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Top 10 Best Women’s Sunglasses in 2019 Reviews

Today In the fashion world, women’s sunglasses are ranked among the most highly demanded beauty accessories. To women sunglasses are a fashion and a style statement accessory. Whether you are going to work, on your way home, to an event or participating in an outdoor activity, sunglasses will make the whole experience better. Today, sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory; there are more benefits that the wearer stands to enjoy. Sunglasses protect you from flying debris, dust and other foreign objects including insects from getting into your eyes. Secondly, they minimize sun glare and protect you from harmful UV rays. While for others, they improve their vision, especially when in brightly lit areas. The above benefits bring out the need for any woman to invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses. There are now hundreds, if not thousands of women’s sunglasses models in the market, making it a hard experience when choosing the best. We reviewed many of these models in the market and compiled the top 10 best women’s sunglasses in 2019.

10. Ray-Ban RB3025 for women

The RB3025 is one of the best-reviewed and highly sought women’s sunglasses in the market today. You will agree that Ray-Ban has stamped its authority in this industry, and almost all its releases are best sellers. These sunglasses are a combination of style, functionality and elegance. They have stylish and sleek metal frames, while the lenses are crystal, assuring you maximum protection against UV, rays that expose you to health hazards. They are lightweight, and the lenses measure 60 x 50 mm, enough to cover your eyes completely. They are found in different colors for you to choose.

9. Duduma Uv400 Aviator Sunglass

Any women will love the Duduma Uv400 Aviator that comes in different impressive themes for different skin tones and dresses. This is a premium pair of sunglasses, full-mirrored that also comes in novel flash lenses. It comes in an impressive design, sturdy construction that adds to its durability. When in these sunglasses, expect unmatched comfort and no irritation. It has metal frames, so when taken care of, these sunglasses will serve you well. Besides that, the manufacturer gives you lifetime breakage warranty for its lens and frames.


Liansan Women’s LSP301 3113 is an oversized sunglass designed to give women their desired look and unmatched protection. They come in an aesthetic polarized design that can be worn in any environment. They are cheap but not at the expense of quality. They have plastic flames that are flexible and cannot easily break while the lenses are resistant to scratching. The lenses do not lose their elegance or functionality easily. The lenses are large enough to fully cover your eyes and perfectly fits on the nose bridge.

7. zeroUV – Round Circle Half Frame Semi-Rimless Cateye Sunglasses

This is a nice looking pair of sunglasses that any woman will find useful. They are affordable and come with a plastic lens and plastic frame. Their lens width is 54 mm; height is 48 mm while the bridge is 18mm. They have a unique design and are found in different theme colors for you to choose.

6. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s 1008/S 010G Shield Sunglasses, Matt Black Frame/Grey Gradient Lens, One Size

This is a famous model in the fashion world by the Tommy Hilfiger. The sunglasses are beautifully designed to make you look good and offer you much the much need protection; the frames are available in different colors, so you will choose what will go well with your wardrobe. It lenses are 43 mm high and 70 mm wide, to fully cover your eyes.

5. Ray-Ban RB2132 New WayFarer Sunglasses

If what you are looking for in sunglasses are elegance and functionality, then buy this unit from the leading manufacturer Ray-Ban. The frames are made of light acetate so that they are comfortable and lightweight. They lenses are polarized, and YV400 coated to offer you maximum protection against any UV rays. With these sunglasses, you are assured of elegance, better protection against excess light, and against debris. On buying, you also get a protective casing for safe storage.

4. Tom Ford Miranda Sunglasses

This is another top spot contender, a fashionable and with an impressive design, by Miranda. This model comes in a butterfly style, and the metal frames have a gold coating. The sunglasses lenses are designed to fully cover the entire glasses, giving you maximum protection against harmful rays, sun glare, and entry of foreign materials. The glasses are made of polycarbonate material, that is durable and of high quality. This model is found in 3 different colors; it is upon you to choose what will work out well with your wardrobe.

3. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

If you are an active woman who needs the best sunglasses to wear when you are busy in your activities, this should be your best deal. The Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses are designed for women who love running cycling, hiking or any other rigorous outdoor activity. The frames are made of ultra-durable polycarbonate that has metal insertions. It is found in different sizes and colors, so you choose your best color theme and your perfect size. Anyone who engages in rigorous activities and wears sunglasses realizes that the sunglasses must fit properly and must offer you maximum protection against the wind, foreign bodies, and UV rays. Luckily, this pair of sunglasses doesn’t disappoint. The lenses are made of plutonite and aren’t polarized. So when you want premium sunglasses that designed for active women, try this model.

2. Randolph Aviator Non-Polarized Square Sunglasses

These are a perfect to go sunglasses for women who want a modern and stylish look, and at the same time get maximum protection against sun rays, debris, and excess sunlight from damaging their eyes. They have square lenses and have a white coating. The lenses are non-polarized. However, this model will serve you well in all other aspects. They have a UV protection that filters almost 100 percent of dangerous UV rays. The frame is well executed, and the lenses are scratch resistant.

1. Ray-Ban Women’s RB4098

If you are a woman looking for a pair of sunglasses, that will make you stand out from the crowd, and at the same time protect you from harmful rays, then invest in this top seller from Ray-Ban, designed specifically for women. These are premium sunglasses that are non-polarized, are lightweight and come in ergonomic frames, made of a plant-based compound. For extra comfort, the frames are designed to fit perfectly on different face sizes, while the lenses are made of high-grade synthetic material.

After reading these reviews, go and out and shop for the best sunglasses that will not only leave face turning but more important, offer you the much-needed protection.

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