ll not feel the weight as you stroll along the beach or around the blocks with this. InaRock is also backed by a full year warranty.


  • It doesn’t tear apart easily thanks to the professionally sealed tips
  • Its cloth-like canopy gives it a unique design


  • The handle is a little bit slippery.

3. K-POP Automatic Umbrella Black

  • By: kpop

What else would you want if not a big umbrella you can share with your loved one while getting maximum protection from heavy rains? Again, isn’t a heavy-duty travel umbrella that won’t give in to furious windstorms what you’re looking for? Look no further. K-Pop is an automatic umbrella with a super wide design to accommodate 2 people. Notably, it folds into a compact size, 29cm that can easily fit in your bag or coat pocket without looking crazily bulky. It also has a rubberized non-slip handle that you can hold on to for long.


  • It’s wide enough to accommodate 2 people
  • It’s easily foldable to a compact size


  • It adds some noticeable weight

2. Sunflower Automatic Folding Travel Umbrella

  • By: Plemo

The fully bloomed sunflower print on this umbrella’s canopy is ideal for brightening dull rainy days. Notably, the canopy opens to 37’’ and can, therefore, be shared by 2 people comfortably. Don’t expect it to flip inside out no matter how hard the winds howl. Its sturdy aluminum center pole won’t let that happen. Again, Sunflower boasts an anti-slip rubberized handle so you can hold the umbrella for long without wrist fatigues. Most importantly, it collapses and expands automatically at the touch of a button.


  • It folds into 3 sections for easy portability.
  • It has a larger canopy than most umbrellas


  • Its bright yellow color singles you out in a crowd

1. Repel Compact Fast Drying Umbrella

  • By: Repel Easy Touch Umbrella

Repel is a wind-defying travel umbrella that you can wholeheartedly rely on. Amongst its outstanding features are its 3-fold metallic shaft and strong frame for increased stability in the howling winds. The canopy features Dupon Teflon technology to shield you from the heaviest storms. Additionally, this material lets the canopy dry instantly thereby reducing the waiting time incredibly. This prevents stains and bad odors from forming. Its automatic opening/closure is also worth noting.


  • It’s incredibly compact and superlight
  • The canopy dries almost instantly


  • It’s heavy and adds some weight to your handbag or backpack

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