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Top 10 Best Trekking Poles in 2019 Reviews

When you are planning for a hiking trip, the first step is determining all your must have tools. This is where a trekking pole comes in. Few years back, a trekking pole was a rare item, today; it is rare to come across anyone on a trip or overnight adventure without a trekking pole. The use of trekking pole cannot be underestimated; it is one way of enhancing your safety when on the trip. One, a trekking pole saves you energy when either going up or down steep. Secondly, when walking in rugged areas, you will need to maintain balance to avoid toppling over. When you have a trekking pole, and accidentally you fall, the impact on your knees is reduced by almost 40%. Currently, there are many brands on the market that can easily get you confused. To ensure you get the best trekking pole, consider the following.

• Pole adjustment mechanism

• The overall design

• Material

• Basket size

• Shock absorbers

• Weight

• Grip material and ergonomics and

• Versatility

After considerations of the above factors and genuine customers reviews we identified the 10 best trekking poles on the market, and here are the reviews

10. SE WS630-40 Natural Wood Walking Stick with Steel Spike and a Metal-Reinforced Tip Cover, 40 inches

WS630-40 from SE is designed to offer enough support during a walk or when hiking. Its height is 40 inches and comes with a wrist wrap to use when you are walking and also for hanging it when storing the stick. This stick is designed with a steel pike. The spike has a reinforced rubber tip covering, designed to offer you great traction when you are walking on snow, dirt or ice. The walking pole is made of Bianbai wood, with a floral design. When you have this trekking stick not only will it provide you with support and balance, but also in the case of an emergency you can use the steel spike for self-defense.

9.Anti-shock Telescopic Walking Hiking Stick Trekking Pole

This Hammers hiking stick is a great companion during all your hiking trips. It is made of three lightweight and strong aluminum alloy sections. Its height is adjustable between 27.5 inches and 55 inches, which depends on your preferred height. It has a soft corkwood that is comfortable while its grip is an EVA combination with wristband straps. It has an anti-shock mechanism, from the loaded springs. You can turn on and off the anti-shock mechanism by twisting between the pole mechanisms. The top section of the trekking pole has an impressive carbon fiber pattern. The pole has a rubber tip that has a carbide tip hide inside it. This feature is helpful when walking on hard and rocky surfaces. When you buy, you also get a snow/mud disc.

8. Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork

On top of our top best list is this Black diamond unit. This synthetically made product has an excellent locking mechanism. It is lightweight, so you won’t be tired when carrying it around and during hiking. It has no shock-absorbing feature and its minimum length at 62.5 centimeters while its maximum length is 130 centimeters. Its grip material is cork, and the pole design is telescopic. The shaft material is carbon fiber, adding to its lightweight. It scores high in durability comfort, its locking mechanism & adjustability.

7. Leki Carbon TI

This Carbon Ti pole is a combination of lightweight and high strength, making it one of the best products to go for when you are going for long distances. It has three parts; on the lower shaft is carbon that contributes to its lightweight and comfort. Secondly, the aluminum shaft gives it the needed strength that is needed to support you when on hiking on rugged trails. It has no shock-absorbing feature, and its locking mechanism is speed lock. Its grip material is foam, and the pole design is telescoping adding to its comfort and convenience when using it. Its minimum length it 26.5 inches and the maximum is 53 inches, so you can be able to adjust it to your preferred length.

6. Alpine Carbon Z By Black Diamond

Another bestseller and a top spot contender is this Alpine Carbon Z by Black Diamond. It scores high on versatility, packed size and comfort. It has a shock absorbing capability, and its locking mechanism is pin pop that is different from many other brands. Its grip material is cork while the pole design is folding. It comes with a carbon fiber shaft material. Different from other brands, its maximum height is optional while the minimum length is 15 inches.

5. Leki Micro Vario Carbon

The Micro Vario Carbon unit by Leki is tagged to have the most comfortable and best foam grip. It is lightweight, making it the best trekking pole to use during long trekking expeditions. Just like many of the above-reviewed trekking poles, it has no shock-absorbing feature. The manufacturer takes a new route when designing the locking mechanism making it both a SpeedLock and Pin pop. Its pole design is folding, and the shaft material is made of carbon fiber. Its minimum length is 15 inches, and maximum length extends to 53 inches. It has the highest score in packed size, and its locking mechanism and adjustability.

4. Pair of PaceMaker (Journey) Anti-shock Trekking Poles

This product from PaceMaker is a less costly but high-quality product and competes favorably with more expensive brands. It is lightweight courtesy of its aluminum material weighing only 9.5 ounces. Its wrist straps are enhanced to offer more you more comfort when hiking or trekking. Its telescope has three sections and can extend between 24.5 inches and 54 inches at maximum. To offer you maximum support when trekking, its tip is tungsten made. Another distinguishing feature is the anti-shock feature that comes with it.

3. Folding Collapsible Travel Hiking Trekking Pole

Another top contender is the folding collapsible pole by EarthTrekGear. It is can be summarized in three words, easy to carry, collapsible and compact. When folded it measures 12 inches. It can easily fit in a backpack. Hence, you can always have it even when you are air traveling. It has a carbide steel tip that comes with a removable rubber protector. Its wrist wrap is adjustable while its handle is rubber made. Double shock corded helping to reduce fraying. Its shaft is made of aluminum adding to its lightweight feature.

2. Hammers HP5 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole with Compass & a thermometer

The HP5 from Hammers comes with an ergonomic design and it is lightweight. Additionally, unlike many other brands it has a thermometer and a compass, two vital tools that you need during hiking especially in wild areas where you are not familiar. It has a cork handle, and its carbide tip is waterproof, and when you buy it, you get a snow disk. It has a telescopic stick that has three aluminum sections that are adjustable for the minimum height of 27.5 inches and the maximum 55 inches.

1. Kaito BT409 Anti-Shock Hiking Pole

The BT409 by Kaito is designed to make your trekking expeditions better. It is lightweight and is beautifully designed with an ergonomic design. It has a thermometer and a compass included. It has springs to absorb shock so that in the case of an accident, impact on your joints, ligaments and muscles will be reduced. You can adjust it from 22.5 inches to almost 4 feet, making it suitable for hikers with varying height. On buying it, you get a rubber tip, nylon wrist strap, and a snow disk.

When you want to invest in a trekking pole, pick one from the above and elevate your hiking and walking experiences. Try as much as possible to compare which one offers you value for your money but more importantly, a product that is comfortable to use.

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