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Top 10 Best Bicycle Locks in 2019 Reviews

It is quite important to buy a mountain bike because it helps to save time. In addition, it is also a great piece of equipment that you can use to exercise. However, with their light weight and ease of operation, they are very open to theft and anyone can take them away. For that reason, a bike lock helps to keep your bike safe and secure from any theft. When you have a reliable bike lock, you will be relaxed, knowing that your bike is safely locked and no one has access to it. There are a number of bike locks that are available on the market and with the right choice, you will save time and money. There are some that are quite portable and easy to use, while offering the best in locking the bike. Here are the top 10 bicycle lock 2019 reviews.

10. Kryptonite 997986 New York U-Lock

Kryptonite 997986 New York U-Lock
This lock has been made with steel shackles of MAX-performance and hardened material, which is cut-proof and it will also resist any other tamper. It measures 18mm, long enough to allow you to lock up your bike and be sure of full protection. It also comes with a double deadbolt and a sleeve over crossbar construction that is made of steel. It has 3 stainless steel keys.

9. Kryptonite NY Chain Disc Lock

Kryptonite NY Chain Disc Lock
This lock is a great piece that will keep your bike well secure from unnecessary theft. It comes with links that are heat treated and made from boron manganese steel. This makes it super tough and it cannot be broken or cut easily. The lock comes with shackles of 14mm, with an oval crossbar design and a developed disc cylinder that allows you to use it in dark situations.

8. Etronic M6 Self Coiling Cable Lock

Etronic M6 Self Coiling Cable Lock
This one is a cable lock that is quite easy to use and it comes with a combination that is resettable. You will not have to carry your keys with you. Also, it is covered with a vinyl coating that prevents it from scratching and also, it will last for long. The cable measures 6 feet long and it comes with a bracket for holding it when you are on your way.

7. KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable

KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable
This cable is strong and quite flexible. It is a 30ft cable that is made with steel cables that are braided. There are also large swages that make the cable strong enough to endure cuts.

6. KryptoLok Series 2 U-Lock

KryptoLok Series 2 U-Lock
This is a 4 by 9 inch lock that has been made with a reliable key program and it also has a unique registration for extra security. It has a shackle that is 13mm and made of high quality steel. It also has a cylinder that is resistant to drilling. In addition, it has a rotating dust cover that is covered with vinyl.

5. Kryptonite 999492 NY U-Lock

Kryptonite 999492 NY U-Lock
It measures 3.25 by 6 inches and it is strong enough to resist tough conditions. It also includes steel shackles of 15mm, 3T manganese steel chain links of 14mm and a cylinder with a disc style. In general, this bike lock has been made with extra strength to allow you to highly depend on it.

4. Etronic Security Lock M8 Cable Lock

Etronic Security Lock M8 Cable Lock
With this bicycle lock, you can set your personal locking password, so there will be no need of carrying around the keys to unlock it. This cable lock measures 6 inches long and it has a diameter of 5/8 inches. In addition, it is coated with vinyl, which will resist scratches and the braided steel cables are also strong enough.

3. Xtreme Bright Illumilock U-Lock

Xtreme Bright Illumilock U-Lock
This is yet another reliable bike lock that you can rely on to protect your bicycle. The lock comes with a headlight that is customizable and a taillight that applies an LED technology. This makes it easy when you are unlocking it in the dark. It is shock and water resistant lock that has been made with a military-quality mechanism that are strong enough to endure harsh conditions.

2. Illumilock Bicycle Lock

Illumilock Bicycle Lock
This lock comes with a combination that is quite easy to use. It has been made of high quality braided steel cables, along with an LED light. Also, it is resistant to tampering, water and shock. The LED light allows you to set your combination codes with ease, especially when in dim lit places. The cable is super strong and can endure the tough pulls.

1. The Club UTL810 Utility Lock

The Club UTL810 Utility Lock
This is the best bicycle lock of 2019, which has been made with an amazing security system. It has a length that can be adjusted to reach a length of up to 11.5 inches. It has an elegant design, and has a chromoly steel that has been coated with vinyl. The exterior is water resistant and the construction is heavy duty. It is able to withstand a pressure of more than 1450 pounds.

What you should look for when choosing a bike lock is the reliability and ability to lock your bicycle as expected.

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