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Top 10 Best Yogurt Makers in 2019 Reviews

Yogurt is among the top healthiest food in the world. It harbors a lot of benefits to the body. It contains a broad range of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. Moreover, it has many minerals. Despite, all these goodies many people do not know how to prepare yogurt, although it is easy to make. Unlike old times where people used to make yogurt using traditional means, today the procedure is simplified. Yogurt makers are machines that enhance faster, safe and clean production of yogurt. They differ in size and brands; thus, there is a need to be keen when buying the equipment. In this assessment, we are focusing on the top 10 yogurt makers in 2019.

10. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker white, with automatic cooling

The machine is worth to be included in the top ten. As with other devices which require constant monitoring, this one requires little attention. It comes with an automatic cooling operation mode. Once it has completed the processing, it automatically turns on the cooling system. The cooling continues until you shut down the machine. Its operation is simple. It is equipped with on/off button, and an LED display timer. The outer casing features stainless steel. The maker is designed to accommodate 1.5 liters at a go. Power usage is 120 volts.

9. Euro Cuisine YM260-Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker

When it comes to making home based yogurt, sweetness depends on the ingredients and the method used to prepare. Euro Cuisine machine is designed to be your companion. With all required ingredients, it can help you to make a natural and sweet yogurt within 6-8 hours. To make it economical, it can produce 2 Quartz of yogurt at a go. It can cook different types of products such as milk and soy yogurts. On the side, it is fitted with a timer. When you buy the gadget in the pack, there is a thermometer, serving bowl and a cotton bag for preparing cheese. It comes with three years warranty.

8. Euro Cuisine YMX650-Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker

Homemade yogurt making is made easy by Euro Cuisine YMX650 machine. It is made to perfect the art of yogurt making. It only requires a well-mixed preparation. Once you put the jars containing ingredients, the rest is left to the machine. It is easy to operate as it features an automatic operating mechanism. It is large enough to make 42 ounce of yogurt within 6-10 hours. It comes with a timer capable of timing 15 hours. The timer has an LED display thus making it easy to read. Upon purchasing, you are going to get the machine and 7-jars each having capacity of 6 once, and the lid Is detachable.

7. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker machine

If you love Greek yogurt, there is no need of shopping for it every day. This machine is here to your rescue. It enables you to enjoy a smooth and refreshing Greek yogurt while relaxing in your home. It does not matter the type of milk you are going to use it the end product is as your expectations. At a single moment, you can prepare 2 Quarts of yogurt. It is offered with 2 BPA buckets, each 1.5 Quart, and a lid. Alongside is Greek strainer. It is equipped with a digital timer and an LCD. Washing is simplified as its parts are dishwasher friendly, and an invisible cord. The gadget comes with 1-year warranty and a recipe book.

6. Epica Electric Yogurt Maker with Seven, 6 Oz

If you have been avoiding homemade yogurt because of fear of messing up, you can relax now. Epica machine is the perfect gadget to the beginners and experienced. With all kinds of milk, you can produce a smooth and tasty yogurt. It is automatic thus, making work easier. It is big enough for the whole family as it comes with 7-jars each having capacity of 6 Oz. once you prepare the mixture, the rest is machine work by just pressing a button. Within 6-12 hours your yogurt will be ready. When you buy this, machine, it comes with three years warranty and a recipe book. Besides, it is dishwasher friendly.

5. VitaClay VS7600-2C, Yogurt Maker, and Personal Slow Cooker in Clay and stainless steel

Designed to make various types of yogurts, VitaClay VS7600-2C is an ideal equipment to be in your kitchen. When using it, you are guaranteed of a high-quality yogurt as it preserves enzymes and other useful cultures. It ensures there is no contamination as it features clay and glass components. To enhance refrigeration, it comes with removable glass lid and clay inserts. It can prepare 2 Quart of yogurt at a go. Upon purchase, it comes with over 50 recipes.

4. Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker

The Euro Cuisine GY50 is a great gadget to have in the kitchen. Besides making Greek yogurt, it can also convert existing plain yogurt to Greek up to 2 Quart. It comes with BPA free equipment. When purchased, it comes with a recipe and free operation manual. Besides making yogurt, it can also be used as a storage container.

3. Yogourmet Yogurt Maker-electric

Make a great tasting yogurt and curb extra spending. This machine is among the top rated in the market due to its performance and usefulness. Within 4.5 hours it can make 2 Quart of delicious yogurt. Its design ensures that it maintain the optimum temperature required for a high-quality product by utilizing water bath mechanism. If you are on carbohydrate diet, this machine is ideal for you. Its components are dishwasher friendly and come with a tight lid to maintain freshness of the yogurt. It comes with an easy to use thermometer and operating instructions.

2. Euro Cuisine YM100-Automatic Yogurt Maker

The machine features a beautiful shape and appearance. When using it, you do not need to worry as it is fully automatic. It has a very reliable regulation system. When it finishes preparing the yogurt, the electronic timer shuts off the machine. It can accommodate 7 jars each 6 Oz. upon purchase, it comes with 3 years warranty.

1. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker machine

Euro Cuisine YM80 gives you an opportunity to prepare a variety of flavors. Different tastes are enhanced by the machine being able to accommodate 7 glass jars each 6 Oz. it has an indicator to show it is working and on/off switch. Jars are safe for dishwasher and free BPA components. Incorporation of a timer enhances cooking of yogurt. The machine comes with a 3 years warranty.

Make your life simple by acquiring a yogurt maker instead of queuing on the groceries and malls. The machine enables you to make an organic product without additives and preservatives. It is also possible to make your yogurt any time you feel like.

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