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Top 10 Best UV Flashlights in 2019 Reviews

UV light is a portion of the natural light possessing a wavelength of between 10-400 nanometers. Amazingly, albeit natural, human beings have also been able to produce UV Flashlights via powerful LED bulbs.

So, what’s the science behind these UV flashlights? To answer this question, you first need to understand that UV lights are invisible to us. However, most animals usually interact with these light waves making it easy for us to spot them. Besides detecting certain crawlers e.g. scorpions, UV flashlights are also used in forensics, by law enforcers in identifying IDs and DLs, and also in detecting pet’s urine at home.

When purchasing a UV flashlight, you’ll need to consider where you intend to use it. If you need one to detect stains on your carpet, a torch with, let’s say, 9 LEDs is quite fine. However, for desert dwellers, you need a flashlight with over 50 LEDs to help spot scorpions.

It’s also important to identify its source of power. Needless to say, consider whether the batteries required are available in your local stores. If not, consider going for a rechargeable unit.

10. AhomePlay UV Black Light Flashlight

  • By: AhomePlay

Our first UV flashlight is this highly recommendable AhomePlay. This is a professionally designed unit that will benefit almost everyone including law enforcers, business people, campers, and homeowners as well. AhomePlay is a versatile flashlight that will help you identify fake notes, spot scorpions, bed bugs, human fluids in hotel rooms, pets urine, and industrial fluid leaks amongst other uses.

At over 20 bucks, you certainly expect it to last you a pretty long time, don’t you? In that case, this flashlight’s body features top-grade aluminum alloy. It also boasts 100 LEDs that promises more than 100,000 hours of usage. Moreover, this flashlight offers 2 powering options. You can use 3 AAA batteries (not included) or the rechargeable 18650 battery (included).

Is there any possible downside? Well, one reviewer highlights that it can’t detect state IDs and DLs. So, if you need one for this purpose, I have other units pending your approval.


  • It’s durable
  • It’s multi-purpose


  • Won’t detect fake IDs and DLs.

9. Fsmart Scorpion UV Black Flashlight

  • By: Fsmart

From Fsmart, this is yet another UV flashlight with tons of uses thanks to its 395-410nm wavelength. This is a royal companion to the farmers who need to detect tiny destructive worms on their crops. It’s also a faithful co-worker for carpet and mats cleaners. Even better, it will help you detect most canine and feline sins in your house including dried urine and other stains from these pets.

This flashlight is made of aluminum alloy. It’s powered by either 1 AA battery or 1 14500 rechargeable battery. Again, Fsmart measures 10 x 3 x 3 and has a non-slid grip. Thus, you’ll be able to use it for long without breaking your wrist. Lastly, it offers at least 50,000 hours of service.


  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s water resistant


  • It’s not bright enough

8. Uvbeast UV Flashlight (100 LED)

  • By: Uvbeast

True to its name, this UVbeast Flashlight is a real beast out there. With the ability to spot scorpions and other crawlies up to 50ft away, what else would you be looking for? Unlike other flashlights, you won’t require being on your all fours to spot pet stains with this. It features 100 British-engineered bright LEDs which offer at least 100,000 service life. About its construction, UVbeast has been professionally constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum. Even better, it’s both waterproof and dust-resistant.


  • It has professional engineering
  • It has a bright UV light


  • It’s pricier than most flashlights

7. Findway Ultra Violet Blacklight Flashlight

  • By: Findway

You’ll have to look harder for another better deal than this one. These flashlights by Findway come in a pack of 5 at slightly over 10 bucks. They are fitted with 9 LED bulbs. Though they won’t illuminate an area like UVbeast and AhomePlay, you can be sure that no scorpion will go unnoticed with this. Even better, they are compact at 3.62’’ by 1.06’’ by 0.98’’. This makes it easy for you to hold it together with other smaller items in hand. Again, they have a rugged and high-quality construction that enables them to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. Moreover, they employ an efficient booster circuit that offers extensive utilization of the batteries. They use 3 AAA batteries and runs for approximately 4.5 hours on each set.



  • They come in a pack of 5
  • They are inexpensive


  • They have dim light

6. Arf Pets Black Light UV Flashlight

  • By: Arf Pets

Even without much inspection, one can tell that Arf Pet is a premium reliable flashlight. However, we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover. As such, let’s dig deeper and find out what this unit has for us.

To begin with, Arf Pets uses 100 energy efficient LEDs powered by 6 AA batteries. The bright color it produces makes it a great tool for hunting down scorpions as well as identifying counterfeit currency. Its long wave UV lights also help in spotting pets stains on carpets. Amazingly, albeit larger than most of its competitors, Arf Pets is incredibly lightweight.


  • It packs 100 LEDs
  • It’s lightweight


  • It drains the batteries quickly

5. Esco-Lite Ultraviolet LED flashlight

  • By: Esco-Lite

For those who live in scorpion-infested areas, you might want to add this tool to your protective arsenal. This one uses 51 LED bulbs. This amount helps in concentrating the light over a large area without losing the intensity. Again, it also helps in saving the batteries. A set of 3 AA batteries should take you up to 20 hours. Needless to say, this flashlight is powerful. Thanks to its long wave, you’ll be able to identify scorpions from across the yard long before they find you.


  • It offers 100,000 hours of service life
  • It’s battery saving


  • It’s not as bright as one would expect of it

4. TaoTronics UV Flashlight

  • By: TaoTronics

Our 4th best UV flashlight is this best-selling torch by TaoTronics. This one is just a few bucks pricier than Esco-Lite reviewed above. However, it gives your bucks an awesome bang since it comes fitted with 3 AAA batteries. Moreover, you also get a pair of UV sunglasses for your eyes’ safety. TaoTronics uses 51 LEDs and will help you detect pet stains, human fluids, fake notes, and bugs.


  • You get protective sunglasses
  • It comes with 3 AAA batteries


  • It’s larger but not as strong

3. LEDwholesalers 7202UV395 UV Blacklight Flashlight

  • By: LEDwholesalers

Next in line is this device by LEDwholesalers. It’s a common tool amongst forensics and law enforcement officers. Hotel inspection professionals and carpet cleaners also find it handy in their daily activities. This flashlight utilizes 51 LEDs and has a fairly focused output. Its blacklight is also clearer and lights a larger area. It’s IP65 water-resistant rated having being built from machined aluminum. Even better, it’s powered by 3 AA batteries which are easily found.


Its light is clearer and focused

It uses easily-found AA batteries


Concern about easily-breaking switches

2. UV Sight Handheld Blacklight

  • By: UV SIGHT

UV Sight will help you detect various types of chemicals and stains on almost any type of fabric. This comes as a solution to people who live with several pets. It’s constructed of high-quality aluminum which makes it both durable and lightweight. UV Sight is again equipped with strong LEDs and uses 3 AAA batteries.


  • It has a comfortable textured grip
  • It’s lightweight


  • It’s a bit dim

1. TaoTronics TT-FL001 Flashlight

  • By: TaoTronics

This TaoTronics TT-FL001 tops our list of the best UV flashlights. It’s a compact, high-quality flashlight going for less than 10 bucks on Amazon. This flashlight will make dog’s dried urine and stains on carpets and other fabrics and floor easily visible. It also helps in detecting counterfeit currency, ID, DLs, and scorpions. However, it doesn’t detect cat urine and won’t work well on the newest 100 dollar bill.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s compact


  • Doesn’t work with cat urine

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