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Top 10 Best Wall-Mounted Fans in 2019 Reviews

During hot seasons air conditioning is important in regulating temperatures. However, the size and costs are the primary determinants on which device one will acquire. A large air conditioner is expensive to buy, install and maintain. Therefore a wall mount fans are the most ideal. They are compact, cheap to buy and maintain; and on top, they are energy efficient.

Purchasing a fan just likes other electric appliances requires careful selection. There are many brands; some have superior quality while others ate sub-standard. Now, when you acquire a wall mount fan installing it shouldn’t be a rocket science. They are available in various designs and sizes. However, the core thing here is the performance. Don’t let extreme temperatures ruin your day here are the top 10 best wall-mounted fans in 2019 reviews.

10. Lasko Metal Products 3012 12-Inch Wall Fan

  • Brand: Lasko
  • Item Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 14.2 x 20.8 inches

The Lasko Metal Products 3012 12 wall fan offers a cools air without creating disruptive noises. It is constructed from plastic material hence light and impact resistant. The device is protected from power surges through fused plug. Assembling is easy as the snapping action ensures grill is in the position. Controlling it is through a rotary and pull cord thus regulating the speed or switching on. The safety is assured by the device being ETL compliant. It has a zinc plated safety guards and comes with three prongs plug. Power rating is 120V AC.

9. Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi Mount Fan

  • Brand: Air King
  • Item Weight: 9.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 16 x 21 inches

For people working on gym, warehouses or relaxing in your house, you have a reason to smile. This Air King 9318 is a heavy duty fan with a capacity to cool air instantly through its robust fan blades. With three speed setting, it allows you to choose the most suitable depending on the temperatures. It’s a multi mount fan meaning it can be placed on a wall or the floor. The motor is enclosed totally to improve on safety while the blades haves steel enclosures grill. The fan is compliant with ETL and OSHA and meets ARRA requirements. It comes with 1-year warranty.

8. Air King 9016 Commercial Grade Oscillating Fan

  • Brand: Air King
  • Item Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 14.4 x 22.6 inches

The Air King 9016 Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fan is ideal to be placed in a variety of areas. Whether you are in office, home or workshop, it will calm your day. Its compact size makes possible to be placed on a table or mounted on a wall. The three-speed settings allow the user to adjust according to the surrounding temperatures. Motor power rating is 120V and comes with permanent lubrication. The front protective part is made of metal grills and fan features chemical resistant polypropylene blades. The fan can achieve 90 degrees oscillation, or you can lock. It complies with ETL and OSHA standards.

7. Air King 9020 1/6 hp Industrial Grade Fan – Wall mounted

  • Brand: Air King
  • Item Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 29.1 pounds

Why should you live in an uncomfortable house? There is an affordable, high-quality wall-mounted fan. This Air King 9020 wall mount fan is all you need and achieves a brighter day. Its heavy duty construction is perfect for industrial and commercial use. The fan comes with 20 inches metal blades with powder coating. Additionally, it is 3-speed settings; power output is 1/6 hp while the power rating is 120V. Switching on is simple through the rear mounted pulls switch cord. Also, installation is simple and comes with 9 feet three conductor power cables. It can cool up to 3670 cubic feet per minute.

6. Hurricane Supreme 16-Inch Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

  • Brand: Hurricane
  • Item Weight: 10.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 10.8 x 18.3 inches

Hurricane Supreme 16-Inch Wall Mount Oscillating Fan is a heavy duty device for use in various places. It offers 3-speed setting, low, medium and high depending on your preference. Despite being compact, it offers a high-quality cools air within seconds. Also, its compactness is useful; when it comes to mounting or placing it on the table. It can be locked or left to oscillate and can achieve 90 degrees. Grill is made of steel with powder coating and polypropylene blades that are s chemical resistant. The tilting ability is useful in directing the cool air into the required position.

5. Lasko 3016 16′ Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

  • Brand: Lasko
  • Item Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 18 x 20.8 inches

This Lasko 3016 16 fan is solely designed for mounting on the walls. It means with compact space you can still enjoy cools air without compromising your space. It features a tilting head that ensures cold air is directed to the required direction. The fan doesn’t make noise when operating. The three speeds setting low, medium and high allows regulation of cooling rate. The plug is three prongs to minimize the electrostatic damage. The device is extra light due to plastic constructions blades and the guard. Also, the plastic cover is impact resistant.

4. Air King 9012 Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

  • Brand: Air King
  • Item Weight: 1.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 15.6 x 14.2 x 20.8 inches

If you have been searching for a quality wall mounted fans due to space limit, this is the right one for you. Whether you work in an office, gym, or classroom, the Air King 9012 Commercial Grade Oscillating Wall Mount Fan will deliver. No head scratching about maintenance, it comes with permanent lubrication and split capacitor motor. The grill provides maximum safety as it is metal can oscillate at 90 degrees and comes with 7 feet power cords.

3. Air King 9018 Wall Mount Fan

  • Brand: Air King
  • Item Weight: 9.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.2 x 25.5 x 23 inches

Cooling has never been so instantaneous like when using Air King 9018, five blades wall mount fan. It features a sleek design with a beautiful metal grill and polypropylene blades. The three-speed setting ensures efficient room temperature regulation. Controlling it is by front mounted switch, which is rotary and pulls. A long power cord ensures it installation is convenient and easy. Also, the impact resistant plastic cushions the device from drop shocks. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

2. Hurricane Classic 16-Inch Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

  • Brand: Hurricane
  • Item Weight: 7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 20 x 26 inches

Don’t let the summer temperatures ruin your day while at home or office. This compact wall mounted fan is all you need. It can oscillate at 90 degrees thereby idea for cooling the whole room. Also, it has a three-speed setting and can tilt in 3 positions. Two pull cords facilitate control. One is for regulating speed and the other one for oscillation. The neck is steel made to increase durability and has 60 inches power cord. It’s ETL compliance.

1. Lasko 2264QM 20-Inch Max Performance High-Velocity Floor/Wall Mount Fan

  • Brand: Lasko
  • Item Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 22 x 22 inches

If you want a robust and durable fan, then go for Lasko 2264QM. It guarantees you efficiency in air cooling while consuming less power. The construction allows for wall mounting as well as on the floor. It has tubular steel grill and metal blades. For the safety of the device, it comes with three prongs plug. When on the ground, the device has rubber pads to avoid damaging the floor. The fan conforms to ETL standards.

Wall mounted fans are popular in homes and small offices. They are convenient than installing a large air conditioner than would be expensive to maintain. Their small size is ideal for occupying limited spaces. Also regarding price they are the most affordable. It’s our hope that the above list will help you make the best choice when purchasing a wall mount fan.

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