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Top 10 Best Yoga Tank Tops For Women in 2019 Reviews

Ladies love keeping fit. As such, to many, yoga is a ritual, and that is when yoga tank tops come into their services. Amazingly, more and more women from different walks of life are joining the bandwagon each day. There are 2 important things you’ll require before commencing your yoga classes; great pants and a stylish non-restrictive tank top. Pants are for another day. Today, we have identified and selected the best tops that yoga trainers are highly recommending and those which other users have highly appreciated.

These tank tops are offered in different designs and features. However, what matters most is the level of comfort they offer. Since you’ll be engaging in vigorous body movements, you need a top that won’t hold you captive. Additionally, the material used should be sweat-wicking to keep you dry throughout. It should also be soft on your skin and keep you cool. Also, note that some come with a heavy material while others are designed to be see-through. In case you are comfortable with the latter, you’ll have to wear a sports bra beneath it.

10. Move With You Women’s Yoga Tank Tops

  • By: Move With You

Embody your love for yoga with this Move With You Tank Top. It’s a thoughtfully designed outfit bringing together nylon and spandex to offer you all the comfort you need as you burn those calories. Featuring a 4-way stretch, you can be sure that you’ll get a superbly fitting top in your first order. Uniquely, Move with You comes with onboard bra featuring removable molded cups as a way of taking your comfort a notch higher. Note the stylish round cutout mesh design at the back. Its purpose is to give you a flattering sexy look without failing you in modesty.


  • Its 4-way stretch allow you greater movements
  • Its molded cups bra adds better support


  • The bra shelf may be narrow for some users

9. Women’s Sun and Moon Tank Top

  • By: Pretty Attitude

Featuring a well thought out blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, Women’s Sun and Moon Tank Top is exactly what you need to for yoga and exercises on sunny days. The material used is lightweight and super soft. It boasts a stylish, comfortable, and fit cut and a racerback cut at the back. Most importantly, the material used is sweat-wicking. This allows you to participate in extreme exercises without sweat and bad odors coming in your way of comfort. Women’s Sun and Moon has an eye-catching girlish flowery print at the front to brighten everyone up along the way.


  • It has quality material
  • It’s comfortable and stylish


  • The fabric is a bit thin

8. FABB Activewear Women Workout Tank Top


There are several reasons why you need to add this tank top to your cart now. Firstly, it’s made of a super comfortable material consisting of 90% poly and 10% spandex. This combination allows you greater freedom of exercises without frying your skin. The material is air wicking and, therefore, keeps you dry throughout your yoga classes. Also, it has an ultra soft feeling on your skin and is loaded with a good amount of stretch. Fabb activewear tank top is available in 5 sizes: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.


  • Its material keeps you cool and dry
  • It has a perfect amount of 4-way stretch


  • The straps are a little wide and keeps falling off

7. Namaste & Evolution Women Yoga Top


This could be the greatest yoga tank that you’ll ever own this year. Made of 95% organic cotton and only 5% spandex, expect lots of soft hugs throughout your yoga or workouts. Amazingly, its stylish design makes it an ideal addition for your casual wears too. Namaste and Evolution Yoga Top has an amazing length that’s not restrictive in any way. It’s machine washable and doesn’t fade easily even with several washes. The unique prints at the center back give you a classic, luxurious look. This top is available in white, gray, and black colors.


  • It has beautiful yogic prints
  • It doesn’t fade easily


  • You need to be sure with the sizes

6. Blonde Peacock Lotus Yoga Tank Top

  • By: Blonde Peacock

Blonde Peacock Yoga Tank Top comes with a pack of excellent features to ease your workouts. It’s made of 25% Polyester, 25% Rayon, and 50% cotton. This fabricated material makes the top moisture-wicking and helps in keeping sweat at bay. You’ll certainly love the beautiful floral design that has been borrowed from a Bali-ish Temple. Blonde Peacock Yoga Tank Top is available in cranberry, indigo, cocoa, and black colors. You’re not limited to have it during yoga classes and workouts only; you can wear it to bed and on warm days too.


  • It’s available in great colors
  • It has excellent lengths


  • The sizes are not as per the chart

5. Tough Cookie’s Burnout Tank Top

  • By: Tough Cookie Clothing

This pack of 3 stylish burnout tank tops coming at a price below 30 bucks is a deal you should be halfway closing by now. With these, you’ll not have to reuse or wash and wear one top. Tough Cookie’s Yoga tops are multipurpose. You can be in them for yoga, gym, and even wear them casually without looking odd. Notably, the material used is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The fabric is slightly thinner, so you’ll need to be in your stylish, colorful sports bra.


  • They are lightweight
  • The pack of 3 is real value for your money


  • They are see-through.

4. Neleus Women’s 3 Pack Fit Tank Top

  • By: Neleus

If you didn’t find the see-through feature of Tough Cookie’s discussed above good for you, Neleus pack of 3 tops would serve you better. In fact, they offer a better bang for your bucks. This pack comes at an unbelievable price of between 10 and 20 dollars. Even better, these are machine washable and won’t overstretch. Their soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable material makes them a perfect choice for all sorts of yoga including Ashtanga. Again, you need not worry about falling for the wrong size. Neleus has done a thorough revision of that, and you get what you order


  • The pack is price-friendly
  • The material used is comfortable and keeps you dry


  • They are not good for compression

3. Epic MMA Yoga Tank Top

  • By: Yoga by Epic MMA Gear

Ladies’ yoga tank tops can’t be any better that what Epic MMA offers. These tops come in a set of 3 tops. You get over 20 packs to choose from. You can now sweat as much as you want without restrictions with these anti-shrink yoga tops. In case you’re wondering, you can rely on them for any sports, yoga, cross training, and running. Also, you can lazy around the blocks in them. These luxurious yoga tank tops feature amazing prints that will help you express good vibes in the gym, streets, and field.


  • They have comfortable lengths
  • They are soft to touch and translucent


  • Their sizes are slightly smaller

2. Flowy Burnout Racerback Tank

  • By: Epic MMA Gear

Are you in need of a flowy, roomy, and comfortable workout tank top for your yoga? Do you want to look stylish while still maintaining a decent outlook? This racerback tank by Epic Mma Gear fits the bill. The spacious design and stretchy fabric featured by this workout attire make it easy for you to move in any way and style. If you love tough yoga, you must appreciate a good amount of super soft cotton in your workout tops. Flowy boasts an amazing 60% of it to give you soft and smooth touches with every move.


  • It’s spacious
  • It keeps you relaxed


Some colors make it see-through as such you may require a sports bra

1. Bella Ladies Flowy Tank Top

  • By: Bella

This is another flowy tank with a drapy fit to keep you relaxed and swinging with the flow. Its construction material consists of 60% polyester and 35% viscose. Its merrowed bottom hem and racerback seam offer a flattering design that you’ll look good in even as you relax around the compound. Bella workout tank is offered in an array of colors so you can choose 2 or 3 that suit you better.


  • It’s comfy and cute
  • Can be worn casually


  • It’s completely see-through

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