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Top 10 Best Truck Tents in 2019 Reviews – Buyers Guide

Give a whole meaning to your camping, and you will never forget the same experience. I mean, if you got a truck, you can be a great camper with it. The only thing that you need is the tent that fits well to your truck, and there are various designs and types as you will find among the top 10 best truck tents here in this article. The tents that we have captured according to our analysis include the following:




This brand offers one of the spacious truck tents that you need if you are looking for the best. With the capacity that is enough for two people to sleep in, this tent is the best for your truck and is suitable for some activities. The size as we may need to highlight to help you make the best and right choice is that the tent measurements for the headroom are over 5.5ft. In addition to that, if you want to know about the floor, here, the same comes sewn and hence is comfortable.

You do not need to worry about the setup since you will only spend some few minutes and you are done. Here, the product comes with easy installation, and that means you will have no problem doing that yourself. Of course, the feature like the shock-corded fiberglass poles makes it easy for you to have the same product ready in no time. The other thing is the large entrance door, rear access door, and the 6-by-6 foot awning is the best for creating plenty of shading that you need.

9. DAC Full Size Truck Tent

DAC Full Size Truck Tent

  • By: Dac Inc.-Vehicle Tents

The first thing that you should check here is whether the product or rather the tent is compatible with your truck. If you find it compatible, then you do not have an option to hesitate since this tent is one of the best truck tents that comes with worthwhile value. Here, the tent is suitable for vehicles that come with a rear window to raise it up and out. In that case, if your vehicle comes with the same feature, then you can be sure that this particular tent is the best for you.

The other thing to do with the compatibility of this product is that it fits full-size vehicles or any SUV with a tailgate. In addition to that, the tent also fits the high back and flat back tops. Therefore, if you want to get the best value for your money, then you can choose to acquire this magnificent tent that will surely make you enjoy yourself with it. Of course, you will find it affordable. Lastly, you will need to note that the tent is not the best fit for the vehicles that come with external and rear mounted tire.

8. Napier Outdoor Compact Bed Truck Tent

Napier Outdoor Compact Bed Truck Tent

  • By: Napier

Napier Outdoor is a brand that makes it possible for us to enjoy the best shelter with one of its best truck tents. One of the things that we mentioned as part of the considerations that you can make when picking your best truck tent is the size, and for this case, you will get the best dimensions. The tent comes with 60L X 85H -inches. Of course, if you can look at the image of the product itself, you will not need more explanations of the same since you will know how it will behave with your truck.

The other thing we can mention as part of the specs that forms this beautiful tent is the material design, and for this case, the product comes with high-quality polyester taffeta material and hence is the best when it comes to durability. The other feature is that the tent works well with the sprayed and fabricated liners and hence you can now make your choice knowing well how the tent will be of value for your truck.

7. SmittyBilt 2788 Truck Tent Annex

SmittyBilt 2788 Truck Tent Annex

  • By: Smittybilt

Let’s start exploring this product from the aspect of the materials that form it. Here, if your main thing is to find the best truck tent that comes with the value to last, then you ought to make this fact a priority for your search. For this case, the product comes with high-quality 600D heavy-duty, waterproof impregnated polyurethane. Therefore, if you are planning for a camping experience and you must use your truck, then you must have this fantastic tent.

Of course, the tent comes to provide the privacy that you need during your camping. The other beneficial and enjoyable thing about this product is that it comes with a mosquito netting and hence you will always stay safe from mosquito bites that otherwise could lead to diseases such as malaria. The other thing is that the tent is spacious enough to give you the best space for things like cooking or changing your clothes among other things that you can do.

6. Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

  • By: Guide Gear

As you will find, this is one of the best truck tents that come with the best price and hence is the best for the budget. The product is just what you need if you are working on a tight budget since you can efficiently manage without getting into the financial strain. The tent comes with the capacity to offer you the best and comfortable bed and space for other things. Therefore, this type can be the better option for you.

Ventilation is one of the valuable features that you get with this product, and that means you will stay safe and with fresh air circulation inside your tent. If you have never camped in a truck before, then this is the opportune time with this great tent that will inevitably transform your vehicle into a wholesome camping experience. The other features that we can touch include the two storage pockets, the sizeable D-shaped door, and the four poles for setting up the tent.

5. SportZ Blue/Grey Truck Tent

SportZ Blue/Grey Truck Tent

  • By: SportZ

The name portrays the imagination of color combination, and if you can check on the image, you will find that the tent is beautiful with the same color combination. Of course, this is a roomy tent that is enough for two people to sleep perfectly and comfortably. That makes the tent the best for a couple and therefore, if you are going to camp as a couple, then this type is the best bed idea.

The large rear access panel offers a new space for storage, and hence you can store your things perfectly while enjoying your camping experience. The other design feature that is beneficial and valuable for the camper is the mesh windows for fresh air circulation or in other words ventilation. The strap protectors are also available, and the benefit of having the same is that you can use them for truck protection.

4. Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Tent

Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Tent

  • By: Rightline Gear

Perhaps you have not landed on your choice among the best truck tents that we have mentioned above and still wondering about the same. Of course, you will just need a little patience, and your type will unfold. In that case, you might have been searching for a product like this, and we have to give you the full details, specs, and the benefits that will be valuable for camping with this awesome tent.

Water-resistant fabric is one of the best features that form this product and hence ensuring that you get the best shelter while camping. The other features making the product include the floorless design and with that, you can easily set up your tent without the need for removing the gear from the bed. In addition to that, the product design features the best protective heavy-duty straps and the nylon buckles that will ensure that your trucks finish remains intact.

3. Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent

Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent

  • By: Guide Gear

Since we are after getting you the best truck tent, your needs matter and you will not have to go against that. In that case, this other product perhaps is a familiar brand with some other that you have found in this article some of their features differ. That means you should stay keen when making your comparison. For this type, the first thing that comes to our attention is the number of doors. Of course, this one comes with only one door and if that is what you want, then have it.

On the material quality and type, of course, it should always be a significant consideration, and for that matter, this design comes with high-quality fiberglass material. That means it is waterproof and the best if you are looking for the best tent that will last. On the similarities, the product has two pockets, lightweight design, and is easy to set up. The other thing that we should not miss to mention here is the integration of the waterproof polyester carrying bag that makes it easy and convenient for you to store up your things.

2. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

  • By: Kodiak Canvas

If you are going for durability, then this brand type is the quality that you need. That means the tent will last you for years and you will have to enjoy whenever you are out for camping. The best thing about the product is that you will need to find your style of setting it up depending on what you need to accomplish with it. Of course, the price that comes with this tent should not scare you since this tent is a worthwhile investment that you need to make if you want the best of quality and value.

The installation of this tent is not a task to worry you since you will find it easy and simple. That means anyone can make up the product. The other thing that you need to check is the compatibility and what we saw according to our analysis is that the tent comes with the best compatibility with a great variety of trucks. In this case, this is a full-size bed truck. Of course, this remarkable canvas tent is the best for a variety of functions and uses and different activities including camping, fishing, and for hunters.

1. Napier Enterprises Truck Tent

Napier Enterprises Truck Tent

  • By: Napier Enterprises

Perhaps this type of truck tent is the one you have been waiting. With the best design that will allow you to have a comfortable sleep off the ground, this surely is the perfect fit tent for your camping. The sewn-in-floor and the ease of setting up the same tent is something that should spur your desire to acquire this beautiful product. The other thing about this tent is that it suits three seasons and come with high-quality material type hence the guarantee to last. On the capacity, this tent can comfortably support two and hence the best for a couple.

The other feature to check is the floor material and for this tent, the floor features polythene material and hence is the best and durable. The tent also features a storm flap door that is the best if you ar e looking for one of the best truck tents with great privacy. In addition to what we can mention about the features is that the design is portable and hence the best for your camping. Therefore, you can order for this brand type if you are satisfied with its quality and the features that come with it.

Truck tents buying advice

Perhaps it is the first time for you to search for truck tents and you need help on how you can land on a suitable type that will be of value for your truck and your camping. In that situation, we have prepared for you this trustworthy guide to help you make a choice that you will not come to regret later. Due to the plenty and the various type and brands available, you need the best strategy that will lead you to get your best truck tent, and that lies in considering the features that we have captured to include the following:

  • Size and design of the tent
  • Compatibility with your vehicle
  • Budget
  • Durability of the tent
  • Ease of assembly

Size and design of the tent

The reason why you should check the size as one of the primary considerations is due to the need to have enough shading. Of course, the different or the various types of tents that are available here come in different designs and sizes. Therefore, you should pick the right or the perfect size and design that would be the most favorable for your truck needs.

Compatibility with your vehicle

The other factor that should be the main consideration here is the issue of compatibility. Without this feature, you may not come to enjoy your tent despite the quality that comes with it. Here, you need to know your truck or vehicle, and the type and design of the tent that you are going to acquire. Therefore, you to ensure that your tent is the best option and of course, you have a variety to choose herein.


This factor is what most of the buyers consider especially when working under a tight budget. In this case, if you are the ones concerned with the price that comes with the product, the list is enough to give you the best and worthwhile products that you can afford. Our recommendation if you want a cheaper tent is that you might need to consider types like the Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent.

Durability of the tent

Durability or longevity of the truck tent is a factor that you need to consider since this tells more on the lifespan of the product. Of course, this is not a standalone feature since it is affected by the external factors such as the quality and the type of materials that forms it. In this case, therefore, you should check on the type and quality of the material that forms the tent so that you can predict its future.

Ease of assembly

The other feature or factor that you have to check with the tent is about assembling of the same. Of course, many of the buyers would go for the product or tent that is easy to assemble, and if you are like that, then you should check to make sure that the type that you choose to come with the easy installation. The ease of assembly is beneficial in the fact that it will help you save time especially when you are on a hurry.


In a nutshell, getting the best truck tent that will meet all your needs lies only in considering every aspect that comes with each tent, making your comparison based on the factors that we have mentioned, and analyzing the product specs. Therefore, if you can study this guide carefully, for sure, you will get the best truck tent that will give you a wholesome camping experience.

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