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Top 10 Best USB Microphones in 2019 Reviews

Whether you’re a well-known podcaster or a regular YouTube fan, the quality of your audios is just as good as the type of receiver used. We all know that price isn’t a reliable differentiator when hunting for the best USB microphones. Sound quality is one critical feature that you should consider. As a rule of thumb, don’t go for a microphone with a frequency range outside 20Hz and 20 kHz. That’s human normal frequency range. Again, consider how easy it is to use the mic depending on what you need it for. Moreover, are there any other accessories that you may be required to purchase or software to install before using the mic?

So, which USB microphone should you check out for on the market this year?

10. Rode NT-USB USB Microphone

  • By: Rode
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 4 x 11 inches

Whether you need a USB Microphone for recording songs, musical performances or for spoken applications such as podcasting and voice-over, Rode NT is hard one to beat. This is a versatile tool that’s compatible with almost every mainstream recording application on Windows or Mac OS computers. It can also be used with the Apple iPad provided you have the required App installed. Rode has a 3.5mm jack that allows you to monitor zero-latency stereo. It also comes with a desktop tripod stand with a comfortable height for on-the-table use and a pouch for convenient storage.

9. Fifine Home Studio USB Microphone

  • By: Fifine
  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 6.9 x 2.6 inches

Fifine is a relatively cheaper home or studio microphone you can always count on. It lacks the bells and whistles featured in most of its competitors since all it majors in is decent sound quality. Its straightforward functionalities make it incredibly easy to use. You just need to plug into your computer’s USB port, click on it as your input, and do what you like. Its distinctive pick-up pattern offers excellent noise cancellation capabilities and focuses on the main source sound only. Its flat frequency response ranges between 50Hz and 16 kHz which is doubtlessly incredible for singing, speech, instruments and other applications.

8. Tonor Professional Condenser USB Microphone

  • By: Tonor
  • Item Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 5.9 x 1.7 inches

Tonor is a great quality easy-to-use mic that only requires plugging and playing. Its ability to capture high quality sounds with reduced distortion up to 10 ft away makes it an ideal choice for chatting, Skype, MSN, Youtube Recording, Google Voice Search and many more. Tonor Professional Condenser USB Microphone also comes with a desktop tripod that’s quite tall and raises the microphone to a convenient height. You also get a friendly 1-year warranty and a 2-months satisfaction or return guarantee.

7. Kinobo USB 2.0 Mini Microphone

  • By: Kinobo
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.8 x 0.6 inches

By Kinobo, this could be the world’s smallest USB microphone ever made. This has almost no footprint at all. Mind you, its installation is little over a breeze. There is no additional software required. You just plug it to the USB port far from the cooling fan, the computer detects it and voila, you’re done. Its size makes it incredibly portable and requires no extra storage room. In fact, if you fear losing it, you can just leave it plugged into the laptop.

6. eBerry Plug and Play Adjustable USB Microphone

  • By: eBerry
  • Item Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches

Behind the simple look featured by eBerry lies a decent performance that anyone hunting for an affordable way to chat, Skype, or play games would fall for. Its ability to filter out any background noises makes it an incredible device for use on your PC or Mac. Not mentioning, eBerry offers an incredible -67 dBV/pBar, -47 Dbv/pBar sensitivity. More to that, its neck adjusts to any direction you need it. It also sports 3.5 ft cable length that gives you more freedom regarding positioning.

5. Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone

  • By: Audio-Technica
  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 2.4 x 10.1 inches

In terms of quality, Audio-Technica knows how to deliver it at its best. No wonder the USA government relies on it for critical installations in the House of Representatives and Senate. Do you need any other proof to its quality? Their microphones are also the number one pick during the Grammy Awards and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies too. This ATR2500 USB microphone has a superior quality AD Convertor with a sampling rate of 16 bit, 44.1/48. Its unrivaled frequency response is enabled by its low-mass diaphragm and low self-noise.

4. Samson Meteor USB Microphone

  • By: Samson Technologies
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 5 inches

Its Samson’s flat frequency response of 20Hz to 20 kHz that makes it reliable for Skype, YouTube, iChat and other voice recognition software. Its 25mm condenser diaphragm is one of the largest there’re today and contributes to its rich audio recording. Samson Meteor USB Microphone also features a 1/8’’ headphone with which you can use the volume knob to ensure zero latency. Moreover, it boasts a microphone mute switch when you need some privacy in video conferencing.

3. CAD U37 USB CondenserMicrophone

  • By: CAD
  • Item Weight: 14.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 12 x 4 inches

This is a highly affordable USB Microphone with which you can take all your social media audio records to the other side. This is the latest product in the line of other high-quality products from a big name in this niche with an unimaginable 85 years of experience. It sports cardioid pick-up pattern that helps in focusing on the primary source of the sound and minimizing any background noise. For quality singing, speech and instruments records, CAD U37 is fitted with a Bass-reduction switch used to reduce room noise.

2. Blue Snowball Condenser Microphone, Cardioid

  • By: Blue Microphones
  • Item Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 5.5 x 9.1 inches

Blue Snowball Condenser Microphone is amongst the best you’ll find on Amazon today. It boasts the best-selling tag at the moment. Its versatility and applicability have seen it beat other highly-priced microphones while it costs below 50 bucks. No software is required to have it functioning. It’s amongst a few USB microphones that have been certified by Skype and works automatically with your PC and Mac.

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

  • By: Blue Microphones
  • Item Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.7 x 11.6 inches

Blue Yeti has been the most reviewed USB microphone with over 4,500 reviews and most of which are positive. It’s a plug and play professional-grade microphone that you can use in almost any situation thanks to its 3 condenser capsules. It has 3 selectable patterns for pristine and crystal clear audios; cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo. You’ll find it perfect for instruments, voiceovers, field recordings, vocals, etc.

Identifying the best USB microphone for your social media applications is amongst the best investments you’d make this year. From the 10 above, we’re sure that you’ll find one that’s within your budget and that meets your needs. You could also gift that youtube fan you know.

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