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Top 10 Best Weight Bench Presses in 2019 Reviews

Bench press is one of the ideal ways to exercise, shed extra calories and attain desired muscle building through weight lifting. Before the invention of the current weight benches, people used to lift the weights from the ground. Thus is not safe and can result in bone fracturing, and discomforts in the other body parts. However, with the invention of benches, weigh press has seen greats revolution.

Nowadays, buying gym equipment isn’t hard; they are available at various prices and construction materials. The weight bench presses are no exception. They are available in different designs, prices, and adjustability. However, the first aspect to check is the ability to support heavy weight and comfort. If you like bodybuilding, you are in the perfects site. We have a list of the top 10 best weight bench presses in 2019 reviews, to enables you achieve the aspiring body structure straight from your home.

10. Best Fitness Olympic Bench

  • By: Best Fitness

Your bench press is now easier with this bench from Best Fitness. It is great equipment that helps you to achieve muscle fullness in the chest, shoulders and neck region. As you train, it is possible to adjust it to fit your desired mode. You can set it in flat or declined positions. A quick release pin controls the adjustment. It’s durable, and sturdy steel frame with powders finish is ideal for supporting heavy weight without breaking. The bench is perfect for use to train different lifting workouts. It is foldable to save on the space and comes with 3 years frame warranty.

9. Rep 1000 lb Rated Flat Weight Bench

  • By: Rep Fitness

The Rep flat weight bench gives you a chance to train with comfort and confidence. It is heavy duty equipment which can handle up to 1000 pounds. The frame is tested and features 11 gauge steel thus you can lift your weight without fear. Comfort is a guarantee through 2 inches padding preventing you from developing back pains. Additionally, the base is wide to increase stability when performing bench press. It has soft pads which don’t damage the floor. The bench comes with 10-years warranty on the frame.

8. Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench

  • By: Marcy

Get convenient body workouts with this weight bench from Marcy. It is versatile equipment that is designed to help you perform various presses such as chest exercises. You can utilize it for a variety of uses as it is adjustable. The back pad can decline, incline or be set to a flat mode. It comes with a barrels stand with adjustable crutches. Also, the bench features two designs hence allowing lung exercises and walk-in squat. Other features include preacher curl bicep pad, total leg developer, and adjustable bar height.

7. Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench

  • By: Marcy

Build strong and fuller muscles with this Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench. The bench is heavy-duty and worth investing your money. It gives you as complete muscle development unlike other benches on the market. When training, it allows your full body to engage thus ideal for upper and lower body workouts. The seat and back pads are adjustable to offer comfort and full body support. Also, the preacher curl is adjustable facilitating walk-in and squat station. The bench fits Olympics weight, has dual-function leg developers and locking mechanism.

6. Body-Solid Powerline Flat, Incline &Decline Folding Bench

  • By: Powerline

Forget about assembling when you buy this bench from Powerline. Unlike other equipment on the market, this one comes fully assembled, and you will just put it in your room and start your training. Its multi-use design allows it to be usable in a variety of training; the bench has 7 adjustment positions. You can use it for various presses like chest, shoulder, and crunches. You can adjust into declining, inclining flat and near vertical positions. Bottom wheels facilitate mobility.

5. Competitor Olympic Bench

  • By: Competitor

Complete your workout on time, the ideal way to do it is to get Competitor Olympic Bench. It is a perfect bench for a home gym as it is robust and offers complete training station. It combines steel, foam, and vinyl to deliver a comfortable and durable product. The back features five positions, to enable you to achieve workouts in all body areas. The adjustable height adjusting bar is responsible for holding the body and ensuring safety. It feature foam padded contoured roll pads leg developers for training leg muscles. Its frame steel made with the capacity to support 600 pounds.

4. Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

  • By: Universal by Nautilus

Enjoy different workout position with this weights bench from Universal by Nautilus. It can adjust to various angles from -10 to 45 degrees hence allowing you to perform a variety of exercises. It is a perfect device to challenge your upper body thereby developing full compact muscles. The back pad is contoured to conform to the body together with foam-padded leg rollers ensures your body is safe during training sessions. It is fitted with stabilizing lever for stable platform and safety of the floor. The recommend weight is 430- pounds for both user and lift load.

3. Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench

  • By: Bowflex

Are you wondering how you can start a homes based gym? Now you can relax, this weight bench is the ideal option. It is designed to be versatile, hence usable to any place. With it, you can perform over 30 exercises due to its adjustability to various positions. The leg holdings brace is removable to enhance more declining position. The bench features great design to enhance corrects posture; and stabilized posture to boost muscle building. It comes with a 15-year warranty on frame.

2. Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

  • By: Bowflex

Enjoy a sleek design and extra comfort upholstery with this 5-in-1 adjustable weight bench. The equipment is designed to reduce discomfort whiles boosting workout morale. The compact nature of this bench, make it ideal for use in different places whether interior or exterior. When you are training, the bench can adjust into 5 positions from 17 to 90 degrees incline. The anti-skidding feet are safe, and you can work on it on different surfaces. Also, it doesn’t damage floors. Upon purchase, it comes with 30 years warranty.

1. Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench

  • By: Marcy

So far this weight bench is the bests on the market due to its construction and exceptional features. It boasts heavy-duty14 gauge steel tubing construction to support heavy weight. It helps you to perform and achieve your goals without strains due to comfortable padding. The bench has boxed upholstery that keeps the body safe and firm during the workouts. The compact design makes it ideal for the home gym, and a multiple of exercises. It is easy to assemble and can support 300 pounds.

Weight bench presses are easy to use, comfort and other feature, unlike other weight exercises. It is easy to train while using these equipment than lifting without body support. You enjoy the comfort from back padding and arm support. It is not a must you visit a public gym; you can make one in your home by acquiring these weight benches.

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