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Top 10 Best Window Squeegees in 2019 Reviews

Windows just like floor need to be washed several times within a year. However, you can make the process smooth and clean them like a pro. With the correct washing apparatus, you are going to love the job. That is where Windows squeegee comes in. These are ideal tools that enhance windows cleaning. They are lightweight, gentle on glasses and comfortable to use. Unlike when using a piece of s cloth, the rubber blade ensures a thorough cleaning without leaving any dirt. We know cleaning window panes can be a headache. Thereby, we have reviewed the top 10 best window squeegees in 2019. We hope you are going to find your perfect match.

10. Libman Window Squeegee

  • Brand: LIBMAN CO

Now you can make those windows have an exceptional gleam. The Libman Window Squeegee is carefully crafted to offer easy and convenient window panes cleaning. The blade is rubber made to ensure total cleaning without leaving greasy patches. No struggling when washing due to its ergonomic design that is enhanced with a non-slipping material. The hanger hole allows easy storage after use. The blade is 9 inches thus a wide cleaning surface. Let your windows shine, by using this easy to use squeegee.

9. Jet Clean Home & Bathroom Squeegee & Window Cleaner

  • Brand: Jet Clean

Clean your bathroom and windows with ease using this 2-tools professional window washer and squeegee. It has a large microfiber washer together with a scrub power strip to efficiently clean window panes. This tool is useful in cleaning both flat and curved surfaces due to the scrub power strip. The squeegee has a metallic scrapper enhanced with rubber blades to give ultimate cleanness. This is achieved by opposites moving blades. The haves ergonomic long handles that allow a comfortable grip for easy and faster cleaning. In the case of higher placed windows, they can attach to an extension pole.

8. Jet Clean Home, Bathroom, & Shower Squeegee Window – Easy Squeegee 3-Size Pro

  • Brand: Jet Clean

Acquiring this squeegee, it comes with variable blades to ensures it’s it can multi-tasks. The smaller blade is 7.8’’ and is ideal for washing cleaning showers and kitchens. The medium one is 9.8’’ suitable for washing mirrors, window panes and glass tables. The larger blade is durable and is usable when doing heavy works like large mirrors, and industrial windows. It measures 11.8’’. The rubber edges are encased by metallic scraper to ensure they are durable and sturdy. Changing blades is easy as no tools are needed. Don’t let your windows and other surfaces stress you with dirt; these squeegees are the perfect solution.

7. Ettore 17012 All-Purpose Squeegee, 12-Inch

  • Brand: Ettore

The Ettore 17012 All-Purpose Squeegee is designed for use on all smooth surfaces. It is versatile and efficient as you can use it at home or in outdoors activities. The sturdy handle is ideal and won’t break when working with it. The scrapper is aluminum made, and the non-streaking rubber blade gives your windows a beautiful gleam. Apart from cleaning windows, it is useful in draining fluids on flat surfaces and spreading grout. Its lightweight makes ideal to use for a long time without tiring.

6. Mallory WS1524A 8-Inch Bug Sponge Squeegee

  • Brand: Mallory

This window cleaning tool is ideal for purchase. It possesses great cleaning ability. At one side, it has a rubber blade and on the other sides is a nylon bug net sponge. The sponge allows for cleaning while rubber blades drain the fluid from the surface. The 8’’ blade is ideal to perform heavy duty cleaning. The handle is long to increase convenience and is detachable. The materials used in its construction are chemical resistant.

5. InterDesign Forma shower door, Window and Mirror Squeegee

  • Brand: InterDesign

InterDesign is known to produce high-quality home care products. This squeegee is crafted with a high expertise to ensure it gives the best cleaning. The tool is ideal for cleaning bathroom doors, mirrors and glass windows. The soft and sturdy rubber blades help to keep the glass dry and efficient in eliminating spots and streaks. The handle is comfortable forged from stainless steel, while the blade is PVC made. Storing is convenient through suction storage hook.

4. OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee

  • Brand: OXO

When you want to clean your windows or bathroom, you need a high-quality squeegee. OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee will accomplish all your requirements conveniently. It features a windshield design to ensure it offers resistance-free cleaning. Unlike the majority of squeegees in the market, this one has a silicone blade that provides a precise cleaning. It also ensures no streaks drying thus the surface dries while clean. The hook at the back is rotating and facilitates storage. The handle is ergonomic and non-slipping even in wet conditions.

3. Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass by desired tools

  • Brand: desired tools

All you get with this squeegee is versatility, comfort, and efficiency. It’s designed for use on a broad range of activities. The tool is usable on bathroom doors, car windshields, tiles, and windows. It comes with tree blades that are dual edged to increase the durability. Additionally, blades are silicone made, thus efficient in cleaning the surfaces. They leave no streaks and don’t produce a squeaking sound when washing. The handle has with memory foam for a firm grip. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

2. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

  • Brand: OXO

With OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee you don’t need to buy another cleaning tool. It’s designed to be multi-purpose. The stainless steel squeegee is durable and won’t breaks as you wash. It can be used for washing mirrors, tilted surfaces, and tiles. The blade is extra flexible and efficient on rippled surface. The handle is extra soft and provides a comfortable grip. Storing is a suction cup the firmly adheres to the walls.

1. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee

  • Brand: OXO

This is yet another outstanding squeegee from Oxo. It provides the user with a comfortable handle to make cleaning more enjoyable. The tool is all purpose meaning it can be used for all cleaning purposes. It’s useful for cleaning mirrors, window panes tiles, and bathroom doors. Also, the flexible blade allows it to be usable on curved surfaces. The tool is lightweight therefore increases efficiency and versatility. Also, being light enables it to store well by hooking it on suction hanger cup.

Squeegees are vital tools in our homes. Despite being useful on cleaning windows, they are useful in other household activities. When you decide to buy one, the above products proves to be high quality, durable and efficient. Thus, no need of using other methods that leaves your window panes with streaks. Squeegees are the ultimate tools to maintain a high level of cleanness in your windows, glass tables, tiles and shower doors. Get yours today.

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