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Top 10 Best Computer Locks in 2019 Reviews

Despite the recent advancement in technology, the PC computers are still used by a number of people at home and in offices. These computers are still valuable and they help a lot in the processing of information. Even though they might seem bulky, they are still quite vulnerable to theft, especially in times of break-ins. However, the security lock is designed to keep the computer locked and avoid them being taken by unauthorized persons. These cables are made from high quality steel that is plaited to offer a tough cable that is cut and tamper resistant. A number of top companies make these cables, which come in different style and models, meant to offer different delivery. For that matter, you should choose the computer cable lock with regard to how reliable or helpful it is going to be. Here is a look at the top 10 computer locks 2019 reviews.

10. PC Computer Security Cable

PC Computer Security Cable
This is a security cable that is designed for holding a PC computer in place and ensuring that it is safe enough from theft. The cable is about 1.8 feet long and is made with a steel cable of a high quality. It comes with a single lock, with 3 keys. The entire kit comes with instructions on how to use it, so there is no much difficulty experienced.

9. AnchorPad 11301 Computer Lock

AnchorPad 11301 Computer Lock
This security cable is super strong and it can hold your computer and stand a test of about 2500 pounds of strength. The cable is strong and measures 5 feet long and it is 1.8 inches in diameter. The padlock is 30mm big and comes with two keys. The cable is covered with a strong adhesive deters, which resists tampering and cuts.

8. HCL Combination Computer Lock

HCL Combination Computer Lock
This security cable lock can help to lock your computer and avoid cases of theft. It comes with a zinc alloy cylinder that has a combination lock system with 4 digits. The cable is also made of steel and it has been covered with PVC that resists scratches and cuts. It is 1.8m in length and about 6mm in diameter.

7. Signalex Computer Security Lock

Signalex Computer Security Lock
This computer lock will help you to keep your PC secure and free from theft. It will fit into any computer and it has been made with a steel cable of an aircraft grade, which measures 1.5m long. It also comes with two keys, so you will be sure of having an extra key whenever.

6. Sendt Black Notebook / Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable

Sendt Black Notebook : Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable
This is a barrel lock cable that helps to secure your PC from theft. It will fit in all computers and will be strong to endure any rough situation. It is easy to use and it is made from a durable plastic coated steel cable that ensures the cable is safe from scratches and cuts.

5. Kensington Style Computer LockKensington Style Computer Lock

This is a reliable computer cable that has been made to keep your computer secured in its place. It comes with a cord that is 2 meters long. In addition, it has a custom code that has 4 digits and it uses a push-to-lock system. The cable is a slimline design that is strong to endure rough situations and resist cuts and tampers. It also features a combination lock system that needs no key.

4. Konig Universal Security Lock

Konig Universal Security Lock
This computer lock has been made with a super durable cable that will protect your computer against theft. It also has a fitted security slot, with a cable that is 1.8 meters long. There is also a hoop that can be helpful when you need to use it. In addition, it comes with 2 keys.

3. Kensington Twin Cable Lock

Kensington Twin Cable Lock
This is a twin Microsaver cable that will lock 2 equipments, so you can lock your monitor and your CPU with this cable. The cable measures 2.2m and it is made with a tough steel for more durability. You can fit it into any computer and it has a coating that prevents it from tampers and scratches.


2. Kensington 464613WW Cable Anchor

Kensington 464613WW Cable Anchor
This is an anchor that you can use with your cable lock to secure your computer on the table and ensure that it is stable enough. It is tamper proof and it comes with security screws to ensure that it is mounted firmly on the table. It has been made with highly durable steel for more stability and durability.

1. Kensington K64615US Computer Locking Kit

Kensington K64615US Computer Locking Kit
You can lock your computer with this cable as well as other peripherals, all at once. It includes an 8 inch cut-resistant cable that is made from a carbon steel material that makes it secure and tough enough. It is included with an anchor plate that you can mount on the table or the wall. There is also a cable trap that will secure the mouse and keyboard of your computer. It also comes with two keys, so you are sure of an easy time, in case one gets lost.

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